Classic Brass Cabinetry Knobs from Amazon

Classic Brass Cabinetry Knobs from Amazon - roomfortuesday.comHello! How was your weekend? I’m currently en route on my long journey back home. I thought for the sake of jet lag, I’d keep today’s post short & sweet. Let’s get to it! One of the most requested sources I get is for affordable cabinetry hardware. You know I like to keep things looking timeless, and luckily there are plenty of budget friendly cabinetry knobs from reputable brands that you’ll still love in years to come. Click through for my go-to classic brass cabinetry knobs found on Amazon

Classic Brass Cabinetry Knobs from Amazon - roomfortuesday.comReady to see my top nine picks? You can’t go wrong with any of these options!

Click directly on my finds below to be redirected to the source- they’re all are clickable…

A good brass and a simple silhouette go a long way in dressing up basic cabinets or furniture. Never underestimate the power of pretty cabinetry hardware! You can also find these sources on my LTK page!

Classic Brass Cabinetry Knobs from Amazon - roomfortuesday.comI hope this post was helpful if you’re on the hunt for hardware… and if you’re not, it’s a good one to pin for later! I’ll be getting back to work in the next couple of days, so you can expected regular blog posts to resume on Wednesday. Thanks for sticking around while I’ve been away. I’m eager to get back home and settle into a good routine (for good this time, ha). I’m definitely easing up on the travel calendar for a bit. Have a great week, friends!

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  1. Good morning! I hope your travels are (were?) safe and uneventful. Getting back to regular life after such a magical trip will be a shock, I bet. But snuggling the dogs and sleeping in your own bed will surely help! As for cabinet hardware, oh the hours I spent searching when we updated our kitchen. This was long enough ago that I didn’t even consider looking on Amazon, but how convenient to have a zillion options from reputable brands and tons of helpful reviews! The selection at our local hardware store is…interesting. I sometimes wonder who’s in charge of purchasing. Luckily, options abound these days!
    Anyway, welcome home and cheers to a chilly October week!💜

    1. Thank you, Peggi! It feels so great to be home, although we’re still adjusting to that crazy time difference (14 hours). I have loved sleeping in our bed and snuggling the dogs these past couple of nights! Our local hardware store is also lacking when it comes to hardware. I was surprised to find so many timeless, quality options on Amazon. It was a fun search! I’ll definitely use some of these budget friendly ones for future projects. Have an amazing day! xo

  2. Good morning! 🎼back to life, back to reality🎶…haha! That song always pops in my head when I think of home after a long trip. I hope your journey home is safe and seamless. Amazon has great hardware choices and what you’ve shared here is beautiful. Hardware is one of the easiest items for me to chose. Did I tell you I found the hardware profile I drew on my built-in sketch? Exact match; from Emtek! In front room news, painting is underway- and I haven’t needed scaffolding! Thanks to Sherwin Williams having the best tools for painting projects it’s going smoothly. I’m in love with the color I selected: SW “White Sand”. It’s really bringing light and life to the room and I can hardly wait for paint days! I’m able to get one wall done and supplies cleaned while the kids are in school.😅 Anyway, it’s a brisk fall morning here and the weather this weekend gives me hope for a true winter here in California. Btw you may be coming home to snow. My sister had first snow on Saturday! Cheers to home, dog snuggles, your own familiar bed, and jumping back into your routine. Welcome home friends! Xo

    1. Back to life, back to reality… nuh, nuh, nuh. Now I’ve got that stuck in my head! Ha! I’m still struggling to adjust to the 14 hour time difference, but I’m slowly crossing things off my list and catching up. It’s good to be home! I always love selecting hardware… it also means the end of a project is near, so it’s an exciting phase. I can’t wait to see your Emtek hardware! Yay for front room painting- that’s so exciting and even better that scaffolding hasn’t been needed. Whew! SW White Sand is a beautiful one… awesome pick, Lauren! We did come home to snow on Sunday. I definitely wasn’t expecting that. It only stuck around for one day, but I feel behind on all of the things we need to accomplish and winterize before it gets cold here. Whew! I hope you’re having a good week so far :)

  3. Jennifer Laura says:

    I’m such a sucker for the rejuvenation knobs, but for the price these are all SO good!!

    1. Me, too! Having purchased a couple of these, I can definitely tell you the quality is also top notch… same weight as the expensive Rejuvenation ones (at least for the ones I’ve tried)!

  4. I am installing knobs and pulls in our new kitchen tomorrow (once our template jig arrives!) so this post is timely. You say “brass” but there are so many variations of brass, and it looks like these are all what they call antique brass. I went down the rabbit hole of looking at the trendy unlacquered brass, which ends up looking like antique brass with age, and ultimately choose a champagne bronze which actually looks similar in tone to the antique brass. I don’t know how anyone can just pick one, they are all so beautiful. Also, I love purchasing from Amazon for their solid return policy, and I also get a great deal and buy a lot of these things “used” since I imagine someone like me buying and returning after only checking out their options. I could write up a whole blog post of my secrets of buying “used” amazon products! (hint – avoid the things with lots of parts)

  5. And I forgot to mention, I’m totally on the oval tulip shape knobs these days. I want to do all my door knobs in tulips, so easy to maneuver!

    1. I’m loving oval, too! We have oval hardware in our office kitchen and the shape is really beautiful. I hope hardware installation in your new kitchen went well- so exciting! You’re definitely right… Amazon’s return policy is really nice. I do the “used” option as well- another awesome way to save money. Thanks for the tips, Julie!

      1. This got me thinking about another subject – the cohesiveness of hardware. I read your post about all the different lengths of pulls in your kitchen. It’s nice to have them all be cohesive. But now what about door hardware cohesiveness? Through out the house do you have to have one color and shape, or can you vary? You said you have oval in one area of your house. I wonder what your rule of thumb would be on door hardware cohesiveness? Maybe you already have a post, but it’s been on my mind lately and I couldn’t find much help in my general searches

        1. Great question, Julie! I don’t worry about matching my door hardware to cabinetry hardware… I usually mix it up. I have both oval and round knobs throughout our home. I hope that helps!

  6. Welcome back Sarah! I hope with the scenery & time away you are feeling better and the jet lag is minimal!
    I pinned this post! I know without hesitation it will come in handy when I need to look at cabinet hardware. I still love brass and chrome. Emtek and Restoration hardware are two of my favorites too. Amazon has really got good options that make it hard to pass on. I found a light that looks like a Restoration hardware one and I loved it. I too like the oval or round shape of knobs and door handles.
    Look forward to hearing about your trip. Your pictures were spectacular and I am sure it was even more so in person.
    Sarah, I can’t thank you enough for the insightful information you gave us on Italy. Our daughter & boyfriend had a great trip. Oops, I should say fiancé! She brought me back a beautiful watercolor of Italy.
    I just traveled with our daughter to Asheville NC the last 2 days and the fall colors were AMAZING! My husband & I return in 2 weeks to visit NC and Charleston SC and hope the colors are still as abundant! The equestrian facility she is photography at is incredible! Such a great opportunity for her & her resume! We are finally getting cooler temps here in Texas as well. Hope your day is wonderful!

    1. Thank you, Danna! Most definitely. I’ll work on a blog post (maybe for Friday?) with a little trip recap- we had a lovely time. I’m so glad to hear your daughter also had a memorable trip! I was happy to share my Italy tips with her. I hope they had a fabulous time. The two friends we travelled with also got engaged on our trip- it must be the season for that. Ha! So exciting! Asheville sounds amazing! I’m glad you were able to sneak away for some family time. I’m envious of your daughter and the equestrian facility she works at- that sounds absolutely dreamy. I hope you’re having a beautiful fall week :) xo