Ideas for Styling Crystal Table Lamps

Ideas for Styling Crystal Table Lamps - roomfortuesday.comLamps are one of my favorite winter survival tools at home. They add visual and physical warmth to any room, making short dark days easier to tolerate. Lately I’ve noticed more crystal lamps popping into my feed lately (as well as their budget-friendly acrylic counterparts), and it’s a look I’ve always loved! Today I wanted to share some ideas for styling crystal table lamps around the house, which is honestly quite easy- thanks to their transparent form. They really look good styled in any room! Click through for some quick tips and a big roundup of my current favorites…

Ideas for Styling Crystal Table Lamps - roomfortuesday.comMy favorite thing about a crystal lamp is the finish difference they bring to a vignette. They have the ability to capture & reflect the light in such a beautiful way- that almost appears glossy. They add a nice contrast to more traditional finishes like wood, metal, and stone. If you happen to have a lot of that going on within a vignette, adding a transparent material like crystal could really elevate the look.

Ideas for Styling Crystal Table Lamps - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on the lamps to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below the collage to shop… 

01: finnie table lamp // 02: terri round lamp // 03: winnie table lamp // 04: terri cube lamp // 05: vienna lamp // 06: jonathan lamp // 07: clair lamp // 08: birdie lamp // 09: joan lamp // 10: castle peak lamp // 11: frances table lamp // 12: sofia lamp // 13: faceted table lamp // 14: juliet lamp // 15: fiona table lamp // 16: tiny table lamp // 17: hand blown lamp // 18: beverly lamp

I rounded up some really gorgeous options of all price points. From vintage handblown lamps that are pretty spendy to super budget acrylic options (I believe the lowest is $9!), I tried to include something for everyone. I’d love to hear your favorites from the mix! I have #2, #8, and #15, and can attest to their heavy quality.

Ideas for Styling Crystal Table Lamps - roomfortuesday.comOne that I forgot to include in the roundup is a favorite from our Tuesday Made shop! The Nicole table lamp is the perfect size, in my opinion. It’s easy to style on any surface and is a best-seller for good reason. Jordan and I both have one… the photo above is her kitchen. I love a lamp in the kitchen- we use ours like a nightlight during the evening hours. The good thing about crystal & acrylic- they’re easy materials to wipe clean.

Ideas for Styling Crystal Table Lamps - roomfortuesday.comTo get your wheels turning, I wanted to share a brainstorming list of potential places you could style a table lamp this season…

  • on an entry table
  • on the kitchen counter
  • on a bathroom vanity
  • on a console table
  • on a kitchen island
  • on a side table
  • on a sideboard, buffet, or credenza
  • on the mantel
  • on a bedside table or nightstand
  • on a dresser
  • on a desk
  • on a deep window sill
  • on a shelf or built-in

Ideas for Styling Crystal Table Lamps - roomfortuesday.comLocal (to me) design shop, Alice Lane Home, is well known for their designer crystal lamps. You can use my code for 15% off if any of those caught your eye… it’s TUESDAY15.

Ideas for Styling Crystal Table Lamps - roomfortuesday.comI hope this post inspires you to switch on & style more lamps this winter. They really make a big difference in regards to my seasonal mood! I seldomly use our overhead lighting… it often feels too harsh or bright, whereas lamps create the perfect glow & warm ambiance. Do you also have quite a few table lamps scattered throughout your home?

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  1. Good morning! Such a pretty, glinty roundup! Goodness knows we need ALL the light at this time of year. Truth be told, we haven’t put away our twinkle lights yet, and we’ve been burning oodles of tapers in the kitchen every evening. Surprisingly, given my lamp affection, we don’t utilize table lamps often. Outlet placement and, frankly, a lack of tables seems to make floor lamps more practical. I also tend to favor giant lamps, so that doesn’t make them especially versatile. Ha. I must confess that I’ve only recently come to appreciate crystal. I only had eyes for color…until I realized sparkly! Since they’re essentially giant diamonds, I’m most attracted to the heavily faceted versions. I would happily own 3, 11, 15 and 18. Also, number 10 which I thought was a floor lamp at first. Can you imagine?! You aren’t kidding about Alice Lane’s crystal lamp collection! Wowza. Now that I’m studying these images, I’m thinking a touch of glam might really shake up my typical casual, colorful aesthetic. So many lamps to love, Sarah! Thanks for a dazzling start to my week! 💜💎

    1. Hi Peggi! Such a fun collage to curated, indeed. We still have our flocked tree up in the basement because I also refuse to part with twinkle lights. It has been SO cold and snowy here, I’ll take all the warmth & winter sparkle I can get. I love how crystal lamps act like disco balls, with their prisms grabbing the light to create little rainbow speckles. So fun and cheerful! Alice Lane really does have the best collection. It’s always a treat to go into their showroom / storefront. I could wander around that place for hours. I hope you’re having a good week! xox

  2. Happy Monday! Hope yours is going well. We are having a cold spell with clouds for the next four days. All the lamps will be on in our house! These crystal options are beautiful! Lamps and crystal pieces are two things I love. I can’t pick just 1 or 2. The geometric “Birdie” lamp from A&L is gorgeous! I too love a lamp on the kitchen counter, bathroom or closet especially without a window for natural light. We received a crystal lamp with our names and wedding date when we got married and it is still one of my favorite gifts.
    Loved seeing your new doors you & Emmett are installing. Enjoyed reading about Jackson Wyoming too. What a quaint ski town. Need to add to our places to visit. Have a great day Sarah. ;)

    1. Hi Danna! It has been COLD here, too. So cold… as in schools are cancelled cold. I think it’s supposed to finally warm up a bit tomorrow. Fingers crossed because it’s miserable out. I’ve definitely had candles burning and our lamps turned out. I also made my sweet potato chili to help warm up! Why have I never thought to put a lamp in my closet? I definitely need to do that- such a smart idea! I loved reading about your wedding lamp- that is the most special gift. What a fixture to cherish forever! Emmett did a great job with the doors. After our family leaves, we’ll get back to it… I’m looking forward to painting the doors! Jackson Hole is always so beautiful and fun- you should definitely add it to your list! And stop by my house to say hello on your way :) Sounds like a fun summer road trip!

  3. Ooh la la Sarah you know I love crystal 🤩 and your roundup is magnificent ❤️ I’ve always admired the Nicole lamp from the shop, she’s a beauty indeed. I could easily live with many from your list, I prefer the smaller dainty crystal gems you’ve selected. I’m personally not a fan of the acrylic options as in person they just don’t compare but the price points are appealing. Yes I have a love for lamps, specifically table, I currently have a number in storage in our crawl space as I don’t have a spot for them. I’m hoping to utilize them at the cottage once we get more settled. I much prefer lamps to pot lighting, this is an area Andrew and I strongly disagree. He loves his pot lights, ugh I have to give in as he doesn’t have much say or care about the decorating details. When we moved to our current home I was so ecstatic there were no pot lights in the living room and claimed it as a pot light free zone 😊 I know they have there place but please no runway in the living room. I love all your ideas for placement and love the look of a lamp on the countertop. That’s one location I have yet to utilize and your right the crystal would be easy to clean. Once I’m complete my mini makeover on the Burlington kitchen I have to reorganize the counter space as a crystal lamp would be a perfect addition to add some sparkle and pizzazz, it would also be heavy enough to also act as a bookend for some cookbooks in the corner while providing a gorgeous glow. The image of Jordan’s use of Nicole inspired that thought, so thanks so much 🥰 I have so many cookbooks I have to incorporate them in different spots in the kitchen and I can’t part with any I love them so much. I want the kitchen to have kind of a have library moody vibe, while still having adequate light and brightness as it’s a galley style. Your post is getting my creative energy flowing with your fabulous ideas. Thanks as always 😊 Happy Monday and have super terrific day 😎

    1. I know you do, Colleen!! We always like the same design things- the smaller crystal lamps are also my favorites. Just a small classy glimmer! I can’t wait to see how you style your lamps in storage at the cottage. I know it’s going to be super cozy and beautiful. Pot lights! Is that a Canadian term for what we call can lights? It definitely sounds more intriguing, ha! I think I’m going to adopt that term the next time I talk about them. Regardless, I’m with you… I much prefer lamps and softer lighting. I love your idea of using a little crystal lamp to bookend cookbooks in the kitchen- so smart and would be beautiful styled in that way! I’m liking and envisioning your library moody vibe for the kitchen. It’s going to be stunning! I hope you had a great, sunny day! xo

  4. Thank you for always providing relevant, intriguing content! Whenever I see a new blog post it always happens to be something that has been on my mind. This post is a perfect example, I literally was searching for a crystal lamp two weeks ago and wanted to hold off until I found the perfect one! So appreciate you :)

    1. Your message made my day, Emily! Thank you for being here and for reading. I hope this post was helpful in your lamp search :)

  5. I’m so glad I checked your stories today- the blog post didn’t end up in my inbox this morning! How timely this post happens to be- around Christmas I was thrifting at some of my local haunts and happened to score a mini crystal lamp that now sits on the kitchen counter. She’s a dazzler, and my favorite thing in the kitchen. I’ve found myself using that little lamp more than I use the overhead lighting. The glow and the sparkle are both divine. I’ve amassed quite a collection of lamps since becoming an avid reader of your blog- and all but one have been thrift, vintage, or FBMP finds. I used to be very anti-lamp, so to look around my house and see so many is a shock, but also warms my heart, because I’ve grown quite fond of the lovely glow. #8, 11, and 15 are all extremely appealing! And of course the Nicole lamp is a favorite- such a stunning little thing! Hopping off for some later than usual homework with the kids, but I hope you’ve had a lovely Monday Sarah!

    1. So weird! The blog has been glitchy lately (ads are back and messing things up), so I’ve got calls into my web guy. Oof. Sorry about that, Lauren! I love hearing that you scored a crystal lamp from your local thrift store during the holidays- woohoo!! That’s awesome. I love hearing that you’ve acquired quite the lamp collection since hanging out with me, ha. Sorry, not sorry! They’re so cozy. I’m obviously a big fan. I hope you’re having a great week! xox