April Moodboard

April Moodboard - All Things Woven - roomfortuesday.comI hope everyone had a lovely weekend and your week is off to a great start! It’s already time for a new monthly moodboard. This month, I’m feeling all things woven. From furniture and area rugs to simple decor, serveware, and hampers, woven pieces add instant warmth and texture to your home. Materials like jute, rattan, cane webbing, and seagrass are timeless and easily blend with any aesthetic for a classic look. Click through to see lots of inspiration, how I’ve used woven pieces over the years, and of course to see what I dug up this month… 

April Moodboard - All Things Woven - roomfortuesday.comPerhaps it’s the season or warm weather sneaking into our forecast that has me craving organic, textural pieces. Honestly, no matter the time of year- I’m always drawn to these materials and woven textures that add depth. Ready to see what I found this month? Click directly on the objects to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below to shop… 

01: tiered pendant light // 02: woven bed // 03: woven glassware set // 04: woven planter // 05: woven pouf // 06: woven jute rug // 07: woven sconce // 08: scalloped table // 09: woven wool rug // 10: woven framed art // 11: woven chair // 12: woven cocktail shaker // 13: woven coffee table // 14: woven lamp + tapered shade // 15: woven cantilever dining chair // 16: woven dog bed // 17: woven pillow // 18: woven runner

I’d love to hear your favorites! Want to know some of mine? You probably can take a good guess because a lot of these are scattered throughout my home (and this blog post). I have a couple ottoman poufs (#5) that are super easy and versatile. One can be found in our basement media room (pictured below), and the other one floats between our balcony and the window nook. I initially discovered that ottoman on One Kings Lane, but found the exact same one for much less at Walmart.

I’m also digging the sconce (#7), the table (#8), the area rug (#9) that can be seen in Laurie Anne’s bedroom I made over (pictured above), the dining chairs (#11 and #15), as well as the adorable dog bed (#16).

April Moodboard - All Things Woven - roomfortuesday.comYou can also score lots of amazing vintage woven pieces! I worked on a client project a few years back, and was excited to integrate a couple beautiful bohemian planters my client had found thrifting (pictured below).

April Moodboard - All Things Woven - roomfortuesday.comRemember my One Challenge Reveal? That woven scalloped ottoman stole the show… and for good reason! It’s one of my favorite pieces in our formal living room.

April Moodboard - All Things Woven - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re not into the idea of woven furniture, consider using accessories- like a hamper or basket! Not only are they functional, but they’re a great way to add warmth to a utilitarian space, like a laundry room.

April Moodboard - All Things Woven - roomfortuesday.comSpring is a great time to freshen your home for warmer weather. Even if you don’t live near the coast or on the water, woven pieces are a great way to bring some sunshine and summer into your home. They feel cohesive with any aesthetic, no matter your location! They’re also visually lighter than most materials and certainly feel seasonally appropriate.

April Moodboard - All Things Woven - roomfortuesday.comDo you enjoy incorporating woven pieces into your home? If so- what is one of your favorite woven pieces of furniture or decor that you currently own? Is anything grabbing your attention from my moodboard this month? I’ll drop a shopping slider below…

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  1. Lovely! All these textures definitely say summer to me. I’m really drawn to the light fixtures. That sconce is amazing, and I could definitely see that table lamp in my house-maybe with a colorful shade😉. (Btw, the link for the pendant isn’t working.) I’ve always loved the classic shape of #11; I find it beautiful and comfortable. And I’m still oddly obsessed with the scalloped ottoman and that table! It’s just so feminine and fresh. Here’s to a sunny, productive week! (You guys really got after it this weekend with all that yard work!!)💖😎

    1. Me too! It finally felt like spring here over the weekend and that has been my mood lately. Thanks for letting me know about the pendant link- it’s from Burke Decor, and they must’ve stopped their affiliate marketing program because I was able to link it yesterday. That’s what gives me the capability to link items directly in the collage (hover and click). Such a bummer. Anyway, sorry about that! I’m also digging the lamp and of course, the scalloped furniture is at the top of my list. It’s so soft and beautiful! Here’s to another great week :) Hope you had a lovely, sun-filled weekend with good weather. xo

  2. Happy Monday, Sarah! I love woven pieces – they’re so great year-round. And, I absolutely LOVE that dog bed! That may need to come to my house. I’m always on the hunt for dog beds that look stylish enough to live out all the time, but that are big enough for our 55-lb pup and, of course, still comfortable. We keep a bed for her in each of our main hang-out areas, so she always has her own spot near us, but the current lot is in dire need of being aesthetically upgraded. That one with a cushion could be perfect. :)

    1. Happy Monday, Julie! Isn’t that dog bed awesome?! I kind of want to get a couple for the boys… that particular Etsy shop has a ton of options, too! Different styles and sizes. I’m with you… I’d drop a cushion in the bottom and it would be perfect for the pets. Have a great week :)

  3. Oh, fantastic collection! I love woven items. My mom, who was way ahead of her time with design talent, had a knack for finding the perfect woven pieces. She played them off beautifully against the authentic modern Danish Teak furniture we had when I was growing up. Thank you, Sarah, for this spot on curation…and for the fond memories. Cheers, Ardith

    1. Thank you, Ardith! It sounds like your mom had an amazing eye for design… that’s probably where YOU get it from :) Have a wonderful week! xox

  4. This roundup is so perfect for spring refreshing! I love woven pieces, and am constantly on the hunt for the perfect textured items. Currently my favorite that we own are the jute rugs I scored at target last year for just in front of our sliding doors, but sadly they have taken a proper beating and need replacing…womp, womp, womp. I’m loving the woven sconce; I’ve seen this in multiple variations from a number of sources, and I think I’m going to have to spring for them when we get to working on our bedroom. And number 9!!! Oh my goodness that rug is perfect! I love the look of an oversized jute rug layered under a more decorative area rug; that is definitely a look I’d love for our formal living and dining…someday lol. Quick question: where can I score a laundry basket like the one in the first picture of this post?? I have been on the hunt and unfortunately they are either too small or not well made…that one looks substantial and perfect!
    I was so elated to see that the warm weather pulled through for you this weekend, and I can’t wait to see how the side yard turns out! We had warm weather too, and we were able to deconstruct the container bed that needs repairing. Palm trees come out on Wednesday and post lights arrive Wednesday as well! I can’t wait for that change; the yard will look so completely different! Cheers to Monday everyone!

    1. Thanks Lauren! So glad you liked it :) Aren’t those sconces AMAZING? I’m trying to figure out where I could install them in my house. Such a good question on the hamper (sorry, I should’ve linked that). I splurged for that one at Serena & Lily, find it here: https://bit.ly/2VIPuA7 It’s giant though… and super sturdy. Probably my favorite basket I own. I like that the handles are wood. Sounds like you made incredible progress in your outdoor areas too- great job. We were able to get a TON done outside, and relax a little (we binged Outerbanks, which was so good). Happy Monday!! xo

    2. I would so love to see photos/videos of your projects, Lauren. It all sounds so cool. Cheers, Ardith P.S. I absolutely love reading your comments. You definitely have a wonderful flair with words.

      1. Thank you so much for your kind words Ardith! It’s funny you should mention it…I’m working on getting an account up and running on IG, and trying to start my own blog. I’ve wanted a blog for 10 years+, and finally let go of the fears. That means a lot to me in this season…more than you know!

        1. YAY!! Love hearing that, Lauren! Let go of the fear and just do it… it’s really quite fun and I hope you find joy in it :) I certainly have!

          1. Thank you Sarah! I hope you know that you have been the largest inspiration to take the leap! Thank you for cheering me on!

  5. Loving this round up with all the woven pieces. Your woven rug in the first picture is one of my favorites…right behind the woven ottoman you have in your living room. #8 coffee table (insert heart eyes) & #14 lamp (love)! Please tell me you have seen Amber Interior’s woven banquet in her new home? O M G!
    I can’t pass up a nice woven basket in any store. It’s almost as bad as my shoe or pillow collection. My obsession now is baskets with lids. I love them for bathrooms as laundry hampers and trash receptacles. I believe I owe that to you! Do you like the trend of putting trays or baskets on the walls as wall art?
    Glad you and Emmett were able to get outside and work in the yard. Doesn’t it make you feel accomplished when you can get outside and get your hands dirty?
    Have a wonderful Monday!

    1. Hi Danna! So happy you liked this one :) Yessss- Amber’s new home and the contents within is just breathtaking. She’s so talented. I’m with you… I love a good basket and never pass one up. I’m not as big on the basket wall art- mostly because I feel like SO many people are doing it… it doesn’t feel as original or timeless (more like a trend), but I do love the texture / sculptural art feeling it adds. I definitely have felt productive lately with this nice weather. Our plants are really taking off! Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far! xo