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February Moodboard

It’s that time again… get ready for a new monthly moodboard, my friends! Perhaps it’s because Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, or maybe I’m digging this color because I’ve been attracted to soft, muted hues all winter- either way, dusty pink has been on my radar lately. I know, I know… I say I’m not a “pink type of gal”, but I think I’m beginning to turn a corner and I’ll admit, I really like the muddy tones. It’s not overly pink, it skews a little salmon colored, and isn’t as saturated or bubble gum looking as colors you’d find in a little girl’s room. This is the way I would do pink- dusty, muted, desaturated, edgy, and pretty sophisticated! Click through for the inspiration and to see what I found (and am dreaming of buying myself for V-Day)Continue Reading

January Moodboard : Rust -
interiors & styling

January Moodboard

It’s Monthly Moodboard time! After hosting more house guests this weekend, I’m easing into the week with one of my favorite series… a post I look forward to compiling each month- a new moodboard. We’re nearly back into a…

December Moodboard Tartan -
interiors & styling

December Moodboard

It’s time for a new monthly moodboard and this December, I’m feeling a bold & festive pattern that is perfectly suited for the holiday season… tartan! You can probably guess a large portion of this inspiration is probably because…

September Moodboard : Cognac Leather -
interiors & styling

September Moodboard

How is it already time for another monthly moodboard?! Since fall is basically here, I’ve been feeling warm cognac colored hues- especially in leather or faux leather. Anyone else with me? Click through to see what I discovered this…