A Giveaway with Bissell Pet Foundation

I’m just going to cut to the chase here, I love partnering with BISSELL and the Bissell Pet Foundation because they give back to rescue pets and shelters in a big way- and you all know dogs hold the key to my heart. I’ll keep this post short and sweet! After moving into a home that is filled with 90% carpet, I was beginning to get grossed out. Crosby’s neuter surgery last week (the reason for his shirt) didn’t help as his paid meds were making him nauseous. After one too many accidents (poor guy), I broke down and got a heavy duty carpet cleaner and BISSELL agreed to let me give one away to you! Click through to enter the giveaway…

*This post is in partnership with BISSELL. All words are my own- thank you for supporting the brands I love, that give back!

If you’re interested in learning more about how I clean with my BISSELL products, I’ve already posted about it here. I just wanted to give you guys the opportunity to win another great cleaning product I’ve been using and loving in our new home!

In 2011, Cathy Bissell founded the Bissell Pet Foundation to help reduce the number of animals in shelters and rescues through pet adoption, spay & neuter programs, microchipping and foster care. Each year in North America, millions of pets enter shelters and almost half of them are euthanized. Shelters and rescues work tirelessly every day to address the pet overpopulation problem and they need help. BISSELL Pet Foundation provides much-needed financial assistance to animal welfare organizations to change the outlook for thousands of homeless pets… that’s something I can get behind and feel good about! Our Johnny Cash (aka, Cash) is our rescue baby and I can’t imagine life without him.


*Giveaway is now closed- thank you for entering. Congrats to Stephanie for winning!

Enter to win a BISSELL ProHeat 2X® Revolution® Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner below. I’ll choose the winner on Monday! You must be located in the United States to win.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Follow @bissellclean on Instagram (there are so many cute pet photos, you won’t be sorry).
  2. Comment below on this blog post with your pets name! I love hearing about and “meeting” your fur babies!

How was that for a short and sweet post on this fine Thursday? Was it weird seeing our bedroom setup in a new space? It basically looks the same as it used to right now!

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  1. katrina blackley says:

    Hi Sarah!I would love to win :) It would be great to use for Scarlett and new puppy Tubbers (He is in the process of getting house broken), so you can imagine what I am dealing with!

  2. Poor Crosby! Joe sends his best doodle wishes. (I do think he’s pulling off the post-surgery shirt look quite nicely.) We thankfully have all hardwood in our house. I shudder to think of pet messes and carpet. It’s nice to learn about companies that give back- especially to causes near to my heart. Happy almost the weekend!

  3. Even the short blog posts are GREAT! I could totally use a Bissell vacuum.. thanks to 2 new kittens. I know, I know, most people around here are dog people, but I promise, Moose and Doc are the CUTEST kitties around!!!

  4. Hey Sarah! I have two rescue mixes, Finn and Dexter and a cat named Jet. We rented a carpet cleaner over the holidays and were shocked at the how dirty our carpet was! It would be great to clean our carpet on a more regular basis.

  5. Hi Sarah! I am always cleaning up after Pepper and Ruby (English mastiff and Great Dane), so a carpet cleaner would be fabulous! Big dogs = big messes :)

  6. My fur babies, Poppy and Petunia, would love to have their carpet cleaned. How wonderful that the Bissell company is so generous giving back to the animal community!

  7. Stephanie says:

    Hey Sarah! My mini bernedoodle, Dolly, and I say hello! Sweet Dolly is 9 months old and since her spay surgery she has been nervous a lot, leading to lots of carpet cleaning! I can’t even be mad at her, poor thing! So we definitely feel for Crosby and send him best wishes! We’d love to be entered to win! ❤️

  8. Our black lab puppy Piper is getting fixed tomorrow! Our family collectively came up with her name. We also call her Pipes or Peter Piper.

  9. Poor guy. Our pup Luna would hate having her carpet cleaned (she already hates the vacuum) but her dog parents would love it.

  10. Greta Wesslen says:

    We are pawrents to Sally Sassafras, a 1 year old sheepadoodle. She is our first pup, and we aren’t planning on having human children, so she is the love of our lives! She would love playing with Crosby and Cash. We totally relate to what you are going through, and we would love to win!

  11. Duke – my American Eskimo – says hello! He would LOVE to live in Utah – he’s meant for the snow (and all the shedding and sledding – lol). He’ll have to settle for DC though! Having this Bissell would be great as I chase Duke and my 19-month old around the house!

  12. Crosby looks so handsome with his shirt! Our two pups are on opposite ends of the spectrum: sweet black Lab/shepherd mix Rudi just turned 14 (!!!!) and our Weimaraner/black Lab mix pup Rye just turned one. Totally different energy levels at our house, but we couldn’t love them more. When we fixed up our house we got off-white carpet that matched the decor but wasn’t the greatest idea with two dogs. I’d love to try this product on those “dog spots” as we call them in our house!

  13. Love this giveaway! My two girls are Sadie and Bailey – love them to death, love the hair and mess that comes with them a tad less! ;)

  14. This is such a great giveaway! I have two dogs. Charlie and Sam. They are sweet boys. Sam is is boarder collie and the Charlie is a mix between a chihuahua and a spaniel. Sam likes to keep watch all day by the front window while Charlie prefers to sleep on his pillow in front on the heater :)

  15. My cat’s name is Killer. She looks like one of those fluffy longhaired cats from the Purina commercials and keeping up with her fur during shedding season is an exercise in frustration.

  16. My fur baby is Ponzi, as in Ponzi scheme. Love him, the vacuuming not so much.

  17. Poor Crosby, he does look cute in that shirt though. I have 2, Reggie and Bo!

  18. Leah Prevost says:

    I love how the Bissell family supports helping all these precious babies!! Totally something I would do too if I was loaded! I have my 2yr old Rottweiler Rocco, and my 11yr old Pitbull King. They bring happiness to my life every single day. Couldn’t live without my dogs!

  19. Jackie G. says:

    This would be so helpful! I have a 2 year old mix named Lincoln. We’ve had her almost a year and in that time I’ve become the dog mom cliche I never thought I would be! She’s the best.

  20. Our dog’s name is Baxter, but we most commonly refer to him as Bax or Bud. We’re keeping him for some military friends while they’re stationed abroad, but at this point we’ve had him longer than they did before they moved. None of us are sure whose he will be when they get back! A weird, but very happy and loving situation to be in. One thing is for sure though, we will always have a dog. When we first took Bax we lived in a fourth floor studio walk-up and made the morning, afternoon, and night trips up and down the stairs to try and make sure he got enough energy out. Now we’ve moved to a house, and being able to just open the back door when he needs to go outside for a minute seems like the biggest luxury in the world. So we always say that now there is no way we will ever not have a dog, because it will never be more difficult than in that studio, and it was well worth it even then.

  21. Our sweet kitty Piper is a true member of our family. She’s our 15 month old’s best friend. Although cleaning her fur off of our carpeted stairs isn’t my favorite. But she’s worth it.

  22. Love this! Our cat Velvet is great and we can’t wait to get a puppy!

  23. We got our puppy, Indiana, about three months ago. She’s about six months old and is really struggling with potty training so I would love one of these to help clean up those messes.

  24. Jessica Strickler says:

    Our first son Reuben is a rescue dog and he’s the best mix of playful and sweet with a little crazy 😂 we recently renovated our basement and put all new carpets in and would LOVE to keep them clean and fresh with this awesome vaccuum!!

  25. Holly Sunderland says:

    Would love this! Been thinking about getting one forever because of Smokey and Moe and their eternal mess making! 😊

  26. Sarah Richards says:

    Hi Sarah! I’m Sarah, too (with an h, of course). I have a rescued greyhound named Pilot and we’ve just moved into a house with 90% carpetting as well. The poor babe has been nauseous lately, too, so I now understand the struggle!

  27. Siobhan Carr says:

    We’ve got one pup, Keeva! Although she’s not a puppy anymore, she’ll always be a baby in our eyes! We adopted Keeva girl when she was 8 weeks old from a shelter. She’s lived in more states than most people; Michigan, Utah and now PA. She’s a gentle giant and loves to: play outside, swim, hike, play ball and indulge in doggy ice cream. Keeva sheds so much, so we’re constantly cleaning. Keeva has a lil bro named Max, who’s a cat but thinks he’s a dog! The two are best buds and are constantly playing or giving each other baths! It’s the most precious relationship.

  28. Katelyn Fossen says:

    Awe this is so great! We rescued our adventure pup, Sonora, about 2 and a half years ago! They found her roaming the Sonoran desert. She is a German Shepherd, Corgi and Chow mix. Sweetest girl ever, loves to cuddle and watch Netflix and curl up in bed with us. She loves to hike and take swims in the river. She sheds quite a bit and has the occasional accident on the carpets so this would be amazing! :)

  29. Hi Sarah, I would love you to meet Midas, the funniest freaking bengal cat in the world (who thinks he’s a dog and occasionally leaves me messes.)

  30. Ashley Crocker says:

    Chloe(7 year old pup), Jax (3), Violet (6-cat), Lion-o(3 cat). I just had to cut up a rug due to mystery pee spots I couldn’t get out! I could totally use this carpet cleaner!

  31. Emily sheffield says:

    We have THREE dogs
    Duke-pitbull lab
    Hank-Bassett hound
    Rudy-chow chow
    And we foster puppies.
    We seriously cannot keep up with dog hair along with our two kids!!
    Love your page, thanks for all you do. I watch your stories daily💞

  32. Rose Dykema says:

    Hi Sarah! Crosby looks so cute in his shirt! I loved watching him on stories last night too. We have Liberty a rescue pit from Georgia (we have had her 13 years) and she is recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. And Gizmo (he is 15, lynx point Siamese cat who acts like a kitten still minus his IBD and GERD). Both my Fur babies are older and have issues but still enjoying life❤️.

  33. Nola Love says:

    I have a super sweet black lab named Ashes. And two cats, Walter and Staso.

  34. We have a goofy 1 year old golden retriever named Moose! We love seeing him interact with our three month old baby, he has such a gentle spirit that comes out when the baby is close!

  35. I love this giveaway! I have 2 puppies, Malibu and Finn. This carpet cleaner would come in handy between accidents and muddy paws! I think I spend more time washing their feet when they come inside then anything else!

  36. Rianna Lundy says:

    We would love to win! We have three dogs (Remy, Huck, and Winston) and two cats (Freya and Nyx)! A carpet cleaner would be the perfect thing to clean up and terrify all of them! 😂😂

  37. Lukas would love it if we won this and could clean up all his nervous nausea spots!

  38. Wilbur, our hundred pound mutt!

  39. My golden retriever/German shorthaired pointer mix, Bert, rarely has accidents in the house, but he LOVES to play in the mud and dirt so he’s constantly tracking in a mess. This would be so great for cleaning up after him!

  40. Our best/worst dog is named Scout: suits her perfectly as a strong willed, wild girl!

  41. Ahh!! Our puppy’s name is Bently :)

  42. I would love this for my fur kids! I have Walter, Ari, and Tucker. :)

  43. It would be such a treat to win one. Our vacuum works just OK but I’ve noticed it doesn’t pick things up like it use to. I feel like things don’t get clean enough, especially with our little cat Pete. Fun fact, he looks just like Pete the Cat 😆

  44. Our sweet boy is a 10 month old boxer named Hank, I’m pretty sure he would LOVE Cash and Crosby!! Thanks for being a pet friendly designer, there’s something about animals that really make a house a home. ❤️

  45. I’ve got two cats (Jay Catsby and Luna Lovegood) and one dog (Sebastian) but we’re getting our (un-potty trained) foster dog Alvin tonight! We could definitely use a cleaner!

  46. (not so) slim, our 95-lb bernese mountain dog, loves the outdoors and as such, brings the by products of mother nature inside with her :) the would be a wonderful cleaning addition to our arsenal. love the blog!

  47. Oh man do our floors need this. We have two rescues, a Great Pyrenees named Stella and a hound mix named Apollo. Between the muddy paws, the “I ate too much inedible materials” sickness, and the long white fur everywhere, I feel like I’m constantly fighting a losing battle! I’m also on the hunt for a new sofa and I’d love your take on pet friendly fabrics!

  48. Sarah Stasio says:

    Our dog is a “pound-pup” – as we call him sometimes – is named Lock, which I named him after the position in rugby; I choose it because a lock in rugby is sometimes a last line of defense, and always a support system. Much like all dogs ;) He’s a mixture between a Pitbull and a Terrier, and while he looks all Pitbull, he’s got the energy of a Terrier (thus why we also call him a “Northern American Snuggle Putt”), but man, he sheds a lot… But he gets it from me. Haha.

  49. Rachel M. says:

    I would love to have this for life with Rex!

  50. Kimberly Stewart says:

    Hola! Dobby and Seamus, two small and aging dogs. <3

  51. We tried several dogs before rescuing our lovely Cleo, and the stains from those previous dogs are still with us. Our cat Spunky prefers the garage, but he has left his fair share of stains, too. I would love to be chosen to get a Bissel! Thank you!

  52. Hi, we have two mini schnauzers named Gustaf and Gaston! Gaston has a tumor in his bladder which means lots of accidents. The carpet cleaner would be awesome for removing some of those smells!

  53. Olivia B. says:

    Hi Sarah! I have a Siberian Husky who’s name is Bruno! He leaves fur everywhere, but we love him so! This BISSELL would come in super handy in my household!

  54. Our two labradoodles are Rose and Ruby, and we love them dearly!
    We’ve been wanting to try Bissell products for quite awhile so we hope we win.

  55. Manny, a black lab.

  56. Natalie Gay says:

    I have quite the crew at my home (which happens to be full of carpets 😳).

    I have 3 cats: Lea who is the queen 🐝, Remi and Evie who are brother and sister mainecoon mixes and both about 10 months old (and feisty as heck).

    I then have 2 dogs. Magnus who is a corgi Akita mix and Cosmos who is a chow retriever mix. Magnus is small but mighty and Cosmos just wants belly rubs.

    I know they and I would put this Bissell Vacuum to good use and it would greatly assist in keeping the air quality clear and fresh :).

    Thank you Room for Tuesday and Bissell!!!


  57. My husband and I got our fur baby, Dan, in April – he is a handsome tri colored corgi. I purchased the Bissell spot remover carpet cleaner when we were housebreaking him and it works like a dream! Would love to have this on hand too, to clean all of our carpet with!

  58. Shannon Black says:

    Hi! I love seeing your pups on stories! I have a Great Dane/Australian Shepherd mix named Grayson and a mini Australian Shepherd named Charlie that we just rescued as a last minute desperation need. He is an anxious guy and as a result has accidents that we are having to hand scrub because our shampooer broke 😑. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  59. Hi! This would be a godsend. My pup, Brady, a 9 mos. old miniature goldendoodle is good with the house training…except in our downstairs (carpeted) family room. Argh! We’re working on it. And Brady’s such a good pup I know he’ll eventually figure it out. I’ve been eyeing a carpet cleaner since we have a baby on the way too. I have a feeling there are going to be more messes in my future! haha

  60. Ashley High says:

    I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy named Cedar <3

  61. I have two dogs: Ruby and Violet and two cats: Mabel and Calvin. I love your blog and read it daily!

  62. My 1st generation rescue doodle sheds hair like it’s her job. We really need to replace our old vacuum, but more even more than that, we need a cleaner! This would be so, so wonderful. Am happy to hear about Bissel’s background and mission!

    First time commenter, btw…have just started following this month. Your blog is beautiful!! Is immediately a big favorite!

  63. Katie Richards says:

    We have two cats, an orange tiger named Squints (after the kid in The Sand Lot) and Mowgli, a tabby. They’re well loved by all of us, especially our kids!

  64. Count us in! That would be me and my tricolor Cavalier, Charli. She’s a fan of Crosby’s shirt. ;-)

  65. Claire Van Horn says:

    Our girl Rory is a 90 pound 1 year old Bernedoodle (part Bernese mountain dog part poodle). She takes up a giant space in our hearts and in our tiny little home! In a world without her our carpets would be much cleaner but we would be much sadder. I would love to win a Bissell to clean up after all of the ‘gifts’ that she has left for us around the house!

  66. We rescued the best brother and sister kitties. Bagel and Cream Cheese. Thanks for the giveaway!

  67. Gwendolyn Jordan says:

    My dogs name is poopsy

  68. Jamie Warner says:

    My sibling cats are named Buster and Sister. We named Buster after the character on Arrested Development but none of the girl characters names stuck. So after several weeks of calling her Sister, it stuck. She acts more like a puppy then a cat. They are constantly snuggling together on our bed. Leaving a lot of fur behind.

  69. Balthazar says:

    Great giveaway! I’m sure I would love it and my pup would hate it! Jasper is a chow chow mix and looks like a mini bear. :)

  70. Hi Sarah! Poor Crosby…at least he isn’t having to wear a cone of shame! He and Cash are the cutest :)
    My rescue doggo’s name is Oliver, and he’s coming up on his tenth birthday. He’s been dealing with a few health problems this last year, and I borrowed my friend’s Bissell steam cleaner a couple months ago to deal with the mess. It was amazing! I’d love one of my own ;)

  71. I have a Newfoundland puppy named Baloo and this cleaner would be a lifesaver. We love him to death but boy does that dog make a mess. Thank goodness he’s cute :)

  72. Hi Sarah! I would love to win :) We could really use it in our first home we recently purchased with our sweet girl Rainey! She’s our rescued strawberry blonde golden lab. We are also hoping to get a new pup this year so the Bissell cleaner would be amazing in helping with messes that just happen.

  73. Susana Chaparro says:

    Hi, Red and Lightning are lab/collie litter mates who shed soo much hair! A Bissell would come in so handy!

  74. Olive is a Potcake rescued from Turks and Caicos. She was hit by a car lying on the road and attacked by a pack of wild dogs. All 4 of her legs were broken. The ASPCA spent a year rehabbing her then she flew here to us. She’s the love of our life but she can have an attitude w strangers( she was probably not treated well on the streets). With the help if daycare she can be around other dogs in a civilized manner. We have lots of carpet so it would satisfy my OCD tendencies to have a steamer.

  75. Also a fellow dood mom so you already know the amount of stuff they bring in! But Cooper is so sweet and cuddly I don’t even mind the additional vacuuming I have to do! Love bissell products, they just clean the carpet up so well!

  76. Your new bedroom looks great, I love the shutters in your new house! We have so many animals, get ready for a list. Two cats, Izzy and o.c., she was our second cat and I use to call her our ‘other cat’ so it kinda just stuck, we got them both from the humane society. We have three dogs, buddy, he’s a rescued Boston terrier. Meaty, he is the son of buddy. And Akita, a big and gentle English setter. She was my dads dog but he couldn’t take care of her anymore. Our house is crazy and full of life!

  77. Jessica Haynes says:

    Casper is our precious kitty. We need a Bissell because we are in a house that is mainly carpet as well. We also have a newborn baby girl and it would make it so much nicer for her. Please pick us!

  78. My sweet fur baby is named Aiden. He’s a 9 year old Scottish terrier, and your sweet Finn reminded me of a big version of him.

  79. We have a chocolate lab named Ember, and a yorkie named Noelle.

  80. Oh man I’d love to win this!! My dog Ollie is 1 1/2 year old pomeranian who we rescued. We moved into our new home in May and our entire basement is carpet, so I get you when you say you start to feel creeped out when you think about what has happened on/to that carpet prior to you living there….

    We also foster dogs for our local rescue constantly, on a ‘one in, one out’ basis, so there’s always someone in our home who’s busy learning the in’s and out’s of being a good household companion- this would be an incredible tool for my pet clean up arsenal!!!

  81. We have a gray tortoise cat who is 15+ years old. My sons named her Eek and they adore her! In fact, my youngest son has lived with her longer than with his dad, who passed away almost 7 years ago. She walks a little slower now but still loves to play.

  82. A Bissel Pro Carpet Cleaner would be an awesome win! Lucy, our lab would sure like fresh, clean carpet more often. Thanks Sarah. Can’t wait to see all that you do with the new house.

  83. Ooo A Bissel Pro Carpet Cleaner would be an awesome way to clean up after Mr. Peppers, perhaps the crankiest cat in California!

  84. We love our little rescue mutt, Annie!

  85. Michelle Simpson says:

    I have two great danes named Tucker and Ellie! They are our kids. They love to do zoomies outside and really track in the dirt!! I’d love to have one of these.

  86. Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson are two big rescue bully mixes who make a huge mess! One of these might actually save my life ;)

  87. 3 fur kids here! A Pomeranian named Bill (meeting him it totally makes sense), a shiba inu namer Temari, and a cat named Kona. So much fur and so many accidents (all three are over the age of 10), that this carpet cleaner would be a life saver!

  88. I’ve got 3 fur babies! Rain, Roo, and Nash. Two lab mixes and a fluffy black cat who hates her litter box… definitely need this carpet cleaner!

  89. Amy Knapp says:

    Great giveaway! We have a little corgi named Bunny. He’s the cutest, sweetest guy around.

  90. We have our beautiful mutt, Ayla!

  91. Jamie Wilson says:

    Our puppy, Reggie, has turned our house into a home. :)

  92. Lauren Cappellini says:

    This vacuum would make my life!! We have two dogs, Gus and Rosie and I’m constantly vacuuming fur from every corner of our house!!

  93. Our 15 year old dog is Georgia! Would love to try out this cleaner on our carpets in Atlanta!

  94. We have a brindle puggle named Beverly! Katie

  95. Our pups name is Wren Rose. She got sick for the first time recently 💩. Need to figure something out ASAP.

  96. Over here in California we have two boxers Mia Wallace and Vincent. And we just adopted two kitties last week that were abandoned.

    Great blog and I’m glad I found you through IG.


    I so need this! We have 23 kitties and 1 dog. All but 8 of the kitties are stray rescues. All are indoors. We love all of our fur babies but just like little kids they can make some messes. Our kitties names are: Lynx, LJ, Socko, Nina, China, Tiger, Pepper, BeBe, Lucy, JoJo, Mickey, Minnie, Spaz, Patchie, Carrie, Kali, Twinkie, Tori, Mama T, Teyla, Vala, Leo, Nino. Or doggie’s name is Misti. Each and everyone of them have their own personalities. Love each and every one of them!

  98. I have 2 kitties–Kiwi and Clementine. Kiwi is the one that needs allllll the clean up. Barfing and breaking things are his M.O.

  99. iggy, a rescue schnauzer lab mix. We’d love to add another dog and a kitty too someday!

  100. Allyson McGrath says:

    My baby is Twiglet (aka Twiggy). She’s a ten and a half year old, five pound rat terrier with GIANT ears. I got her from a shelter in November, and she’s great! Another family passed her over right before me, but as soon as I met her I knew I was going to bring her home. She was skin and bones from living on the street, but still adorable. She’s the best thing I’ve done with my life.

  101. Haley E. Paolozzi says:

    Tucker Bear, Lincoln & MJ definitely want cleaner carpet with Bissell!

  102. My dogs are named Romo and Meekah. :)

  103. I have two rescue pups, Violet and Calvin. Love them to pieces.

  104. Our pup is Hammy! He kinda fell into our laps about 6 months ago. My fiancé and I are saving for a wedding before we can think of saving for a house without starter world jobs, and apartments mean carpet. Yikes. We’d love to get a carpet cleaner instead of renting from the store every few months!

  105. My pups names are princess ,king ,Rex , and last but not least babs. Our spotclean pro heat pet is wonderful and would love to win this grand prize.

  106. Montana Ehrnschwender says:

    Happy almost thursday Sarah! We have been in our home for a few years now and have some unfortunate carpet on our stairs and second level, it would be great to have a cleaner to keep up with our pup, casee!

  107. Sarah Kadish says:

    Hi! I also love Bissel and their products! My little fur baby is Lola Jo. We live in Texas and all southern girls have 2 names! I am a cancer survivor. I got Lola right after I went into remission. Fast forward 7 years. I’m fully cured and have the most amazing best friend. I have carpet in the bedrooms and keeping them clean is so important. We would love to win. XO Sarah and Lola

  108. Just recently found you and love your style! So excited you have just moved so I can follow along in your renovations. Loved your two tone hallway!
    Just adopted a one year old sold grey kitty, her name is Remy. She is adjusting great – super playful and cuddly but she has some tummy issues and my rugs and carpet are taking a beating.
    Thank you!

  109. My dogs name is Penny. This carpet cleaner would be really nice!

  110. We have a 5 year old boxer mix named Chloe! I love how you share practical tips for taking care of your home with pets. It’s always such good info!

  111. I have a sweet little shorkie named Veda. Hopefully we will be adding a doodle to the family soon. I would love this vacuum. Even though I have a dog, I am allergic. I can’t help myself, but this vacuum would help a lot!

  112. I love when Bissell has an event to clear the local shelters! I always want to go and grab up all the dogs. It’s a good thing my house isn’t big enough for more than a couple or I’d probably be that dog lady.

    I have a medium-sized poodle/schnauzer mix named Gracie. When she first came to my house as a rescue, she was pretty much a mess who made lots of messes. She has cleaned up her act a lot over the past eight years and has brought a lot of love and laughter into the house. I am currently looking for a sister for Gracie, and we can’t wait to share the love and laughter!

  113. Housebreaking my Mini Labradoodle, Pearl! A steam cleaner would be awesome!

  114. Megan Kersey says:

    I would be so, so incredibly grateful for if I were able to win this! My hubby and myself actually have five fur-babies. (I know, I know…We are crazy. They are all rescues. I just can’t say no to giving an animal a living home.) we have two dogs who are both lab mixes (Mango & Lemon) and three cats (McNair, Malfoy and Yaxley. Major brownie points to anyone who knows where we got those names!)

    I am constantly vacuuming and sweeping to keep up with all the hair! We want to put hardware through the bedrooms but that is not going to happen right now, so having the amazing carpet cleaner would be such a gift.

    Thanks so much for doing such an amazing giveaway ☺️☺️

  115. Stephanie says:

    My Maltese is named Rocky, and we are fostering two dogs, Bonnie and Clyde. We could definitely use some help in the floor cleaning category. Thank you for the opportunity!

  116. Andrea Harris says:

    My fur-babies names are Bailey (shi-poo) and Charles VonBismark aka Charlie (Weimaraner)! We definitely need to add another Bissell to our cleaning arsenal! Part of the reason I love your blog is because I love seeing the antics of Crosby and Nash!

  117. Just purchased my first home and I will be adopting a fury baby of my own soon. Trying to get things in order before my future fur baby arrives.

  118. Emily Ward says:

    Hi Sarah! We have a really sweet Goldendoodle named Cooper who makes occasional visits on my feed (@homeandhabitatblog). He’s our fur baby. I’d love to win the Bissel so that I can rest assured that the inevitable puppy accident is truly cleaned and stain free!

  119. Would love to win this with our older cocker spaniel, Baxter we are always cleaning up after him! We love him to death even with all the messes!

  120. I would love to try that carpet cleaner. My German Shepherd is named Rainey. Adopted her from shelter and she already had that name. Funniest thing is that she is so scared of rain/thunder storms.

  121. We have an old lady basset Lucy and a new black lab puppy Annabel Lee (AB for short!). We are getting ready to move into our first home that also has carpet and this would be a lifesaver for us!

  122. Kaleigh Yenney says:

    We have a shih tzu named Primrose and a German Shepard named Dolley. I have also painted their pet portraits like a crazy dog mom! Love your blog!

  123. Hi Sarah! Our shih-poo lord of the manor, Marty, is tired of hearing his human butlers complain about their subpar vaccum and would love to win this for them. 💕🐶👑

  124. Jessica Robinson says:

    My 8 year old Westie, Edison needs this carpet cleaner! I understand the struggle of an upset tummy — Westies have sensitive stomachs and I often have to blot the carpet by hand if he gets sick, which is not ideal. But you are right, they are 100% worth it! He is my only child and best friend. I just bought a new area rug for my living room and I expect he will be claiming it very soon!

  125. Alisa Bodden says:

    We would love one of these to help clean up after our puppy Gus! Keeping carpets clean is so hard with dogs and children.

  126. Easton Allyn says:

    Our poodle Toby broke our old vacuum after he tried to emulate Hocus Pocus and fly away! We just want to clean without any witchcraft!

  127. Our resuce pups Gabby and Dotti say hi from New York and hope that Crosby is feeling better. Gabby is from Georgia, her and her siblings were saved from death row. Dotti comes from St Croix and she was actually suppose to be a temporary foster but we fell in love. Dogs are the best- even if they sometimes leave us messes haha.

  128. Cindia Campos says:

    Hi! We have two fur kids Luna and Opie! We bought a fixer upper and most of the house is carpeting which we never had before either! It’s also light cream!! Accidents happen and every time they do I’m always worried sick wondering… will this one come out? Ive been hoping to get one some day!!

  129. Brooke Ribelin says:

    Poor baby! Sorry to hear he isn’t feeling so well. I’m very interested in the neuter shirt because I’ve never seen one before. My little pom, named Pixel, and I hope he starts to feel better soon so he and Cash can romp around and play together again :)

  130. I would love this to stay on top of the shedding! Shyloh Fawn, my little chihuahua, is worth all the extra fur though❤️

  131. We have a kitty named Oliver and are getting a puppy, Wesley, in March so a carpet cleaner will be a must!

  132. karen schauer says:

    Hello. My babies are Elvis P. Hounddog. He is a mutt mostly lab and pit but he has hound and chow chow in him too. He is almost 3 yrs old. His ” brother by another mother” is Otto a nice German name for a mutt thats mostly Greman shepherd and pit with a bit of chow chow . He’s also almost 3. Then there is Big sister Penelope Pitstop she is a huge long hair c.a.t but shhhh we don’t tell her that since she thinks she is a dog😂. I’m constantly vacuuming and shampoong and mopping but the fur is endless.

  133. We have two pups- Iggy and Dandy ❤️❤️ Looks like that vacuum works wonders! Would be awesome to have!!

  134. Lindsay Matthews says:

    Hi, my two are Amos and Rosie. So need this in my life!

  135. Iggy and Dandy are our pups names- would love to have that Bissell vacuum on hand!

  136. Hi! I would LOVE to win a Bissel carpet cleaner! I have two pups at home, a French bulldog named Zona and a chocolate lab named Dodger. We are renovating our house and installed brand new carpet so hoping this carpet cleaner can keep it nice and fresh!

  137. Liya Roslov says:

    We would love to win this!! We don’t have a pup but we do have a parrot named Maliki! And boy does he make a mess because we let him fly around the house! Feather dust, food and little bombs do happen! Lol. Gross I know.. This would be a game changer for sure!

  138. Alastor or Al-Pal for short feels your pain Crosby. He hated me for a bit there and had a tummy ache to. But you’ll be back to frolicking in the snow ASAP!

  139. Luna, our fluffy black cat, needs a vacuum to follow her around to collect her fur-balls everywhere.

  140. Christiann says:

    Hey there! My husband and I have a mini golden doodle named Winnie. She’s a cutie!

  141. Our pup’s name is Bruno. We got him because my husband used to work nights and I wanted to have a scary dog name that I could yell whenever someone knocked on the door when I was alone. The look of confusion on soooo many people’s faces when I opened the door and they saw a wiener dog was so worth it! We also rescued him from a backyard breeder who was on her way to put him down because he has hip dysplasia. So now we own the cutest pigeon-toed waddler you’ve ever seen.

  142. Hi, we have a 14 week old shorkie and it’s been rough potty training her. Midna is full of energy and I’m constantly chasing her because she is always getting into stuff. I also have a 14 year old Dalmatian/lab mix that sheds everywhere.

  143. Hey Sarah! We got an Aussie doodle puppy not too long ago and named her Luna! We love her like crazy but hate cleaning up after her haha. This bisell cleaner looks amazing!

  144. My pup’s name is Archie. He is the sweetest, dopiest border collie/lab mix with a pretty medium-length coat. My husband and I adopted him from our local humane society a few years ago! He failed search and rescue training and ended up back in the shelter (true story – the dog is VERY easily distracted). We love our sweet, dopey boy!

  145. My husband and I have two wonderful fur babies. Our 2.5 year old Great Dane, Penelope (125 lb) and our 3 year old Husky, Luna (65 lb) We are constantly dealing with shedding..short coarse fur that sticks in everything and long soft fur that tumbleweeds in the corner. It can feel impossible to keep up with and that is not to mention the dirt and grim that gets tracked in on their big ol’ paws 🐾 🐾 Bissel to the rescue!

  146. Omg. If you could see what I came home today 😂 Me and my pup Luke would really get some use out of this.

  147. Ohhh, we are slowly removing all carpet from our home. But it’s a slow and expensive process, so our doodle Charlie would love to win this carpet cleaner to help keep our current carpeted rooms cleaner!

  148. We just moved to a home with Carpet in the entire basemet, We love it down there but our Golden Retriever, Locke, thinks its his personal towel from our rainey walks in Seattle. I would love to have a tool like this to help us keep the carpet clean and enjoyable for a few more years before we figure out a permanent solution.

  149. I am currently on the hunt for a good vac! Because we basically now have a zoo over here:
    2 new take in kittens : Thomas & Tibby
    A dog, Chip or “Chip Monster” or “Chipster”
    The “grocery store pup” we found who JUST had FIVE pups (what?!) :
    Bryn Bella (we named her after a historic house I was working on saving when we saved her)
    Pup 1. Jackson
    Pup 2. Lady
    Pup 3. Bunny
    Pup 4. Shiloh
    Pup. 5 Max a Million
    (Yep, we are southern!)

    We won’t count the chickens in the backyard 😬

    With this crew, I love the short and sweet posts, especially if it’s How to and With what on cleaning!


  150. Krystal L says:

    Oh man, our carpet needs help thanks to our pupper, Chloe (the kids haven’t helped either)!!

  151. I would love to win this!!! I have two fur babies Stella and Zoe and two kids ages 3 and 1. My carpet is screaming for this carpet cleaner! 😂🙏🏼 PS- love how intentional you are with your partnerships Sara!

  152. Hi Sarah! We are a small zoo and definitely could use a rug cleaner in-between twice a year cleanings (especially as I am a clean freak). Our dogs are Stanley, Oscar, and Angus. Our cats are Jake, Sushi and Tom. We also have a house rabbit named Fozzy – all animals are rescues. Thanks!

  153. Hi Sarah! We have a house full of carpet, except in the kitchen and bathrooms! Thankfully, it keeps us all a little warmer in this polar vortex but with a fur baby and human baby, we’ve had lots of dawn and water cleaning. Our fur baby, Bellatrix, has adjusted to sharing the spotlight and is the best big sister. Liam is almost 4 months snd loves petting her. He hasn’t figured it all out yet but Brllatrix loves it. She gives lots of kisses, checked on everyone when they sneeze and even let’s Liam know she is going outside to potty before leaving the house with Dad. Yes, she literally comes to find him no matter where he is after he is on his leash to say bye. It is the most adorable thing!

  154. Gretchen Seamons says:

    Hey! We have a 140lb. Saint Bernard named Zuzu. We love her so much, but her slobber alone is a motivator for finally getting ourselves one of these things. And when she does have an accident or gets sick, there’s a lot to work with. Thanks!

  155. The timing on this could not be more perfect—our vacuum just broke! Teddy, our miniature schnauzer/poodle mix is very happy but his pet parents still need to clean!

  156. This would be amazing for my three songs, Gracie, Mya and Lex! I love them, but man do they cause for extra work along with the kiddos!

  157. I have two! Marley & Ruby. And while we don’t have a ton of carpet, we do have a ton of rugs. Lots of accidents. Would love to give them a good once over.

  158. Hello! I have three rescues, Otto, Puck, and Evvie! ❤️❤️❤️

  159. Jennifer Highbarger says:

    Oh my gosh, I would LOVE to win this for my dog, Titan. During this polar vortex we’ve been experiencing, he has been bringing me “presents” that he’s found in the great outdoors including 2 dead (thankfully) mice and some poosicles. 🤢 I would love to have a machine that made me feel like the carpets were actually clean.
    Sorry to gross you out, Titan is usually the sweetest, cutest puppy ever! 😊

  160. Ugh! I despise our carpet upstairs but we’re renovating the entire house and just haven’t made it up there yet. With two rescues – Brutus and Gracie – we have the small BISSELL for pet stains but the large would be great! I love their mission to care for pets.

  161. I have an (often) dirty furry pup named Dempsey who would love to roll around on cleaner carpets :)

  162. Sydnie Young @syddiegirlbeachbum says:

    Hi Sarah! I love when you post about your sweet fur babies. My two guys are our whole life. #dogmomlife I have a sweet and salty grumpy potato boy that we rescued, Rocco, and the sweetest, happiest good boi black lab/retriever mix, Charlie, that we’ve had since he was a baby. Love this giveaway, and all your awesome design work!! Thanks for all you do and share!! Hugs from a fellow Salt Laker.

  163. Shelby Fayye says:

    Love this! My sweet puppy is Briley! 🐶

  164. Hi! Such a fun giveaway! We have a little black pug named Georgia. We also have 3 children who sometimes behave like pets 🙈 Dakota, Oliver, and skip. SO grossed out by carpet and would love to clean ours!

  165. Cargo, our rat terrier mix rescue, would love a Bissell. He currently chases our (inferior) vacuum around when we use it. I even have video. :)

  166. I have two pups — Bruce and Ernie! One is black lab and one is a black lab mix, and you can imagine the shenanigans they get into! I have the Bissell pet spot cleaner that I love. I would love to add to my cleaning arsenal with this to be able to keep up with our (80 percent) carpeted home!

  167. Baronica Duarte says:

    We have two cats, Noelle, a small calico and Yogi, a 20lb bobcat!! (Well just a black cat, but that’s what we tell him) they know how to make messes!

  168. We “inherited” our cat, Bee, when our daughter became very ill and moved in with us. He lives permanently with my husband and me now although we never expected to have a cat. He is a green-eyed beauty with LONG luxurious black hair and we have come to adore him. But, oh, the shedding and vomited fur balls are a struggle. I would love a little help with it! Ha! Thank you.

  169. I have one cat, her name is Persia, but we call her Mama. We adopted her as a senior from a shelter at 9 years old. She’s a Russian Blue and the sweetest, she’s 14 years old now. We love her like crazy! She has zero cat predator skills though, which I find amusing. She isn’t interested in playing at all, and I’m pretty convinced that if we had mice, she would just hang out with them and make friends. The Bissell would be a lifesaver because I refuse to buy rugs for our house because the ones that I did have, she ruined every single one.

  170. Boy could I use this! My dog’s name is Bacon and he is a 60-lbs. bulldog who thinks he’s a lap dog. His shedding is quite awful, and I’m always cleaning everything in the house – EVER DAY with no avail of the dog hair (and slobber) being gone. Not to mention the bulldog trait of throwing up food!! Please save my antique and Moroccan rugs!

    But even with all that, I can’t imagine not having my dog around – he’s the best and I love him so much. Even though he’s a dirty mess!

  171. What a great giveaway! I have a 5 year old cat names Robert, who I adore :)

  172. Miranda D says:

    Hi Sarah! We have a house full of carpet and I, too, get grossed out. I try to hire professionals to come clean every 6 months but it’s expensive. We’d love to win the Bissell carpet cleaner! We have a mini doodle named Winnie that looked so much like Crosby as a pup- if you remember I sent ya a photo. Looking forward to follow along with your new house renovations.

  173. I would love this! It would be amazing in the light carpeted back entry (not my choice), for my 3 year old pup Baylee’s messes, and for my brothers 3 month old pup Clarkson’s accidents.

  174. Danielle Stavlo says:

    I would LOVE a new Bissell vacuum!! My family has adorable “teddy bear” breed puppy named Maebee. She’s a little spitfire for sure!

  175. I have a rescue dog named Zoey and a cat, that we just call kitty kat haha simple enough :)

  176. Hi, We could totally use this! We have a Morkie puppy that is still being house broken and our rug could use a good thorough cleaning! My pups name is Charlie!

  177. Alicia Gordon says:

    My two doggies::
    Trigger- A 6 year old rescue mutt(:- The best kinds! He is a lazy but adorable baby
    Luna- A 1.5 year old German Shepherd- Destroys everything and brings in dirt, mud, and sticks in the house

  178. Sarah Byers says:

    Following Bissell! And Lord knows we could use this product with our 5 rescue dogs! Miller (great dane) Max (pit mix) Hank (retriever) Penny (Corgi/Chi mix) and Monkey (Corgi/Chi mix). @bigbadbyers on instagram for a visual of these goofballs. My goal is to try to keep our home looking and smelling like there’s no way we have 5 dogs living there! It’s exhausting, and totally worth it!

  179. Meghan O. says:

    Hi! My pups names are Pyshka (a 2.5 year old golden and lab mix) and Boris (a 3.5 month old golden puppy). With two dogs, it would be great to have a carpet cleaner at home instead of having to rent one :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  180. Hi Sarah :) Fern, Violet, Potato and Birdi are a crazy group and a lot to handle at times but they are a part of our family. We are fellow SLC residents and are so glad we discovered your blog. Love it and you :)

  181. Hi! I have a 9-mo. old red lab named Willie (as in Willie Nelson, the red headed stranger), and two cats named Jack and Rue. I love your blog! This is a great giveaway :)

  182. Andrea Ricks says:

    My vintage rug has become an accident prone spot for my dogs, Molly and Fletcher. I’d love to win!

  183. Shannon Caywood says:

    Your blog is my favorite design blog! Our dog Shasta died, but our son’s dog is Indy and with 13 grandkids, we could use a carpet cleaner at least once a week!

  184. Whitney Hinton says:

    This carpet cleaner would be so awesome to have! My husband and I have three dogs, Kate, Koby, and Kwynn. Our current home is half carpet, and the carpet is white. Makes for an impossible task of keeping it clean with pets and a baby on the way!

  185. Liz Powell says:

    🤞🤞🤞🤞. My pet is Max. We love him. Our carpets don’t!!

  186. Lori Knudtson says:

    Would love to win! Just found puke on our dining room rug courtesy of our cavachon Charlie. She must have done it when we were gone… ate it and now it’s dried on the rug. Gaaaaggggggg 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  187. I follow you both on Instagram as @1froglegs. My dog is named Daisy. The majority of our home is vinyl plank, because of Daisy, but our bedrooms are all carpeted.

  188. Tiffany Arnold says:

    Oh my gosh that rug cleaner looks like a dream! Cleaning up after our 2 year old rescue pittie would seem like a breeze with that thing! His name is Cass and when his schedule gets thrown off it seems he’s prone to accidents. 😕. I’m 30 and now quality vacuums/cleaners make my eyes light up. Lol. Ps. I love your blog, insta stories, and design style!

  189. melanie huttner says:

    Hi!! I have an 11 year old orange cat named Parker, a 6 year old black and white cat named Goblin, and our newest addition is a black and white mixed breed pup named Brooklyn! As you can imagine we could definitely use this carpet cleaner!!!

  190. Katie landsaw says:

    This is the best thing ever! We also are remodeling our home in Centerville! Our baby Jax (Doberman) has decided to mark his territory all over the basement, I think this is because the previous owners had several dogs who marked EVERYWHERE! I tried cleaning the carpets myself but it must not have been good enough. Although I plan on removing and getting new carpet, I will need this to help for future accidents. I love that you found a great carpet cleaner, even if I don’t win I will probably buy the same one! You’re the best!

  191. Caralyne Raynes says:

    Hi, Sarah! I have two rescue dogs, Sadie the border collie/ACD mix and Harriet Pugman, the, well, pug! I love my fur babies, fur and all! This would be a great tool to have in our home. Thanks so much for sharing this giveaway and partnering with such a great company!

  192. Hannah Stephenson says:

    Hi Sarah! So glad I found you on Instagram – to not only love your style, but also your dogs! I have an airedale terrier named Rousseau. Him and Crosby have such similar facial expressions. When we visit home we also get to hang out with my parents’ wife fox terriers.

  193. Katie Kelley says:

    Greetings from Texas, Sarah! Hope you and the fur babies are staying warm. My husband and I have a 4-year old rescue doggie named Redding. He’s 85 lbs of snuggle bucket, he loves to cuddle on the sofa with us, and he’s quite a shedder. I’ve been trying to convince my husband to adopt our second dog for a few years now, and I think 2019 is the year I’ll finally wear him down, ha-ha! Love your blog, read it almost daily. Our cheap-o vacuum has crapped out on us numerous times, so we’d love to win this bad boy!

  194. Hello!
    My 80 pound, 15 month old doodle started out as Theodore. Then it was shortened to Teddy. Now, he’s just Ted. :)

  195. Lacey Barnes says:

    Hi, Sarah! It would be amazing if my family had one. We live on a farm that’s currently a full house of animals and kids. We have three dogs Ruger, Ellie, Mako two cats Flea and Butterfingers(naming courtesy of our 4 year old) and new born goat kid that was rejected from her mom. The goat is only inside temporary but since all the freezing weather we have her inside for warmth and love. With all the craziness running around inside we could definitely use it. I also wouldn’t change all this craziness it makes my heart so full.

  196. Rudy – Golden/Collie mix and Spike – German Shepherd/Lab mix, our two adopted pets. We replaced our living room carpet not being able to keep up with all the dog mess, This product sounds like something I need for our master bedroom!

  197. Sarah, hi! You are a woman after my own heart – both obsessed with our dogs and home renovation! You have helped me before with gift ideas for my handy man better half, (who is also exactly like Emmett), so I know I can trust you with the recommendation of the Bissell!
    I would love to be able to use it for cleaning up after our Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, Mogul. We lost our first RR, Dutch, last year, just before you lost Finn, and I was grieving right along with you girl – and my heart breaks knowing you had to go through that too. But I am equally delighted to see you basking in new puppy joy (and MESS! ahhh) as we are too ;) Thank you for all you do and the beauty and realness you share with all of us every day!

  198. Oh, this would be lovely! We have our sweet, scruffy, one-year-old Otis and his new as of two weeks ago little sister, the marvelous misses Melva! We bought our first house last April and named her after the late previous owner who has been well regarded by our neighbors, and how we found our church! Everyone at our church has been so excited that we moved into Ms. Melva’s old house and we thought the name was fitting! And Otis was named as such because his scruff makes him look like a distinguished old man 😂

  199. I had a bissell for a long time at my apartment (that was a carpet emporium) and LOVED it! We gave it to my mom when we moved because we have far less carpet. Now that our rescues (Maxleigh, Myra, and Walter) are getting older, we seem to need it more and more! I so love following the blog and your posts about your sweet pups! My husband even knows their names because I’m always showing him your posts! Haha

  200. Stephanie says:

    This would be so perfect! We have two rescue pups as well. FRANK, our 8yr old boarder collie/lab mix… and LOLA, our 4yr old pit bull/lab mix. We are dog lovers & also trying to finish up our first fixer-upper home. Love following along with you! 🐶🐶

    1. Congrats Stephanie!! You’re the giveaway winner. Please email me sarah(at)roomfortuesday(dot)com within 24 hours to claim your prize! :) xo

  201. Love following along with all of your adventures! Our pups Piper (Godlendoodle) and Sadie (border collie) love to slip past me with muddy paws all the time.

  202. We have a springer spaniel/border collie mix named Stella, and a pit bull/boxer named Peabo. Loves of my life, but dirty stink makers, for sure!

  203. I’ve had dogs all my life, aside from a several month gap after our beloved Zelda passed away at the end of the summer. We decided last weekend we were ready to start looking for a pup to add to our family, so we stopped by the local animal welfare league. We got super lucky and met the perfect little girl on our first visit. Her name is Birdie, and we got to bring her home same day! She’s such a sweetheart- great with the kids and working so hard to learn basic commands and perfect her housebreaking.

  204. Greetings to Cash & Crosby from Lizzie, Lenny, Louie & Luigi (our four rescue cats)! We recently moved into a home with mostly carpet and this machine would definitely help curb my anxiety about all that yuckiness that lurks in those woven fibers of the carpet.

  205. My guy is Salem. A mutt that has a very good life and is reaching 15.

  206. Sarah, I love this post! Getting your pets spayed/neutered is so important. Long story short about our animals, we moved into our first house about 1 1/2 year ago with out two fur-babe cats, Bear and Apollo. Within a few months, Bear passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. It was a terrible time- the grief for a fur child is unreal! A little while later we find out that we had moved into a neighborhood with an insanely high feral cat population, and a cat colony (yes, that’s a thing 🤷‍♀️) had taken up residence in our backyard. Fast forward a few months later to us discovering kittens underneath our deck! Of course we had to take them in, and we fostered and placed them all in loving homes. Shortly after that… you guessed it..more kittens! We’ve been fostering cats and kittens- something we’ve never done- and trying to find them all good homes. And now we are working with a catch and release program to spay/neuter all the feral cats that reside in our yard. So we went from being a 2 cat family, to a 1 cat family, to foster parents, to now a 4 cat family (I know, 4 CATS!!). There were 3 that we were fostering that captured our hearts and ended up staying with us. So now our family consists of Apollo, Crumbs, and two Siamese sisters- Mary Kate and Ashley (Keiko and Ash for short). It’s been a wild ride, but they each bring so much joy into our lives in different ways. It’s been fun following along with you because I know you feel the same way about your sweet fur- babes. (Sorry, short story turned long!) But all of this to say, adopting and spaying/neutering are all so important. Great post and way to support a good cause!!

  207. Kari Gannon says:

    I would love this! We have two one year old labs, Penny and Molly. One is golden and one is black. Their hair is everywhere and I can never get my floors clean enough’ We also have two little boys age 3 and 5 so you can imagine what our floors look like most days. The clean freak in me has a really tough time with it, lol!

  208. I would love this! We have two one year old labs, Molly and Penny. One is golden and one is black. Their hair is everywhere! We also have two little boys, age 3 and 5. So you can imagine what our floors loook like on any given day. I’m a clean freak as well and it drives me crazy! 😜

  209. Hi Sarah! I have a seven year old Wheaten Terrier names Stormy! She looks a lot like Crosby, but it’s a tan/wheat color. Also non-shedding like your guys! Wheaties have a great temperament and are soooo loveable! I highly recommend looking on Youtube for videos of the “Wheaten Greetin’” it’s adorable!! As much as I love her, she has ruined countless vintage rugs that my dad used to bring home from shipping in the middle east (Turkish rugs straight from the source!) and our white carpet (who’s idea was that??). Now that I’m moving into my very first home – after reno is finally complete – I think this carpet cleaner would come in super handy for any accidents Stormy has or uh-ohs from friends and family. Thanks for posting!

  210. Would love a Bissell for our dark wood floors and our white Great Dane Ben and our white Miniature Bull Terrier Charlee….you would think we have grey floors. Not sure how to show you a picture but you can find me on Instagram @LisaSDietz

  211. I have a cockapoo named Cash Howard. I know you also have a Cash! My husband and I named our dog Cash because we had both just read Johnny Cash’s autobiography. We had planned on naming him Howard and changed our minds so he got Howard for his middle name. :)

  212. Tracie Cooper says:

    Her name is Nellie and she is a min pincher and jack russell mix! My instagram is @tmcooper1972

  213. Sarah Lippman says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for sharing about the Bissell Pet Foundation, how cool!

    Our two rescues, Jasmine Bluebell (pitbull mix, 7) and Maple Bacon (Chocolate Lab, 9) would be super stoked to win the Bissell giveaway. Have you heard what they say about Labs… these long haired friends shed twice a year, first from January-May, then again From June-December, ha!!


    Aka the one that cleans up

  214. Angela Murphy says:

    Sunday is my 9 year old shephard mix’s name (we brought her home on Superbowl Sunday). God love her, she must be the hairiest dog alive! Our vacuum recently broke and we’ve been using the shop vac! Love following your instagram, thanks for the post!!

  215. AJ Procarione says:

    Right now I have a dog named Gage along with a girl hamster named Chewbacca…my eldest human child named the hamster which has caused gender bender issues for the poor fluff ball all her life.

    We’re always picking up hairballs since I’m used to having Labradors not long haired English Springer Spaniels – we inherited Gage since my Mom couldn’t handle all his energy, now she can feed him treats and send him home with us. :-)

  216. Following on Instagram – @fashionfrugality
    We have two furry best friends, Ernie and Roona.

  217. Mollie Quarles says:

    I would love to have a better way to clean up after our pets. We have a dog, Bella, and a cat, Wicket.

  218. We have a beautiful chocolate lab named Maxine who is just the sweetest girl.

  219. Our boy’s name is Rocket, though he answers to about a million other names! He’s our rescue boy and is turning 14 this year! Couldn’t imagine life without him.

  220. We have a big chocolate lab named Gunner. He’s the best :)

  221. Ready, because it’s going to take a minute – Jersey is my baby I rescued her from a puppy mill at just 3 weeks old, she’s a terrier mix and this old gal will be 9 next June! George, 10 my doxie I rescued off the hwy when I relocated to indy in 2011. Then there are the kitty cats: (all 3yrs) Khalesi, Sir Talbot (a maincoon), and Niles who is the prince of the underworld and I swear only comes up from the basement to cuddle with George and occasionally throw up on our rug 😑. That’s my indoor crew then we also host a feral colony outside! We’ve been in search for a good vacuum with all these fur babies we tried a roombas a few years ago, but it couldn’t hang and met it’s demise after the season change IEI: The SHEDDING. We love them all but dream of the day when room vacuums that magically suck up all the dander come true.

  222. Oh man – after an “incident” last night this would really help us out! We have two fur babies – Barley and Winnie!