6 Ways to Style a Bench

6 Ways to Style a Bench - roomfortuesday.comThe “6 Ways to Style” series is quickly becoming one of my all-time favorites to curate. They’re super fun to put together and based on your feedback- they seem really helpful for you guys! This month, I decided to style a bench. I feel like a bench is one of the more versatile pieces of furniture you can own. I kind of ran with the entryway vignette / theme for the purposes of this particular post, but benches are also great positioned at the foot of a bed, to fill awkward negative space in a hall, or nestled into a niche or nook. I also like styling a bench into my home office because it gives me extra seating, as well as an additional surface to drop papers or books. Click through for six totally different looks of varying styles and budgets! 


01: battery powered gallery light // 02: grid gallery wall frames // 03: brass umbrella holder // 04: upholstered bench // 05: rug runner

You guys already know I’m a big fan of a grid gallery wall (get inspiration for that here). I love balancing a bench with art! Imagine the gorgeous statement the above vignette would make in a home entry or mudroom. Paired with an umbrella holder and runner, this cozy spot is functional and charming.


01: wall art pair // 02: brass floor lamp // 03: modern upholstered bench

I cannot believe the amazing price for the above bench! Trust me when I say, this $180 modern number looks SO much more expensive than it actually is. I could easily see this pairing in a living space or family room. If you’re wondering what to put on the empty wall in your great room… think outside typical living room furniture. That would be the perfect spot for something of this nature- that compliments a cozy sofa, sectional, and coffee table.


01: large scale artwork // 02: wall sconce // 03: throw pillow // 04: upholstered bench // 05: pedestal bowl // 06: gradient sheepskin

Next up… cool. The “cool” collages are always the most fun for me. Remember when I had a vintage car print in our old guest room? Apparently, I’m still not over that! The key to pulling off the layered look is tons of textural change- think about different materials that compliment each other.


01: matte black pendant light // 02: large scale abstract art // 03: gallop bench // 04: marble end table

I have had that giant abstract art on my wishlist for awhile now. That’s actually what led me to DIY it. This is my most popular art tutorial ever! If you’d like to recreate the above look on a budget, definitely go check that out. In my dream house, I’d envision the above vignette as a focal point at the end of gorgeous hallway… complete with lots of over-the-top millwork.


01: vintage woven baskets installment // 02: faux potted palm // 03: storage bench with seat cushion // 04: black modern planter

Again, I’m over here dreaming of renovating a beach house. I swear- it HAS to happen someday. I’m loving the woven baskets as an art installation. I think the texture and pattern is really fun! Paired alongside a faux palm in a modern planter, you can’t go wrong with a storage bench. It would be perfect for snorkel gear, flip flops, and beach towels as you head out the door toward the ocean.


01: modern coat tree // 02: extra large round wall mirror // 03: blue velvet parson bench

Lastly is the minimal roundup. Form meets function in this option… a bench for taking off or putting on shoes, a modern coat tree for tossing jackets and hats, all balanced by a giant round wall mirror. I am really digging the parson style bench, and don’t even get me started on that blue velvet! I may or may not be designing a bathroom in that exact color right now (details on that coming soon).

6 Ways to Style a Bench - roomfortuesday.comI’m looking forward to adding a couple more benches to our new home. The above image shows the mudroom at our Ohio house. It was one of my very favorite spots. Finn loved to lay by the back door guarding our belongings. We would always find him cuddled up under the bench.

Speaking of benches, I’m also very tempted to try this vintage rug upholstered bench tutorial my friend Ashley put together. I think that could be a fun one!

Let me know if there are other topics you’d like to see on “6 Ways to Style”. In the coming year, I’ve already added the following to the calendar…

  • 6 Ways to Style a Bar Cart
  • 6 Ways to Style a Mantle
  • 6 Ways to Style Double Bathroom Vanities
  • 6 Ways to Style a Dining Room Sideboard

I’d love to hear more of your suggestions! Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I’d love to see 6 ways to style a nightstand! And bonus points if you can include some tech in there… I’ve been concerting our home to be smart, and while the Echos are functionally awesome they’re not the prettiest things…

  2. Beautiful! I especially like the chic, modern and cool vignettes. I am dying to find a spot for that modern upholstered bench- what a steal! Your new house has a pretty ample entry, right? So many fun projects in your future! Definitely intrigued by the blue bathroom! Tile? Vanity? Wallpaper?!!!

    1. Me too! I feel like I should just buy the modern bench and find a spot for it.. we definitely have room for it in this house!

  3. Marissa van poznak says:

    6 ways to style a dining room table!! I have a live edge rectangle shaped table and I’m having the hardest time finding the perfect centerpiece for it! Fresh flowers are always nice but so hard to keep up with sometimes.

    1. Ohhh love that idea Marissa! I’ll add it to the calendar :)

  4. 6 ways to style coffee table —
    I second the idea of dining room table center piece as well
    Kitchen countertops
    Those series are super helpful!

    1. Thanks Natasha! I think the coffee table and dining table are great ideas. So happy to hear this series has been helpful :)

  5. What about ways to style an office desk? Might sound boring but I’m always looking for visually appealing (but practical) office supplies and unique desk knick knacks that all go together in one cohesive look for both my work office and home office. I feel like having a styled desk would make me feel more put together and motivate me to get my work done? Haha.

    1. Good idea!! I love the idea of styling a desk. xox

  6. Hi, came here from Instagram because I was hoping to see where the black and white striped bench was from. Can you please share where the first and last benches are from? They’re not included in the 6 ways image.

    1. Hi Nicole! Both are actually sold out / discontinued. I’m sorry! One was from Lowe’s and the other was from Cb2.

  7. Kristal Simel says:

    I would love to see a story about gas logs.