A Bright Bedroom

Bedroom | Room for Tuesday

My guest bedroom gets the best natural light in the entire house. My husband laughs because I call it “my room”… and it really is one of my favorites. My closet is located in this space and I sometimes work from the guest room (since shooting this post, I’ve shifted things around a bit and now have a little desk in front of the window). Long story short- it just has really good energy and I hangout here a lot!

I also feel like this room will never be finished because it’s kind of a “catch all”. I use it for so many purposes: actual guests, my office/studio, dressing room, and TV room (because did you guys know you can only stream certain shows on Hulu via the internet?!). It’s a good thing I have an iMac. Anyway, I’m always rearranging it and there’s usually organized clutter and chaos happening in this space, which prevents me from committing to permanent design elements (art, shelving, heavy furniture, etc).

Here’s a glimpse at how it usually looks as a guest room:

Bedroom | Room for Tuesday

Bedroom | Room for Tuesday

You guys know I’ve got a soft spot for art. I installed the above Minted print in a client’s home, fell in love with it, and decided I should hang it in my own house. It was so quirky and cool, I just couldn’t get it off of my mind.

With only two closets in the house, of course Kalyn let me take the larger one. He made these really awesome paneled bi-fold closet doors for me and I’m thrilled with the outcome. DIY on those doors coming next week… stay tuned!

Bedroom | Room for Tuesday

Bedroom | Room for Tuesday

This interesting lower built-in covers the pitch of our basement stairs. Eventually, I’d love to hang floating shelves above it and create an art ledge, but for now it’s a pretty minimal looking corner that sometimes acts as a bench seat (or the perfect ledge for my food photography shoots, ha!).

Bedroom | Room for Tuesday

Bedroom | Room for Tuesday

One of my favorite pieces in the room is the vintage nightstand. One of my friends found it at a consignment shop for under $20. It needs a little work and someday I’ll probably refinish it and trade the hardware, but for now I’m cool with it.

Bedroom | Room for Tuesday

Bedroom | Room for Tuesday

I love that fringe bedding, but unfortunately it sold out super fast. Lucky for you guys, I’ve rounded up similar items and found bedding that is equally as awesome! Here’s how to get the look:

Bedroom | Room for Tuesday

01. flush mount star light fixture // 02. vintage car wall art // 03. abstract print // 04. similar pom bedding // 05. industrial task floor lamp // 06. graphic throw pillow // 07. mid century style bed // 08. table lamp // 09. souk wool shag rug // 10. marble console table // 11. woven ottoman // 12. budget nightstand // 13. hairpin leg console table // 14. flokati ottoman // 15. vintage storage nightstand // 16. faux shagreen box // 17. soy candle // 18. egg shaped bud vase

Did you guys see my tips for preparing a guest room? Sometimes for extra special guests, I shuffle this room around. Ha! Which look do you prefer?

Photography: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking and Sarah Gibson for Room for Tuesday

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  1. Carmen Gomez (Lilly) says:

    Love it! When can I make a reservation? Ha! I think my favorite thing is the little console table, it’s very unique looking and I love your fringy bedding. I would like to make a suggestion, I hope you don’t mind, for the nightstand I would try Howard’s Restore a Finish and Howard’s Wax and feed to give it back it’s luster. I have used this product and it makes my vintage furniture new again. You can ask Dana Miller, she recently used it on some furniture she bought for a client and on her boys dresser and she loved it (she blogged about it)! Then I would remove the tarnish from the hardware to give it, it’s original bright brassy color or you could replace it like you mentioned. Anyways the room looks lovely like the rest of your house!

    1. Ha! Thanks so much :) I’m am ALWAYS happy to take suggestions and I’m totally going to try the Howard’s products. Now the hard part- finding time. lol! Thank you again; I really do appreciate it!! Happy Friday! xo

      1. Carmen Gomez (Lilly) says:

        Your welcome, I’m glad you like the idea!

  2. Hey Sarah! That room is beautiful! Love that car print. Random question…which color is your hallway wallpaper? I found the options on H&W. Thanks!

  3. Leah Prevost says:

    It’s safe to say I’m obsessed with this room. And every other room in your house! Ha! It’s perfect, I like it styled the way it is in the pictures above. Both ways look beautiful, I rearrange my rooms constantly. It’s always fun shopping your own house and finding something that you feel works better in a certain space :) Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks so much Leah!! You made my day. I totally agree! I just trade things out, move things around, or I get bored. Plus, I can’t exactly buy new stuff all the time, so you’re definitely right- it’s like shopping at my own house to find a better option. I’m glad you do it too :) xo

  4. Whitney Shortt says:

    Everything looks so pretty! I love the bed and that nightstand was a steal!! I shoot food shots in our bedroom sometimes too. You gotta go where the light is! Really looking forward to the DIY on the closet doors. I’ve been admiring them!

    1. Thanks, Whitney! Yeah, I can’t believe the nightstand was so cheap, crazy. You’re exactly light- gotta find the best light! Closet door DIY is all put together and scheduled for next week :) Have a good weekend! xo

  5. Lynne Polelle says:

    I love your room! I am currently struggling with changes to my own bedroom – I have an almost -antique dresser, large, dark, curvy, with beautiful brass hardware but except for the bed, it dominates the room. My house is mid-century ranch, so the room is not huge, but I use my bedrooms like you do, it’s where I live my imaginative life. Your photos are making me think seriously about trying to sell the dresser!

    1. Thank you, Lynne! Sometimes it’s a struggle living in a small house with tiny rooms (at least for me anyway)… it’s a love/hate. Ha! I’m all about bright, open, and organized spaces- I’d say if your struggling with the piece, sell it and find something a little smaller or lighter ;) It sounds kind of amazing though; maybe it will find it’s way into another spot in your home? Good luck!! xo, Sarah

  6. Hi Sarah! I love the bedroom especially the fringe bed spread, corner seating nook and that fantastic end table. Do you take your own photos?

    1. Thanks so much, Julie!! I do take my own photos. I’m slowly improving at shooting interiors. My usual subjects have always been food and packaging, so this has definitely been a transition. Have a great weekend! xo

  7. Lovin that folding door! What are your paint colors for the walls and the door?

    1. Thank you Rene! If I remember correctly, the wall color is Pure White by Sherwin Williams and the doors are Nimbus by Benjamin Moore. xo