6 Ways to Style Your Nightstand

6 Ways to Style Your Nightstand - roomfortuesday.comIf there’s one thing I love, it’s a nicely styled and functional nightstand. However, sometimes that’s easier said than done. I get a lot of questions about how to pull a bedside look together. Since the “6 Ways to Style a Console Table” post proved to be a hot topic and very popular, I thought I’d make it easy and break down 6 more shoppable options of varying styles and budgets for nightstands. I’m also breaking down another easy formula, so you can use items you already have on hand if new furniture and decor isn’t in the budget. Click through for the post…

6 Ways to Style Your Nightstand - roomfortuesday.comLet’s get to it! I divided the roundups by design style below… you can click directly on the items in the image or the sources listed below to shop!


01: artwork // 02: table lamp // 03: palm branches // 04: candle // 05: match strike // 06: nightstand

You guys know I dream of renovating a beach house someday. Until then, I live for creating these effortless coastal looks. I love the blond wood nightstand paired with a large white table lamp, seascape painting from my bestie, and palm leaves. I always enjoy a candle at my bedside as well- even when it’s not lit, I can still smell it while laying in bed. You better believe it’s accompanied by matches for easy access and nice texture!


01: wall mirror // 02: floor lamp // 03: candle // 04: vase // 05: nightstand

This is probably my favorite look from the entire post! THAT NIGHTSTAND kills me. I love the color, tassels, and the subtle brass hardware. Basically, it’s perfect. It feels fresh, feminine, and timeless.

A trick I recommend in smaller bedrooms is adding a mirror to the back of the nightstand. It’s a styling trick that helps to balance, brighten, and make the space appear larger.


01: table lamp // 02: charcoal drawing // 03: vase // 04: nightstand

If you’re not into color and prefer a more modern approach, this option is for you! I lived for all white interior vignettes in our previous home and still have a soft spot for this classic look! It just feels clean and crisp.


01: sconce // 02: greyhound dog portrait // 03: hound dog portrait // 04: terrier dog portrait // 05: nightstand // 06: marble bookends

I debated posting this vignette because selfishly I wanted to buy ALLLLLLL the dog portraits (remember the ones I painted?). How fun is that mini gallery wall?! The nightstand itself is surprisingly affordable and I’m digging the timeless shade of navy paired with brass campaign hardware. I also enjoy nightstands that allow for a styling moment or books on the bottom. This one fits the bill. The best part about a “curated” aesthetic is mixing modern and traditional elements. The modern wall sconce really brings the look into the century.


01: round wall mirror // 02: table lamp // 03: planter // 04: candle holder // 05: nightstand

This look is probably going to be the most popular, in terms of my readers. Let me know where it falls on your favorites scale! Is there anything better than a classic campaign nightstand? You know I’m into the color as well… just look at our hallway. Greige and taupe are coming back in a big way- mark my words, this color will continue to be huge in 2019.


01: pendant light // 02: corked pitcher // 03: water glass // 04: tray // 05: planter // 06: nightstand

Lastly, I wanted to share a minimal look. Don’t discount freeing up valuable nightstand space! Opt for a ceiling mounted pendant that adds drama and also allows more negative space on the top of the bedside table. This is really a great example of form meeting function. Water, a tray, a book, a plant, closed storage, and good lighting… that’s all you really need alongside your bed.

6 Ways to Style Your Nightstand - roomfortuesday.com

T H E    F O R M U L A

If you happen to get stuck styling your nightstand, follow this basic formula:

nightstand + light source (table lamp, sconce, floor lamp, or pendant) + objects you use (books, water glass, tray, candle, phone charger, etc) + extras (art, mirror, plants, etc) …

6 Ways to Style Your Nightstand - roomfortuesday.comIt’s really a simplistic item to style that can make a big impact in the bedroom. Definitely think about function and make sure your bedside table is making your nightly routine easier or at the very least- more pleasant.

6 Ways to Style Your Nightstand - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re curious about some of the nightstands featured… check them out in the following posts: blue nightstands // nightstands on etsy // white nightstands // master bedroom // guest room // ohio bedroom // ohio guest room

I’d love to hear your favorite vignette or roundup in the comments below! These posts are always super fun for me to put together. I spent a lot of time moving things around and genuinely want to buy all six looks. I might need a bigger house…. maybe sooner rather than later? We shall see. Happy Friday, friends. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Michelle Carson says:

    Glam is totally my favorite!!!

  2. I am in no way a minimalist, but that nightstand is stunning. I also love the idea of pendants or sconces beside the bed. So, I guess I’d be Minimal Curated Glam… that’s a thing, right? Was that a subtle hint about a bigger house?? Happy Friday!

    1. I also love that nightstand and dream of bedside pendants instead of a lamp. I vote yes- Minimal Curated Glam can totally be a thing. I’d just be happy with two bathrooms instead of one. After seven years of marriage, I think I’m ready for more personal space in the restroom. Ha! Have a great weekend Peggi! xo

  3. Hey Sarah! I love you post- but can i make a request? Sometimes your images are so long that you cant view a whole setup at once- these nightstands for example, I love seeing the mock-ups, but I had to zoom out the browser to see the nightstand as a whole- maybe if it was two styles side by side it would be a more horizontal image and easier to see as a whole? For the record- looking from a workstation with separate monitor, not laptop or phone- but I’m sure on those devices its even harder. Just a suggestions- love your content and style!!

  4. Loveeee these type of posts. My favorite is the curated version!!

    Question, is there a general rule on scale for night stands in ratio to height? I’m struggling as my night stands feel too small for my bed. Should they be the same height? I’m assuming the width varies room to room.

    1. Yay!! So happy to hear that Mary. There’s not a general rule or calculated formula, but you definitely want a nightstand to feel proportionate to the room and the other furniture in the space. Personally, I like a nightstand to be at least within 3-4″ height different of the top of the mattress… and certainly no taller. Hope this helps! xox

  5. Laurie Anne says:

    I love all of these so much! Why are you so good at what you do?!?!?!?! killing it, girl!!!!

    1. Haha!!! This is why I love you!! xox