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Amazon Finds : Bedding - roomfortuesday.comIt’s time for another Amazon Finds post! This one is timely for me because our master bedding is about to change… AGAIN. Our bedding goes through phases- usually it’s a seasonal thing and I swap the layers accordingly, but lately Emmett is complaining of being too hot. I’m not about to give up my flannel sheets since it’s still snowy and freezing here in Utah, but I promised to compromise and get rid of our heavy, down duvet. Click through to see how I’m planning to update our bedding (so Emmett and I can both be happy), and check out a GIANT roundup of bedding options I found on Amazon. All of my finds have incredible reviews and look far more expensive than they actually are. PS: you’ll also find cute dogs cuddled up on beds throughout this post, too. What’s not to like about that? Happy Tuesday!

As a reminder, this is what our master bedroom and bedding currently looks like…

Amazon Finds : Bedding - roomfortuesday.comI absolutely adore sleeping in soft flannel sheets during the cold, snowy winter, but the extra heavy down duvet has been too hot for Emmett. To compromise, we’re going to leave the flannel sheets (until spring arrives) and swap our down duvet for a lighter quilt or coverlet. I can always pull up a throw on my side of the bed for extra warmth if needed. I typically have on draped across the foot of the bed anyway. It feels like a good solution!

Amazon Finds : Bedding - roomfortuesday.comThis bedding swap dilemma led me on a quick hunt for a quilt or coverlet to temporarily replace our duvet. Keyword being quick and budget-friendly this time around. We only have a two or three more months of winter here in Salt Lake City and I swap our bedding seasonally anyway, so I wanted something that looked great, didn’t cost an arm and a leg, and would arrive this week (because believe me when I say… my husband is COMPLAINING, big time). Obviously I turned to Amazon since the emphasis of this little switcharoo is speed & cost effective.

Amazon Finds : Bedding - roomfortuesday.comWhile I was perusing Amazon for a quilt, coverlet, or comforter, I found a bunch of good bedding. I compiled my best finds below! Most of these come in multiple colors, FYI. I just selected neutral colors for the roundup. Be sure to click through and explore the options (different sizes, patterns, and color).

Click directly on my bedding finds below to shop…

I ended up ordering number three (Emmett wanted that one), but it hasn’t arrived yet. I’ll keep you guys posted once it gets here, and will be sure to share a quick review, plus a styled image.

Amazon Finds : Bedding - roomfortuesday.comBedding is one of those things that can really make or break a bedroom. It’s a great way to make your master feel more cozy, luxurious, and inviting. It can also enhance your guest room, making family & friends feel comfortable and welcome.

Amazon Finds : Bedding -

The key to a great looking bed is layering. Believe me when I say- the more layers and folds you create, the better your bed is going to look (puppies also help).

The trick to sleeping at a comfortable temperature under all those layers is choosing the right weight. Swapping our heavy, down duvet (filled to the brim with the fluffiest feathers) for a lightweight cotton coverlet will make us sleep cooler- which is a good thing in Emmett’s case. I might require an additional throw (hey- one more layer doesn’t hurt from an aesthetic POV). It’s a give and take. I get to keep my warm flannel sheets a few months longer, but another option would’ve been swapping the sheets for a percale sheet set or something of that nature!

Amazon Finds : Bedding - roomfortuesday.comTo wrap things up, I wanted to note… this is my 20th(!) Amazon Finds post, I thought it would be fitting to link the previous posts below. You can always shop my Amazon storefront, where I curate my best finds!

Amazon Finds : Bedding - roomfortuesday.comHave you ever purchased bedding on Amazon? I’d love to hear more ideas for Amazon roundups in the comment section below. These are so much fun for me! Are you still enjoying this series and finding it helpful? One last question… do you and your partner sleep at different temperatures? Tell me we’re not the only couple having this debate. Are you team HOT or COLD? Obviously I’m cold, and like heavy bedding. Also… is it obvious I think dogs in beds being cuddly is cute? Yeah- I thought so. Ha!

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  1. My gosh, the puppy cuteness!💖 I suspect if we polled America, the cold/hot debate would be universal! I also have a cover-stealing partner, so I wake up frozen in the middle of the night. I’m not admitting to yelling expletives in the dark, but… Anyway, bedding. I’ve been feeling a bedroom refresh lately, and that chambray linen set looks crazy-affordable! I fear we’re also due for a new mattress, so the decision angst might be looming. I’d also love a new headboard… Ha. Maybe I just need some sunshine! Things to consider. Happy Tuesday, Sarah. I hope all this bedding talk means you are getting some rest.😘

    1. So many puppies!! Haha :) I’m the cover stealing partner in my relationship, lol. I’m sure Emmett can relate to you waking up without covers. He snores though, so usually I’m the one smacking him in the head and yelling in the middle of the night. It sounds like a little bed and bedding makeover might be around the corner for you! I hope you’re having a good week. I’m taking it easy :)

  2. Love love LOVE bedding! I’m in the planning process of our guest room and this is super helpful! I’m loving #12 in this roundup.

    We switched to a wool duvet last summer because Alex was complaining of being too hot as well. I’ve found that it’s super breathable but still gives me that cozy, heavy feeling that a feather duvet does. Something to look into if you still want the look of a big duvet without so much heat!

    Thanks for always sourcing such amazing pieces!!


    1. Me too, Carly! I’m so glad this post was helpful for you. A wool duvet- that’s so smart! Why didn’t I think of that? I guess I just assumed it would sleep just as warm as down, but you’ve convinced me I should give it a try. I do like having a fluffy, full duvet… and I like our duvet- it’s soft and fits my aesthetic. Thanks so much for the tip :)

  3. Hi Sarah. My husband and I both sleep Hot but I have to have flannel sheets in winter. I hate getting into cold sheets. So flannel sheets, light weight blanket and coverlet similar to #23 folded down half way. And then the heater set at 65. Perfect combo for us! You have some great picks here and adorable puppies. We have a lab that only jumps on the bed occasionally lol.

    1. That’s why I love flannel sheets- they are so cozy and soft. I’m hoping the light weight blanket and coverlet (like yours) will do the trick for us. We sleep with the heater set at 67, so maybe we could adjust that too (I might freeze to death, haha). It sounds like your lab is better behaved than our doggos. lol!

  4. Adore the grey blue ottomans/stools!

    1. Thanks Margaret! Those were my favorite (I found them at an estate sale), and they’re still the one thing I regret selling when we moved across the country. They were amazing!!

  5. Your Amazon bedding post has me going down the ‘rabbit hole’ of blankets! I have a couple of the Spencer & Whitney wool blankets in my cart for a chair in our bedroom. Thank you to your suggestions!
    THIS topic is the most talked about thing for my husband and I. It is probably discussed every week! I have come to realize that I love weight when I sleep. My husband on the other hand is such a hot sleeper that he goes to sleep with only the sheet on him…and it’s winter! Summer months are worse. Even after changing the blanket to a very light one, it looks like he wrestled the dogs with the sheets all disheveled! Yes to puppies/dogs in bed until they take over and no room! Ha!
    I’ve joked that now I know why couples had 2 twin beds in their bedroom. Can’t think of the sitcom but it’s an oldie! LOL!
    What about how many decorative pillows you put on a bed? I used to have a lot but now like the look of just one long one. What are your thoughts?
    Happy Tuesday!

    1. Haha! I do love a nice wool blanket, Danna :) Your husband sounds like he sleeps like Emmett. I just don’t understand how they like that?! Have you ever tried a weighted blanket or throw? I’m thinking about investing in a couple of those, just for myself and my side of the bed. I’m laughing about your dog comment. We have the same struggle. We ask them up to come cuddle and then start complaining because they sprawl out and take over. Ha!

      I’m serious- maybe the two bed situation is the way to go. When we were in Amsterdam last fall, one of our hotels had two twin beds pushed together, but each had their own set of bedding. It was the best we have ever slept. I’m serious! It didn’t look great, but the comfort was incredible. I’m very tempted to try it at home. As for decorative pillows, I just like one long one. It’s so much easier and looks put together.

      1. i am a big fan of the weighted blanket and was just about to ask how you would suggest styling a bed that uses them? We have two individual weighted blankets that we use instead of one large duvet on a king bed (that way we aren’t pulling 20 lbs of blanket back and forth when we “fight” for covers)… but it just makes the bed look unkempt and unstyled. any thoughts?

        1. My idea was to keep a basket in the bedroom, toss them in there when they’re not in use at night (and leave the regular duvet on the bed for looks). Or- better yet, keep a duvet in the bedroom to cover the bed during the day? Those were my thoughts… some sort of blanket to cover them when they’re not in being used during the day.

  6. Good morning Sarah!! These are such great finds!! My husband is the one that gets hot too! I love ALL the layers! I’ve been on the hunt to refresh our bedroom, but have a problem finding a great selection of oversized bedding. I like a lot of overhang and have struck out on the last few duvet purchases I’ve made. Side note, #12 is my fave of this roundup, but the link isn’t working on my end. Such fun finds as always, and I can’t get enough of the dogs!! They are just adorable!

    1. Hi Lauren, thank you! I’m so happy you liked these. It sounds like we’re the same in our relationship, in terms of temperature :) Ha! I also prefer a lot of overhang. Here is the link for #12: … sorry about that. It should be fixed now. Appreciate you letting me know! xo

  7. Hi Sarah! I love #12 but there doesn’t seem to be a link. I’d love to look into further :)

    1. Thanks Jenn! It should be working now, I updated it and replaced the link (sorry about that), but in case it’s not on your end after refreshing your browser, you can find it here:

  8. …just getting caught up on your delicious posts..PERFECT timing on this one. I am looking to replace our bed linens. I love when you do my shopping for me!
    My husband is just like Emmett and I like it toasty. We solved it by using a flannel fitted sheet on the bottom with a cotton percale flat sheet on top…then blanket and comforter. The flannel keeps the bed toasty and the cotton top sheet is a bit cooler for my husband. As always, thanks for your tips. I hope you are having a great weekend!

    1. Oh yay!! I love hearing that, Lynn. It sounds like you have your sleeping temperature down to a science! We’re still waiting on our new coverlet to arrive, but if that doesn’t work- I might try your trick of swapping the top sheet :) Thanks for the tip! xo

  9. shannon kozee says:

    hey! love this style. where is the olive green one from in the top picture?

  10. Hi! Where can l find the black and white bedframe (has brown dog on it)?

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Hi Shonda! Sadly, that’s an old one that has since been discontinued. It was from Wayfair, I believe.