20 Statement Sconces

20 Statement Sconces - roomfortuesday.comI have a thing for lighting… I think that’s obvious. It can really make or break a space. You guys also know I’m all about dancing that delicate line of styling high and low products into a room for a curated, designer look. If you’re looking for a show stopping sconce that is splurge-worthy and will make your space look instantly high-end, this post is for you. Click through for my favorite statement sconces that are anything but ordinary or average!

I’m constantly saving and stashing away favorite products for my own future projects or things I’m working on for clients. That leaves me with Pinterest folders FULL of decor, lighting, and furniture that I’d like to someday see installed. My ORC pal (and renovating twin), Erin, discovered her bathroom sconces were on backorder last week and I immediately sent her a bunch of my favorites that I had saved- which hopefully helped. Anywhoo… that led me down a rabbit hole of gorgeous sconces that I had forgotten about. They definitely deserve to see the light of day, so I thought I’d share them with you! Everybody wins, right?

20 Statement Sconces - roomfortuesday.comThese dudes are all sizable (a like a big sconce), come in gorgeously perfect finishes, and are not the norm (which in my book, is always a good thing). Shop my favorites below…

01: fishbone sconce // 02: caged sphere sconce // 03: brass sconce // 04: hammered wall sconce // 05: two-light wall sconce // 06: cortland sconce // 07: bistro wall sconce // 08: brass wall sconce // 09: aged iron sconce // 10: library wall light // 11: aged brass sconce // 12: lisse wall sconce // 13: framed sconce // 14: candle wall light // 15: savannah sconce // 16: double arm wall sconce // 17: armed sconce with shade // 18: black wall sconce // 19: single light wall sconce // 20: armed sconce

I’m trying to find a place in my house to install #2, #13, and #15. I’m hoping once it comes time to renovate my office, I can decide between the three. Ha! Easier said than done. Which ones are you guys loving?

20 Statement Sconces - roomfortuesday.comI can think of a million places sconces could live in a home… an entryway, hallway, bathroom, dining room, bedroom, nursery, living room, kitchen- basically anywhere. I’ll stop naming places because they’re the most versatile lighting on the planet, but you guys don’t need me to tell you that. It’s pretty obvious.

20 Statement Sconces - roomfortuesday.comOn the contrary, if you’re looking for budget friendly sconce ideas- check out this post. If you have a sconce that plug-ins and you’re trying to hide the cord, this video will also be helpful!

Do you guys enjoy these “designer” type of posts? Like I previously mentioned- I’m all about mixing high and low pieces, so I hope they’re helpful in choosing the statement pieces that will really make a room look and feel extraordinary!

images: robert elliott custom homes // luxxu // orlando soria & emily henderson / pablo viega

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  1. Thank you for another great round up! I want to incorporate sconces into our basement remodel, but I’m a bit nervous as to the “rules”. Could you help with height on the wall, spacing through out a room, how to mix in with other types of lighting, putting them high above a counter top for directional lighting vs putting them on the wall for more of a mood lighting? Can you flank art or an interior door with them without it looking off? You seem so knowledgeable on these types of details that I’m sure you’d have some great advice! Thanks!

    1. So happy you liked it, Beth! For sconces, there aren’t really any “rules”… they can live in SO many different places in a home, it’s hard to define what works and what doesn’t. I usually base my decision to install it at a certain height off of balance, millwork, etc. You can definitely install them in pairs to flank artwork, a fireplace, a window, etc. I also like combining lots of different types of lighting for a curated and well lit (“mood lighting”) home.

  2. This round-up is incredible (I literally want every single one of these sconces in my house), and I’m so happy that everyone gets to benefit from all the sconces you’ve been pinning away. Thanks for all your help, Sarah!

    1. Haha!! Always happy to help, Erin! I’m with you though… I want them all. #nosconceleftbehind

  3. YAAAAS! Please keep it up!

    1. So happy you’re into the roundups Liz :)