10 Summer Posts Worth Revisiting

10 Summer Posts Worth Revisiting - roomfortuesday.comSuns out tongues out!! Today is the first day of summer and I thought I’d share 10 summer posts worth revisiting to put you in that summertime state-of-mind! I love rounding up these lists of favorites because it’s really fun for me to dig up my best work from the past. Click through for plenty of summer inspiration and start enjoying the sunny season this weekend!

#1 // Extra Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

10 Summer Posts Worth Revisiting - roomfortuesday.comI’m an ice cream snob. I’m not even ashamed to admit it… I always have been. It’s my dessert of choice! This recipe from Jeni’s is hands down the best chocolate ice cream you’ll ever eat. I promise! I make it at least two or three times each summer.

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#2 // Summer Bedroom Refresh

10 Summer Posts Worth Revisiting - roomfortuesday.comLast summer, I gave our master bedroom a little refresh and it took on a light, summery feel! If your bedroom is in need of a seasonal makeover, this post is a good one.

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#3 // DIY Cornhole Set

10 Summer Posts Worth Revisiting - roomfortuesday.comI have a favorite summer yard game… it’s cornhole. I’m not going to lie, I get competitive and always like to be on the winning team. Nothing is better than pulling out these chic boards and impressing my friends! Haha! But really.

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#4 // The Best Fire Pits & Fire Tables

Our Patio & Outdoor Living Space - roomfortuesday.comThere is nothing better than sitting around a fire on a summer evening! It’s my favorite way to relax and unwind. I rounded up my favorite fire pits and fire tables in this post.

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#5 // Summer Pitcher Margaritas

10 Summer Posts Worth Revisiting - roomfortuesday.comIf you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ve probably already heard about my famous margaritas. Basically, I’m in charge of margs for every barbecue or backyard party now…. appointed by my friends. They’re so good and taste like summertime!

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#6 // Ceiling Fans That Aren’t Hateful

10 Summer Posts Worth Revisiting - roomfortuesday.comCeiling fans are sometimes a necessity… especially in the summertime, if you live in a hot climate. They’re not all ugly- I promise!

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#7 // Balsamic Watermelon Skewers

10 Summer Posts Worth Revisiting - roomfortuesday.comThis is an old recipe I shared that I lovvvve making in the summertime. It’s basically sophisticated watermelon for grown-ups. I love the balsamic, basil, berry, and cheese combination.

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#8 // Summer Dinner Party

10 Summer Posts Worth Revisiting - roomfortuesday.comBefore packing up our house in preparation for moving at the end of last summer, we hosted one last dinner party under the carport. It was as magical as it looks! If you’re hosting this season and need some outdoor dining inspiration, definitely check out this post.

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#9 // DIY Citronella Candles

10 Summer Posts Worth Revisiting - roomfortuesday.comThese are as functional as they are pretty! I refill my vessels every summer and burn them all season long. I’ve been using the same recycled containers for 3+ years now.

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#10 // Inspiring Beach House Exteriors from Our Vacation

10 Summer Posts Worth Revisiting - roomfortuesday.comThis post is an oldie, but a goodie. A few years ago, Emmett and I stayed in this shipping container on the beach. The shipping container was cool, but I was even more inspired by the surrounding beach houses. I really want to renovate a beach cottage someday. I know I keep saying that, but it really is a big dream for me.

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Are you feeling jazzed about the first day of summer now?! I sure hope so! I’d love to hear your comments below. Everyone have an amazing and relaxing weekend. We’ll be tiling our kitchen.

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  1. Well, that was fun! I just got lost in your old posts; the one with 15 Airbnb recs was super! And honestly, I cannot get enough pics of that leggy Crosby; he’s like a goofy giraffe. I can just imagine him and Joe playing chase…in a really big field. 🤣 That’s one benefit of summer; Joe and I enjoy the park every day. Tonight I’ll attend a solstice party at my yoga studio, and next week I head to AZ for some girlfriend time! Trying to squeeze in all the fun! Happy Tiling Weekend! It’s got to be easier than your guest bath, and you get to use that beautiful new tile. Hopefully you’ll take a margarita break or two.

    1. Aww yay!! That makes me so happy to hear. I would LOVE for Joe and Crosby to play. I can only imagine how goofy and hilarious that would be. Enjoy your solstice party at yoga- that sounds amazing! I’m also headed to AZ for girl time next month- can’t wait! Have a great weekend :) xo