Ceiling Fans That Aren’t Hateful

Ceiling Fans That Aren't HatefulI recently stumbled upon a couple ceiling fan articles and roundups, but had differing opinions when it came to “rules” and design preferences in regards to these functional fixtures. I wanted to share my own rendition and personal opinion on ceiling fans- letting you guys know it’s ok to embrace them while throwing *some* rules out the window. After all, interior design is much like fashion, in the sense that sometimes you have to break a rule or two in order to curate something really amazing! Check out a handful of ceiling fans that aren’t hateful (according to yours truly).

The Best Modern Minimal Ceiling Fans01: roto 52-inch ceiling fan // 02: white modern curva ceiling fan // 03: oil rubbed bronze ceiling fan // 04: rubberized white ceiling fan with light // 05: gusto hugger fan // 06: velo ceiling fan // 07: luray eco modern ceiling fan // 08: minka 3 blade ceiling fan // 09: hemisphere ceiling fan // 10: 60-inch white modern ceiling fan // 11: falcon ceiling fan // 12: mondo 3 blade ceiling fan // 13: 52-inch white ceiling fan // 14: black ceiling fan with light

One thing most designers definitely agree on are streamlined ceiling fans! Clean lines and minimal fans are typically the best option… for any decor style. That’s right- whether you prefer modern, traditional, french country, or even a boho aesthetic, stick to a streamlined fixture.

Some designers are against fans that include a light. I totally disagree! Absolutely buy a fan with a light if it’s necessary OR you like the design better. In fact, my own ceiling fan has a light and it’s fantastic! Technology has come such a long way in the lighting industry. Upon purchasing the ceiling fan, I thought “there is no way this tiny bulb is going to light my entire living room“, and of course I was completely wrong. It wasn’t an icky blue-hued light either, contrary to my expectations. It’s the perfect warm glow the space needed. The best part? It’s on a remote, has the option for a timer, and is also hardwired to a switch. Don’t let a ceiling fan deter you just because it has a built-in light. Sometimes they’re actually the better, more functional option!

In regards to finish, any material goes… as long as the shape, design, and quality look nice. If a finish works with your space, it works… that’s all there is to it. This is where I totally disagree with other ceiling fan design articles steering consumers away from white fixtures. I will always and forever embrace white ceiling fans. Why you ask? Because white ceiling fans mounted to a white ceiling magically disappear. In the best way possible! If you aren’t a fan of fans (ha!)… do yourself a favor and buy a white one. This draws the least amount of attention to your ceiling and the fixture itself. You’ll enjoy all the comforts of a ceiling fan, including a nice breeze, and the fixture itself will practically go unnoticed. Allow me to demonstrate with a visual. This is my current ceiling fan:

Make Ceiling Fans Work with Your Home DecorIt’s pretty inconspicuous. Odds are, your eye went to the other pretty (bold and colorful) decor in my living room first… at least that’s how it works in person. It’s a trick as old as time. Now, look what happens when I photoshop a fan of a darker finish into this space:

Ceiling Fans That Work with Your Home DecorNow tell me- which fan is more obvious? It’s a no brainer. Sure- the aesthetic and color of the dark fan work with the room, but if I’m a person who already sort of despises ceiling fans, this is NOT the best option for me. That thing stands out like a sore thumb! My point behind this little image comparison? White ceiling fans are not bad (in fact, they’re my favorite), and one finish is not superior to another. It all depends on your space, the quality of the fan, and your personal aesthetic. No worries- you can stop avoiding white fans! Myth debunked.

No, this is NOT an endorsement for choosing ceilings fans over gorgeous chandeliers or light fixtures, but for those of you with a husband like mine… sometimes the only option is to compromise on a fan. In the end, I sort of loving having perfect air circulation and functionality. They definitely have a place! Choose your battles, folks. It doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style or the integrity of a space! I promise. Thoughts?

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    1. So glad you liked this one, Jen!

  1. Christen Ales says:

    I’m glad you posted this because I’ve seen the same article(s) on fans and thought the same thing about white! Love your choices :)

    1. Thanks so much! I’m glad you liked it Christen! xo

  2. I agree 100% on the white fans! I’m finally giving in and putting one in my living room. :)

    1. I have to say- they really are super functional and it’s nice having one (although I won’t admit that to my husband, ha!). xo

  3. Initially when I was looking at fans I was put off by white. I think I had it in my head that white was very clinical but also reminded me of other household white goods. The more I have been looking, the more white is now growing on me for the exact reason you mention – it really helps them blend into the surroundings.

    1. I definitely prefer a white ceiling fan if you don’t want to draw attention to it. Blending is always a good thing!

  4. I think that black ceiling fan with light is beautiful.