10 Pins : Laundry Room Edition

10 Pins : Laundry Room Edition - roomfortuesday.com
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Happy Friday! It has been a hot and jam packed week over here, but we’re basically to the weekend… which calls for a 10 Pins celebration! Lately I’ve been daydreaming of our future laundry room and have already dabbled in some designing for that space (though we have to finish the entryway first). We’ll eventually be relocating our current laundry to a different space, and I’m not being very patient. I loved the laundry room we renovated at our previous house (small, but mighty!) and I gave our current laundry room a bit of a budget bandaid makeover, knowing it was on our eventual renovation list. My sticky tiles are starting to peel and they’re driving me insane. It’s time- if I can convince Emmett and pinch pennies. I’m doing my best to make it happen sooner rather than later! Anyway, since laundry design has been on my mind, I figured I’d share some inspiring spaces I’ve filed and noted these past few months. Ready to take a peek? Click through for lots of laundry room inspiration, and see more here!

#1 // Bright & Modern Laundry Room
10 Pins : Laundry Room Edition - roomfortuesday.com
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I love the look of a laundry room that is clean & crisp- but not boring. This space does that for me! The patterned floor tile and handmade backsplash tile keeps things interesting, but it still looks clean, classic, warm, and inviting. Also- I can’t resist that box pleated skirt beneath the sink. So lovely!

#2 // Country Laundry Room
10 Pins : Laundry Room Edition - roomfortuesday.com
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This laundry room is actually in a converted barn house, and it perfectly encompasses the English country aesthetic. I’m surprisingly digging the exposed cabinet hinges and corner details, the buttercream color, and the collected nature of this space. It makes me feel like I could hop off my horse, jump out of my boots, and toss my dirty denim in the laundry. It definitely has a nostalgia that feels like home to me!

#3 // Symmetric Laundry Room
10 Pins : Laundry Room Edition - roomfortuesday.com
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You know I love symmetry and this room is no exception! The grid pattern makes my designer heart sing. Double cabinets are perfect for extra storage and I’m enjoying how they draw your eye upward, while the weight of the navy laundry machines provide a nice anchor. Simple and sophisticated! Are you catching on that I’m envisioning a skirted sink in our future laundry room? I love the softness they add.

#4 // Colorful Laundry Room
10 Pins : Laundry Room Edition - roomfortuesday.com
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This laundry room reminds me of the color in our guest room! This smaller space has so much dimension and I love the textural changes. It has plenty of storage and counter space, as well.

#5 // Pet Enclosure in Laundry Room
10 Pins : Laundry Room Edition - roomfortuesday.com
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In our previous laundry room, we built an integrated dog crate within our lower cabinet. It was my favorite part of the room- and so functional! While our dogs no longer need to be crated when left alone (thankfully they’re trained and pretty well behaved these days), I still love the look and functionality of this feature. I think it’s a smart room to keep pets safe! These are so well done.

#6 // Wood Laundry Room Cabinets
10 Pins : Laundry Room Edition - roomfortuesday.com
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This laundry room looked oddly familiar to me, and I realized I had actually toured this home! It’s in Park City and was apart of a designer parade home. I still love the look of wood cabinets and the warmth they bring, especially to a utilitarian space. Remember our previous kitchen? Who knows- maybe I’ll go for wood cabinetry in our future laundry room. Paired with patterned tile… that feels very me! No wonder I was attracted to this image.

#7 // Dog Wash Station in the Laundry Room
10 Pins : Laundry Room Edition - roomfortuesday.com
via house of jade interiors

Similarly to the built-in dog crate, I dream of the day we can wash our dogs in a proper dog bath. That will definitely be happening in our future laundry room! I can’t wait to create a playful puppy spa moment, ha. This one is really beautiful and simple. That wall mount plumbing fixture is gorgeous!

#8 // Cottage Laundry Room
10 Pins : Laundry Room Edition - roomfortuesday.com
via ann wolf

This laundry room is another one that feels very nostalgic to me. If I had a farmhouse, this is the laundry room I would choose… a pop of patterned wallpaper, warm cabinetry, traditional lighting with white milk glass, and a clean layout. I can practically feel the breeze blowing through that window- maybe I’d add a cafe curtain, just for drama and to watch it blow with the wind.

#9 // Bright White Laundry Room
10 Pins : Laundry Room Edition - roomfortuesday.com
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I will say- there is something to be said about a bright white laundry room. It’s definitely a space that is important to see what you’re doing. Can you imagine working on stains in a poorly lit, dark room? This gigantic laundry room might be bigger than my kitchen, but it’s really beautifully designed. I love the negative space that the large laundry bins roll into- very smart!

#10 // Blue Laundry Room
10 Pins : Laundry Room Edition - roomfortuesday.com
via ny times

Last but not least, a pretty blue laundry room! This simple space feels really fresh to me. I like the patterned floor tile, paint color, and open storage. The view out the window also seems really beautiful… what a lovely place to do laundry.

I hope this was a fun scroll for you! It certainly has my wheels turning. Who knows when our laundry room will actually happen, but I’m obviously looking forward to that day. Here’s to a good weekend ahead! We’re have a day of fun planned (scuba diving in Bear Lake) and a day of work planned (working on the entryway & camper). What are you up to? Whatever your weekend looks like, I hope it’s a good one. Stay cool, friends! It’s hot out there.

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  1. I (everybody?!) love a good laundry/utility room! I’m not sold on the under sink curtain though – yes, they add some softness and maybe a hint of French farmhouse, but surely they’re just a nuisance in use and will constantly be needing removal for washing (and ironing) due to drips from above and marks from general handling? I’d go for cupboard doors or, to split the difference, shelves with baskets every time.

    1. I agree, Sally! Laundry rooms can be so beautiful and functional. I know you’re definitely right about having to wash and iron the under sink curtain, but I still think I want one. Haha! I’m also think it would be a great place to slide and hide a hamper or basket. For functionality though (and low maintenance), cabinets or open shelving is the way to go. My designer heart loves the aesthetic though! Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. Good morning! I have had laundry room on the brain lately, too. It’s the only room I have left to overhaul. One feature that really makes most of these spaces amazing is the window. A laundry room with a view would be a dream! Sadly, mine is more like a walk-in closet. Another uber-handy component is a sink. I would love the utility! (Also, not an option for me. Boo.) A dog wash would be spectacular; I can’t wait to see what you design! The only components I’ll realistically be changing are color and organization. Not surprisingly, #4 and #8 are my favorites…probably because of their color and pattern. If only I could decide on a color and pattern. Ha. Functionally, I think a hanging rod, cabinets, and some sort of counter space are essential. My small space needs to work hard. OK, Sarah. You’ve got my gears turning again. Time to go visit each of these spaces more closely and revisit my original laundry room notes! Maybe I can distract myself from the temperatures.😭 Happy Pizza Friday! Since I am absolutely not using our oven anytime soon, perhaps we’ll enjoy a nice air-conditioned restaurant for a date night! Have a stupendous weekend, friends!🍕🥵

    1. Happy Friday, Peggi! I am thankful we’ll have two windows in our future laundry room, but they’re making floor planning tricky since they go below countertop height. I’m definitely excited about adding a sink though! I loved our previous laundry room and it was tiny. You can pack a lot of functionality into a little room :) I have no doubt you’ll make it wonderful! I’m so sorry you’re still roasting without A/C. Fingers crossed it’s fixed soon! I vote yes to your air conditioned date night plan… and maybe a cold cocktail or beer! Hope you have a great weekend and stay cool. xox

  3. Sounds like you & Emmett have a great weekend planned. I am envious of the scuba diving and the rv renovations! You had me at Laundry Room!! Ha! Besides the kitchen, this room is used so much and is a work-horse for the home. Your design and plans will be spectacular. Your last laundry room was beautiful, functional and well thought out!
    I especially love the laundry room examples that have a window for natural light and a sink for soaking items. Ours now is a little dark room in the interior of this rental. So lighting is very important. The lighting in #8 is a favorite and especially the natural lighting in the Studio McGee laundry room. Wow, the size of theirs is admirable.
    We spend so much time in this room on a weekly basis, I have decided to make ours spacious and very functional (as much as budget allows). A dog was station is so nice. We decided that living out in the country, a dog wash station would best fit us in our garage for also muddy boots, etc. Cannot decide if I like a patterned tile, brick, or stone floor more. Also, we used to have a front load washer & now in our rental we have a top load. I confess I love the top load more. We do lose countertop space. Putting gift wrap, cleaning supplies, arts & crafts, plus my computer in our plans is a tall order and one I am going back and forth on. Do I put it all in this room or make a small office or both?
    Hope your weekend is productive and dive is a good one! We will be resting up and staying cool. Our son is moving into another apartment next week and it will be a hot move for sure! Pizza and margaritas sounds good for tonight. Have a great weekend friends!
    Almost forgot! I purchased the Kitchenaid mixer on Amazon Prime Day and so excited to bake something. I love the mini size especially since there’s usually only 2 of us home now. Got to put all those good cookbooks to use. xoxo

    1. Yes- we’re excited! Our local dive group does a summer scavenger hunt at the lake, so we’re looking forward to that :) Our camper is ALMOST done. I’m hoping to photograph it this coming week before we leave for Montana (in the camper). I can’t wait to see your future laundry room at your new build. I’m definitely looking forward to renovating ours. We were also thinking the dog wash could double as a giant utility sink- for boots, camping gear, the dogs, whatever. Enjoy your pizza and margaritas! I’m envious. I asked Emmett if we could get carryout pizza and he convinced me to grab Mexican instead. Hah! I’ll definitely have a margarita with that though. I’m SO SO happy you got your KitchenAid mixer! I know you’re going to love it. What’s the first thing you’re going to bake?! I think mine is the mini size, too. It’s perfect! Have a great weekend, Danna! xox

  4. Oh this is a post filled with envious dream laundry spaces! The laundry room in this house is the bane of my existence. That said, it’s a large enough space to work with for renovation…one day. I do love having a sink; other must haves would be drying racks or a hanging rod, basket storage, and a utility cabinet for vacuum/broom…the tall items. #1 would be a dream. I love the tailored curtain under the sink (worth the washing in my opinion), the bright walls, butcher block counter, and patterned tile. Bonus points for the termination of tile to trim- that crisp line and space for hooks or pegs is perfect! #3 is gorgeously done with the grid pattern, and I’m in love with the navy units. The addition of simple elegance with the bead-board gives dimension to what is typically a pretty blanched space. #6 is a favorite. The light wood brings so much inviting warmth against the gorgeous patterned tile, and all that storage!! I’m noting the backsplash: I adore the vertical border under the staggered horizontal run. I’ve considered this for our bathroom, but have never seen an example with the vertical run on the lower border. I’m drooling! #9 is probably more like what I’d end up doing. The bright white, dark floors, negative space for rolling baskets…everything here is what I envision being the most functional for the space I’m dealing with. I imagine a wider panel and larger format tile would help to make my space feel larger when coupled with the brighter white paint. I’m seeing a pattern to my preferences- bright and airy, wood tones, closed and open storage, patterned floor…noted, lol. I think the biggest challenge for me will be lighting. Ours has an exhaust fan/light combo- very annoying, and slightly odd. I think the fan was supposed to be in the guest bath; otherwise the only reason I can fathom why it’s there is because the room itself is sandwiched between two others with no window…still seems weird. I can’t wait to see what you end up doing with your laundry space. Bummer that your tiles are already peeling-that definitely would drive me to think about a laundry renovation sooner than later. Have you considered doing a high low countertop under your windows? Perhaps the low spot would function as the “shelf” for detergents, etc.- or simply a styling moment; or the perfect spot for your dog wash depending on the space constraints…you have my brain turning over here. To your credit it’s not difficult to get me brainstorming laundry room renovations! Every time I walk into ours the wheels turn. It has me thinking maybe a fresh coat of paint would do it justice. For now, ha! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous spaces- definitely a great reference for future inspiration!

  5. I love number 8! Do you have any idea on what color they used for paint? Yellow can be really tricky.