Wood Cutting & Serving Boards for the Season Ahead

Wood Cutting & Serving Boards for the Season Ahead - roomfortuesday.comI was chatting with Laurie Anne a couple weeks ago about the art of adding warmth to a space. We were talking about her newly renovated kitchen. Kitchens can look notoriously cold simply because of the materials they contain- stone countertops, tile, lots of sharp edges and ninety degree corners. Luckily, styling and selecting strategic accessories goes a long way in adding plenty of softness and warmth to a kitchen. If you’re craving that layered, cozy, and inviting look for the cooler months ahead, grab some wood cutting or serving boards. They’re also my first step in adding warmth to a kitchen. They’re also timely for the season of gathering and hosting ahead! Click through for a quick post containing a roundup of 20 or so of my favorites… they’re classic, have unique shapes, and will most definitely make your kitchen feel more curated & inviting. I’m also including some quick styling tips for you… 

Wood Cutting & Serving Boards for the Season Ahead - roomfortuesday.comBefore I share my finds, here a few clever ways to use cutting & serving boards (outside of their obvious or intended use)…. some kitchen styling tricks, if you will:

  • Style them in front of an outlet to disguise an eyesore.
  • Style them vertically against a backsplash to create a solid backdrop for smaller objects in the foreground.
  • Style them horizontally as pedestal, to elevate or corral objects (oils, spices, bowls, etc).
  • Don’t be afraid to hang them and display them against cabinetry or tile (we hang our pizza peel).
  • Use them to brighten and add warmth to dark corners.

Wood Cutting & Serving Boards for the Season Ahead - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on the wood boards below to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below the collage to shop- not all are clickable. 

01: curved cutting boards // 02: leather handle bread board // 03: emerald cut walnut board // 04: acacia board // 05: mango wood serving board // 06: raw wood board // 07: large chopping board // 08: round wood serving board // 09: ebonized serving board // 10: charcuterie boards // 11: heritage serving board // 12: walnut serving board // 13: heirloom board // 14: vintage french bread boards // 15: large serving board // 16: notched chopping board // 17: duo handle bread board // 18: olive wood cheese board // 19: eden serveboard // 20: round cheese board

I’d love to hear your favorites! I searched high and low for the ones I wanted to carry in our shop, so those are the ones you’re already use to seeing in my own kitchen… and naturally, those are my top picks. I included plenty for all styles and budgets though!

Wood Cutting & Serving Boards for the Season Ahead - roomfortuesday.comAnother design tip… think of styling these wooden boards as you would a book. They don’t always have to be displayed in an upright manner. I keep them on our kitchen cart for propping bowls and things. They just add a nice layer and are easy to grab & use on a whim.

Wood Cutting & Serving Boards for the Season Ahead - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re looking for some great budget-friendly options, I’ve got quite a few on my Amazon board… find them here!

Wood Cutting & Serving Boards for the Season Ahead - roomfortuesday.comDo you also use a lot of cutting and serving boards in your kitchen? I’m curious! I have them sprinkled throughout. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We had a good one and were able to sneak away to enjoy some changing leaves on a little hike. Happy October, friends! I’m embracing all the cozy things at home.

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  1. Good morning! Happy October! You really can’t beat the warmth and natural beauty of wood. I’m especially drawn to the pieces with softly rounded edges, an exaggerated handle or a bit of inlay. I would have to say that #12 is my absolute favorite! Such an elegant shape and pretty, rich walnut color. #4 takes second place with those adorable butterflies and elongated loop. #8 wins for its round shape and charming two-tone stripes. I love the outsized circle handle and long, narrow shape of #15. I also like the unexpected drama of the black! Even our strictly utilitarian cutting boards add a welcome organic note to the sea of tile, stone and stainless in our kitchen. Can I also mention these make stellar gifts? Beautiful, (often) handcrafted, useful, and you can’t really have too many! We had a glorious fall weekend, and the forecast looks lovely for at least the next 7 days. We are spending as much time outside as possible. Cheers to a stellar week! (And happy 2nd birthday to Jason today!)

    1. Happy October!! I love all of your top picks… so pretty! You’re definitely right about these making great gifts. I usually pair them with a cookbook or kitchen towel. Who wouldn’t love a pretty wood board? Happy second birthday to Jason! I hope he had the happiest dog day :) I remember when you got him and he was just a tiny fluffy nugget. What a cutie! Hope you’re having a great Tuesday! xo

  2. Love wooden cutting boards Sarah! They do add such beautiful warmth to a kitchen and are incredibly purposeful. I have several and I use them practically everyday. I’m with Peggy #12 is my favorite, the color, gorgeous shape and handle are beautiful, a piece of art. I also love #2 the leather handles and curved corners are such a pretty detail. I love a useful item in the kitchen that is beautifully made and I do adore the warmth and texture that wood provides.
    We had a lovely weekend with our friends, I made some dishes I hadn’t made in quite some time and were delicious. Our friends really appreciated us hosting and it was fantastic to spend time with them. I used my spiralizer and made a yummy bow tie pasta salad with spiralized zucchini and I had so much I also made zucchini bread 😋 Yum!
    Oh goodness got to run Lorrie is barking for her walk. Have an amazing Monday! It’s cool but sunny here 😎 Happy Birthday Jason 🥳😉 🐶

    1. Thanks, Colleen! They are so beautiful and practical- I have way too many. Hah! I love hearing that you had a wonderful time hosting your friends! Your food sounds delicious (and beautiful)! I hope you’re enjoying the fall weather. We’re having similar weather this week- sunny, breezy and cool. It has been so nice! Have a good week! xo

  3. Happy Monday! Sounds like you both had a refreshing weekend. Glad you make it a priority.
    There is not a cutting board on this post I don’t like and to narrow it down to my favorites is even harder. I have the smaller version of #3 and keep our Tuesday Made Stoneware bottles on them. Those bottles are used A LOT…love love them. I agree with Peggi and Colleen, #12’s handle makes it beautiful and unique. #17 made me chuckle! It reminds me of a puzzle piece. We don’t have a black wooden board so #9 or #15 would be a good addition. Enjoyed the curated wooden boards.
    Just 2 more days till our daughter leaves for her trip. I am a bundle of excitement and nerves. Your trip coming up sounds wonderful too. xoxo

    1. Hi Danna! I’m with you on cutting & serving boards- I love collecting, displaying, and using them. They always bring so much warmth! I love hearing that you put your oil bottles to good use… we do, too! #17 does look like a puzzle piece! Now I can’t unsee it. Haha! Is your daughter all set for her big trip tomorrow? She’s going to have the most incredible time! xo

  4. Good morning Sarah! It’s been a busy week over here with my counterpart sidelined in Boston for the next 2 weeks (oof). I love wood cutting and serving boards- they have been my go-to in this kitchen. Our previous kitchen had a generously sized pull-out cutting board installed above a drawer in the cabinetry and I can’t tell you how much I miss it! I’m currently using a large serving board to hide an old (yellow) phone jack in the middle of our backsplash. Haha! A similar board to #4 is sold at World Market and I was able to see it for the first time in person on my last visit. I was impressed by the size and weight, but also loved the aesthetic. #9 options are appealing because I haven’t often seen black; I love the unexpected color and the variety of shapes.I’ve long thought #12 is possibly the most adorable serving board I’ve ever seen and would likely hang it on display CLJ style in my kitchen. What is the difference between a cheese board, bread board and serving board? I would assume possibly size and thickness? You’ve provided so many generously sized and equally beautiful options in this roundup! I’m definitely going to need to restock my serving boards! Last week I saw a reel of a “board party”- every guest brought a different type of board. Everything from hot wings to desserts and now I’m itching to throw a fun and casual dinner party, haha! I hope your week has been lovely and productive with clear skies and cool breezes. Happy Friday!