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Facebook Marketplace Finds : Minneapolis, MN - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! I’ve got a new Facebook Marketplace Finds post lined up for you today. To be honest, I haven’t had much time for searching Facebook lately. Coming home from vacation and getting sick has put me in catch up mode! Next week we’re also leaving for Bali, so it has been a complete whirlwind over here. This post was a great excuse to get back on the app and do some leisurely scrolling. The thrill of tracking down vintage, designer, and secondhand furniture continues to be one of my favorite hobbies. Last month, I received a request for Minneapolis- so that’s exactly where I searched this month. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Minneapolis, as I’ve only visited the city once. I was surprised by the pricing… it seemed to range from one extreme to another and was more expensive than I had anticipated. Nonetheless, I was still able to track down some gorgeous pieces and find a few good deals. Even if you’re not located in MN, if you see something you like- be sure to save it. This will help refine your algorithm, which will result in serving you similar items in your local area. Click through to see what I dug up on FBMP this month… 

Photo disclaimer… I pulled the following images directly from Facebook Marketplace, so the size and quality of some isn’t the best. Ready to see my finds?

Footed Pedestal Dining Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Minneapolis, MN - roomfortuesday.comWe’re starting with a spendy one, but check out the feet on this table! This is a very high-quality heirloom piece of furniture made by Henredon and the asking price certainly reflects that. The price does include a matching hutch, but personally- I’d only be interested in the table. Maybe the seller would be willing to part with it for less? It’s worth a shot. Look at the wood inlay detail on the tabletop- so gorgeous.

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McGee & Co Area Rug

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Minneapolis, MN - roomfortuesday.comSearching for an affordable area rug? This neutral McGee & Co option could be the perfect fit. It’s listed for $300 and has a really pretty color palette.

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Green Marble Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Minneapolis, MN - roomfortuesday.comThis green marble table is so stunning and unique! It was just listed a day ago for $450, so I doubt there is much room for negotiation at this point. How lovely is that veining though? It would be great for an office, studio, entryway, hall, or would make a great console.

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Pendant Light Fixture

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Minneapolis, MN - roomfortuesday.comI thought the shape of this pendant lantern was really pretty. It doesn’t list the brand, but for $140, it seems like it could be an easy upgrade… install it above an entry or dining table, kitchen island, bathroom, or in a walk-in closet.

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Barley Twist Console Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Minneapolis, MN - roomfortuesday.comAnother Henredon piece… it appears Minneapolis is crawling with Henredon! You know I can’t resist a good barley twist piece of furniture. If this gorgeous console were available near me, I’d snag it… and you guessed it- paint it black. What a stunning silhouette! It deserves a high contrast moment.

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Modern Marble Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Minneapolis, MN - roomfortuesday.comThis Room & Board table is a higher-end piece of furniture (that’s a real HEAVY marble top), and it’s listed for half off the retail price. It has only been on marketplace for five days, so it may take some waiting before the seller is willing to negotiate. It would be ideal for a small dining room, breakfast nook, studio, or home office. I’ve always loved this classic mid century tulip style- it pairs well with any aesthetic.

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Hickory Chair Settee

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Minneapolis, MN - roomfortuesday.comOk- hear me out and look past the faded bubblegum pink upholstery! This small loveseat is Hickory Chair brand, heirloom quality, has a kiln dried frame, down cushions that appear to be in excellent shape, and would look perfect styled in a window nook or at the foot of a bed… after reupholstery, of course. The shape is fantastic. Honestly- if this were closer or shipping didn’t cost so much, I’d buy it for myself. I love that arm style. For $375, it’s a steal.

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Ralph Lauren Dining Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Minneapolis, MN - roomfortuesday.comYou definitely have to click through to appreciate and admire this dining table! It is Ralph Lauren brand, is in pristine condition, and has the most beautiful & intricate details. It was also listed 12 weeks ago, so I’m willing to bet you could negotiate on the asking price. I’d offer $500 just to get the ball rolling.

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Visual Comfort Sconces

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Minneapolis, MN - roomfortuesday.comThese Visual Comfort sconces retail for around $1k. You can snag the polished nickel pair for $175! These pretty double sconces are part of the Thomas O’Brien collection and they’ve been one of my favorites for awhile. While they don’t come with shades, it’s a great opportunity to dress them up or choose ones that best fit your aesthetic.

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Antique Entry Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Minneapolis, MN - roomfortuesday.comI saved the best deal for last! This antique entry table is listed for $40… that’s right, this 36″ round pretty table could be yours for cheap. It could use a little cleaning and furniture polish, but it seems to be in good shape and would be perfect for an entryway or office. Stack some books, florals, branches, or candles on top and admire this timeless table. I love the casters, too… and there is plenty of storage.

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I hope you enjoyed this month’s Facebook Marketplace Finds post! Where should I search next month? Drop your city requests into the comment section below, and I’ll do my best to accommodate. I hope everyone has a wonderful fall weekend ahead. We’ve been enjoying this lovely weather and are looking forward to spending some time outside. We’re due to get up in the mountains to admire the changing leaves. We also need to start packing and preparing to leave for our dive trip. Do you have any fun plans? Have a good one, friends!

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  1. Love this column! Thank you for writing it- it often makes me want to move :) Please, please do Boston next! Even though we are surrounded with old houses, I feel like there’s never anything good on fb marketplace.

  2. Good morning! Honestly, what’s better than a FBMP scroll chocked full of pretty deals? Your finds this morning do not disappoint! That footed dining table is indeed gorgeous! I’m also not too into the hutch, although the shape is intriguing. Gah! That green marble table is stunning! You know I adore boldly colored stone. Hellooooooo, barley twist beauty. (Said in your best Barry White voice.) Phew, I would be running to collect that console. Running, I tell you. I have always coveted a Saarinen tulip table. A modern classic. Now, don’t spit out your coffee, but I actually like the bubblegum pink settee. HA. I bet it’s not SO pink in person, but that shape cannot be beat. The little rectangle of brass railheads? Dead. That curvy girl slays. I hope someone grabs that RL dining table and hosts the most epic Thanksgiving. The legs on it are fab…also, yes to casters on dining tables! I don’t have a spot for sconces, but that gleaming polished nickel is mesmerizing. And what a steal! Speaking of which, 40 bucks for that adorbs table? That’s a lot of look and utility for a couple of Jacksons. I’d say Minneapolis has some gems! Thanks for a fun jumpstart to my morning. I can’t believe you’re headed to Bali next week? I wouldn’t be unpacked from Italy yet. Snort. But I’ll absolutely enjoy following along! Happy Pizza Friday, friends! Cheers to a spectacular fall weekend!💜🍕

    1. That dining table is insane! I’ve always dreamed of having a pretty round pedestal table. None of our homes have had the space for one. That green marble table took my breath away- the veining on that stone is beautiful… and that barley twist console! Wowza. I think the bubblegum pink settee would work well in the right space- for some reason, I just picture it in a pretty navy or deep green velvet at the foot of the bed (but that’s just me scheming our guest room makeover, lol)! That curvy girl definitely slays. I feel crazy (and a little stressed) for planning our two big vacations back-to-back. Getting Covid in between didn’t help, but hopefully we’ll have super immunity for our extremely long flight. Earlier this year, we scored both of those flights for cheap (we were able to pay in points- SO nice). It felt like something we couldn’t pass up and we were trying to decide on our annual diving destination, so things just sort of fell into place- although they’re exactly 4 weeks apart, ha. We’re going with our diving buddies who went to Tahiti with us last year. We always have an epic time exploring and adventuring together… definitely a different type of trip than Italy. Anyway- lots to do before we head out next Friday! It’s going to be a jam packed weekend of work, and we have an Emmy party on Saturday night. My friend Dru is up for 3 more this year, so we’re hoping to celebrate another win. I asked Emmett what kind of homemade pizza sounded good for tonight, and I think we’re going to switch it up with a buffalo chicken chili & pretzels. Tieghan from Half Baked Harvest convinced us with her recent IG stories. Lol! Pizza is definitely happening on Sunday though :) Hope you have an amazing fall weekend ahead! xo

  3. Good morning 🌞
    What a fabulous selection of finds, I’m sure the individual that requested a Facebook Marketplace search for Minneapolis is delighted with your array of beautiful options.
    Well a Bali trip sounds out of this world, lucky you! That’s fantastic. I know you will have the time of your life and the diving adventure sounds wonderful.
    We are entertaining friends this weekend, it’s always fun but I know I will be exhausted by Sunday. Haha! I’ve also started to paint my kitchen cabinets for a mini-makeover I guess you could call it. And I’ve purchased wallpaper to liven things up. I decided on a dark green for the cabinets and for contrast the wallpaper is light. I absolutely love the cabinet color I’ve chosen and super thrilled. I’m using Fusion Mineral paint and it’s going on the cabinets like a dream. Yay! Bayberry is the color I’m using, if your curious. I have completed one small section but it’s already feeling very quite different and giving me that moody kitchen vibe I’m craving. Anyway that’s what’s happening over here ☺️ Have the loveliest of weekends and safe travels to Bali ❤️Sounds amazing! Cheers friends and Happy Friday 🥂

    1. Good morning, Colleen! I don’t know what I was thinking booking our two big international trips of the year back-to-back. It has felt a little overwhelming after being sick. I can’t complain about travel though! We’re excited. Have so much fun hosting friends this weekend. Entertaining friends in the fall is always my favorite. Nothing like having people over to motivate you to tackle a quick makeover project. Haha! You sound like me. Painting kitchen cabinetry is no easy feat, but I know it will look so amazing. It always makes such a big difference… and dark green, at that! You’re speaking my design love language. The wallpaper also sounds gorgeous. I’ve heard good things about Fusion Mineral paint. You’ll have to let me know how it holds up! I love that you went moody with the color. I looked up Bayberry and it’s stunning! We’re going to our friends house on Saturday night for an Emmy viewing party. My friend Dru is up for 3 Emmys again this year, so we’re hoping to celebrate another win. It is nice to be together with friends without having to host, ha. Especially given we’ve been so busy, our entryway is a construction mess, and we’re gearing up to leave. Have a fantastic weekend! xo

  4. Good morning FBMP loving peeps! As always Sarah, your ability to hunt down the treasures astounds me. The dining table was an immediate save. I love the detail, the claw feet, and the inlay. Inlay tables get me every time. I LOVE the green marble table! The stretcher, veining and color are chefs kiss. Lighting is one item I’ve yet to search on FBMP, but can you even with the pendant light? 😍 I saved this one so more lighting would pop up in my feed. The barley twist console is my favorite of the day. I’m in love with tables like this and have been saving anything that comes up because there aren’t many large scale pieces like this in my area. Plenty of side tables in terrible condition, but nothing like this so far. Fingers crossed for some estate sale gold…one day! Lol. The tulip table was also an immediate save. As we get closer to swapping the furniture in the front room, my attention is turning to the breakfast nook area of the kitchen that will be left void. Finding round pedestal tables, that aren’t full size dining tables is proving tricky- apparently CA loves Hollywood Regency circa 1980’s…not my jam. I also agree with you on the settee. Such a lovely shape, and would be a superb addition to a room once reupholstered! I’ve been looking for a dining setee (also for the breakfast nook), but so far nothing with the dimensions I need. The more I save, the more I find, so the algorithm is working in my favor. It’s only a matter of time. My suggestion for next month is a ro-sham-bo style decision. Ask Emmett to chose a state, and then select one of the larger cities from that state and see what happens. Ha! You’ve covered a lot of ground with this little series, so I’m excited to see where we go next. I’ll be painting this weekend if my back allows. But if I’m being honest my body is tired from the back pain (which is still lingering) and my ribs are sore from the cough the kids gave me. I think this weekend may end up being equal parts paint and rest. We shall see. I’m so excited for your Bali trip- my dad has done many dives there and it’s one of his favorite places to dive. You both will have an amazing time I’m sure. Travel question- do you have a go to formula for selecting travel clothing? I’m interested in your packing process, and adore your style. Anyway, have a fun camping weekend and a fabulous pizza Friday!

    1. Hi Lauren! Sorry I missed this last week. I loved reading about your favorites! Round pedestal tables are so tricky to find… at our last house, we ended up separating a pedestal from the top and making our own to fit our breakfast area. Crossing my fingers some good things come into your feed this week. How are you feeling? I hope better! Were you able to knock out some painting? I had to take a much needed trip to the chiropractor this week, so I feel your back pain struggle. Hang in there! I’m so excited to hear that your dad loves diving in Bali. Having never been, I have no idea to what to expect. We’re excited! For packing (thanks BTW!), I hate checking bags- so I usually cram everything into packing cubes, then into my carry on. My packing process depends on where we’re going and what we’re doing (in terms of what to pack). Italy was lots of dresses, a swimsuit, and three pairs of shoes. Our Bali trip is more outdoorsy, so I’m packing clothing for hiking & diving… only a couple sundresses (not as cute, more adventure gear). ha! I hope you’re having an amazing week! xo

  5. Absolutely love this series! Apologies if you’ve already done these, but I’d love to see FBMP treasures from Kansas City, MO, St. Louis, MO, Tulsa, OK, or Oklahoma City, OK. Wichita, KS (my hometown) would be awesome but it’s smaller than these places so the pickins might be slim!

  6. Melanie T says:

    Hi Sarah! Thanks for taking a look at Minneapolis Facebook MP this month. I got interrupted when writing a comment yesterday and timed out so I hope you see this even though it’s long past the blog release. I was surprised at the high prices but then again the items you highlighted were high end brands and quality pieces. I keep an eye on FBMP furniture listings because I have a hobby of scouting out furniture in need of refreshing. I donate most of what I refinish, so to keep expenses down I try to pick up low cost or even free furniture. About half of the pieces I have done I’ve gotten for free from marketplace. I’m glad people realize there is a secondary market for beaten up furniture! It’s been a fun past time for me and the benefactors have been extremely grateful to get lovingly restored pieces. Unfortunately I will lose my workspace because we are planning a move to downsize from a house to a place with no garage or basement, and I’m not sure what this “maker’s space’ in the building entails… I’m guessing some of my pieces of furniture won’t transfer to the new place but when the time comes I will check out new listings and hopefully will uncover a great side table or lamp or rug. I did save the listings so I will undoubtedly see less of the bottom of the barrel stuff I have previously been pulling up! I hope you have a great trip!

    1. Happy to search there, Melanie! It was fun to see what beauties were floating around Minneapolis. What a lovely and sweet hobby! I’m sorry about your workspace… hopefully you’ll find a spot in your new home to work. Fingers crossed on the “Makers Space”. I hope you’re having a great week :)