Tips & Advantages of Implementing Floor Outlets

Tips & Advantages of Implementing Floor Outlets - roomfortuesday.comWhew, we made it to Friday, friends! It has been a wild week over here. Anyone else? From a power outage to multiple trips to the doctor, and some rough days in between, I’m definitely ready for the weekend ahead! The weather is supposed to be in the 70’s and I can’t wait to get outside. Today’s topic is a highly requested one as of late… I’ve had multiple messages asking for additional details on floor outlets. Most recently, I shared some IG stories of the floor outlet in my home office. I thought I’d cover the basics here in a permanent post on the blog, if anyone would like to save or reference this later on. Click through for my design tips, some advantages of floor outlets, planning, resources, and ideas for installing these handy electrical components… 

Tips & Advantages of Implementing Floor Outlets - roomfortuesday.comFirst let’s talk about the pros to implementing floor outlets in your home. You know I’m a big fan of layered lighting and the biggest perk, in my opinion, is better cord management… especially for floor lamps. I like a floated floor plan (no main furniture pushed against a wall), but rather positioned in a centric location in a space. This means floor lamp cords have to find the closest outlet to be functional, which in turn can lead to a cord eyesore. The solution for a clean, less obtrusive cord look? Floor outlets!

Tips & Advantages of Implementing Floor Outlets - roomfortuesday.comThe same goes for rooms that include electronics- like my home office, for example. My desk is in the center of the room, looking out the glass doors, and my computer obviously sits atop my desk. Rather than having a cord jungle connected to one of the perimeter walls, we opted to install a sleek brass floor outlet behind the front leg of my desk.

Tips & Advantages of Implementing Floor Outlets - roomfortuesday.comI ended up using a few basic things we already had on hand to make my computer cord look less noticeable: black electrical tape, black zip ties, and velcro.

Tips & Advantages of Implementing Floor Outlets - roomfortuesday.comI taped the lower portion of the computer cord black to blend more seamlessly with my barley twist desk. Monochromatic tape that matches the background is your friend in these scenarios!

Tips & Advantages of Implementing Floor Outlets - roomfortuesday.comNext, I used a few black zip ties to secure the cord to the back of the desk leg… along with some velcro to hold the excess cord underneath the desk top. From there, it plugs directly into the floor outlet.

Tips & Advantages of Implementing Floor Outlets - roomfortuesday.comI’ve got some quick cord hiding & floor outlet tips for you:

  • Use zip ties or velcro to keep cords in place, out of sight.
  • Try using electrical tape to wrap cords in a monochromatic non discreet color.
  • Don’t be afraid to layer a rug over a floor outlet, cutting a clean small hole for easy access.
  • If you’re worried about your rug fraying, surge the edge or have it done professionally… you can also run a bead of fray check around the perimeter to keep it from unraveling.
  • Choose an aesthetically pleasing floor outlet or one that easily blends with your flooring & functional needs.
  • Plan ahead and integrate floor outlets into your design & floor plan prior to starting a project (though they can also be added after the fact- it’s just more work).

Tips & Advantages of Implementing Floor Outlets - roomfortuesday.comWe landed on this particular model floor outlet– it has two standard plugs and two USB ports, but I only cut my rug to accommodate access to one outlet. I use the charging port and my computer on the desktop to plug in additional items… like charging my phone, external hard drives, wireless mouse & keyboard, etc. It’s nice to have the option to expose more of the outlet though, should I ever need additional plugs. For now- my computer cord is all I need. I’ll link a variety of floor outlets, zip ties & electrical tape (in common colors), and supplies for you below. Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below, and have a fantastic weekend ahead!

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  1. Good morning! I’m so sorry that you’ve had more health concerns. Hopefully, your issues are quickly resolved; please take care.💜 And a power outage? Big Boo. Speaking of power though, I love that you thought to install a floor outlet. They add such versatility to a room, and aesthetically, the brass is beautiful. Our fairly long living room would be a prime spot for one. Not only are the cords unattractive, but most table lamps don’t have cords long enough to reach my wall outlets! I’ll just settle for the puck light trick for now.🤣 I really would have loved a floor outlet in my old classroom! The times I had to run tech cords (and extension cords!) from the center of the room and worry constantly that kids would trip and everything would go flying?! Grr. Classrooms not designed by teachers…a rant for another day. As for floor outlets, I wonder if they’re often specified in new homes? Are they even an option if you’re not doing a custom build? Now, I’m curious! Anyway…I just have to note that looking at your lovely office does not get old! While I hope you can sneak out a little early today to relax and continue celebrating E, I’m happy to picture you working in that amazing space. I had some great thrifting this week, but yard work is on the agenda for the weekend. I’m excited to get to it! Happy Pizza Friday, friends! Cheers to sunshine & fresh air!!☀️🌸🍕

    1. Good morning, Peggi! I think things are looking up. I got an optimistic call from my doctor this morning and am starting to feel much better. Thanks friend! If I’m being honest- the power outage was probably the push I needed to take it easy. Haha! In regards to floor outlets, I’m so happy we ended up installing the one in my office! We actually ran electrical for them in our living room, but Emmett has yet to get around to cutting and installing the brass boxes (just like the one I have in here). It’s on our to-do list but I feel like we have other priorities for now. The entryway is cleared out and we’re starting demo tomorrow morning, yay! Hey- those puck lights are really genius. I love the cord free option- especially for lamps. Not having a cord on our countertop lamp has been the best! Puck light for the win. I think that’s the best idea in terms of classroom design- they really should consider use and functionality. Most of the classrooms at my college had floor outlets- as well as the library, which always got a lot of use. You’d think they would do the same for elementary and high school classrooms. I can imagine that would be frustrating! In terms of design, I’ve always noticed them more in commercial spaces, but I love the functionality they add to residential homes. I definitely think there is a place for them in both. I haven’t seen many in new spec homes. I doubt they’re even an option if the home isn’t custom. Thanks for your sweet words about my office. It has been pure bliss working in here. The dogs are currently cuddled up on “their daybed” as I’m enjoying responding to everyone’s comments. It’s going to be a great day! The sun is shining, we’ve got a fun weekend ahead, and pizza is definitely on the menu tonight! Hope you have a lovely weekend, too. xox

  2. Thankfully Friday means you get to relax and wind down a little Sarah! I’ve had you on my mind with your recent health concerns, and I’m hoping it gets resolved for you soon. Power outages are also no fun.
    You know I’m envious of your convenient floor outlets! I can think of at least three places they would be useful in our home. The challenges of concrete foundations.😖 The electrical plan in our house is actually pretty terrible. The smallest room has the most outlets while the larger rooms are few and far between. I’ve gotten by with stapling cords to the base shoe and painting it the same as the wall color when necessary. It’s not ideal, but for now it works. In some rooms I’ve had the ability to tuck it down between the carpet and base shoe, but it’s highly inconsistent in our house. For our upcoming front room renovation I thought enough ahead to have my father in law plan for cords to be hidden within the built-ins. We mapped out which electronics will be inside the built-ins, and after he’s drawn it up to scale, we’ll pinpoint where the outlets are. We are planning on housing our surge protector inside the built-ins as well, which will be wonderful. I’m all about cord hiding; Jeff, not so much. He could care less and we’ve had many a squabble over the unsightly mess that ensues anytime we move or add electronics. I’m definitely paying attention to how you hid the cords on your desk; I would have never thought to wrap the cord in electrical tape-genius!
    On a side note, the desk arrived with Jeff yesterday in all its detailed glory, and it’s more beautiful in person than I imagined. The size is absolutely perfect; we’ll be floating it in front of the built-ins and using it partner style…I’m excited for both of us to finally have a functional workspace. The hunt is on for the perfect office chairs. A tall order where Jeff is concerned…pun intended! Ha! It sounds like we’ll all be having much needed garden time this weekend; the herbs are planted and flourishing in the kitchen window, and I’ll be clearing out beds and starting new seeds this weekend. Cheers friends! Tons of exciting things happening for all of us. Sarah, take care this weekend, and know that you’ll be in my prayers. Also, I’m only a phone call away, even if only to pre-occupy your mind. ❤️Xoxo

    1. Exactly! Bring on the weekend! Thanks so much, Lauren. Last week I had to have a CT scan and this week I’ve been having late adverse reactions to the contrast, so unfortunately that’s what I’ve been dealing with. I think things are looking up though! I really appreciate your thoughts and prayers. You’re the sweetest. Enough about me though- I’m SO excited you got the desk and it’s perfect for the two of you. “A tall order” indeed. Haha! Good luck with the desk chair search- it’s so tricky! I can’t imagine having to take extra tall height into consideration. Good for you on mapping out your electrical plan in the front room- amazing work! Have a super wonderful weekend in the garden… that’s my plan, too! I want to get out, work with my hands, enjoy fresh air, and take in the nice weather. Bring on those 70 degree temps! I’ve already got some herbs in my windowsill that have been making me smile this week. Thanks again for being such a great, friend! I appreciate you, Lauren! xox

  3. Oh No Sarah, not back at the doctor’s office. Darn it! Sounds like it’s been a week, hopefully you will be back on track soon. Thankfully its Friday. Sounds like spring is happening there and a lovely weekend of nice weather to look forward to. Hallelujah! Honestly, I’ve never seen floor outlets before, but it totally makes sense. Hanging cords are unsightly and a nuisance so I’m so glad you shared how you handled it. That is some expert designing/planning and supremo electrical work on your part (of course Emmett too) I must say. Well done! Also, never tire of another peek at that gorgeous office of yours, not to mention that fabulous desk. So very pretty! I love the brass outlet, that’s so slick and clever, for an outlet it looks great. Some wonderful tips for hiding cords in general too! Plus, you’ve given permission to cut the rug. Thanks so very much. Haha! Very informative and enjoyable post as always. Sending healing, relaxing, and outdoor vibes your way for a fantastic weekend! xoxo

    1. Thanks, Colleen! Fingers crossed! I’m definitely feeling a lot better today. TGIF! Spring feels like it is finally here, and I’m looking forward to getting outside this weekend. Floor outlets are really common in commercial spaces and offices, but I love the functionality they bring to residential settings when it makes sense for the floor plan. I had so many people message who were afraid to cut their rug for the sake of an outlet, but it can be done in a really discreet and clean way. I know it’s tough to justify spending so much on a rug only to take a knife to it. Ha! For us, it was worth it though. Thanks for the good vibes! I’m hoping I’m FINALLY on the mend. I haven’t spent this much time in hospitals or doctors offices in a long time. Things are looking up though! Have a lovely weekend my friend! PS: so sorry I haven’t gotten back to your email yet (crazy week over here, but I so appreciate you for the insight!). xox

  4. Dearest Sarah, so sorry that you are not feeling well. Sounds like a very challenging week. I hope the nice weather will lift your spirits and bring some healing and rest.
    I was so impressed at the cut-out in your rug and how neat you made it in comparison to what mine would have looked like ( a hot mess). This is giving me lots to think about. We have been talking about floor outlets in our living room & study. The placement is key and will probably give me fits on the exact spot. You really need to know where your furniture is going. Correct?
    I meant to ask you before, (I apologize if you stated) what is the dimensions of your office? It’s a good size with ample room for storage. Very clever with the electric tape on the computer cord. I need to find some brown to match our desk.
    Have a wonderful Friday and relaxing weekend! xoxo

    1. Thanks, Danna! I’m doing much better today and my doctor sent over good news, so mentally- I’m feeling lighter. I’m ready to head into a weekend of nice weather :) The rug cut turned out really nice! I may put some fray check on it, just to make sure it stays that way. I love the idea of planning in advance for your study & living room. Placement is definitely key- I like to floor plan on my computer with exact measures (you can do it on grid paper, too!), include all of your furniture measurements, and strategically figure out where they need to go. It probably isn’t a bad idea to order furniture in advance if you need any- given current lead times. It’s tough to plan that far in advance, I know. My office is around 13′ x 11′ (which includes the built-ins). I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead, my friend! I know I owe you an email. I’m going to play a lot of catch up this week after being in bed the past couple days. Thanks Danna!! xox

  5. More good vibes for your health headed your way!

    I like to use some of the 3M Command cord clips (especially the clear ones) and Velcro cable wraps because cord and/or cable management so often changes. I’ve even used a binder clip to hold a bundle of cord and hang it off a nail or screw on the inside of a table apron.

    Love your tip about electrical tape to help a cord disappear – thanks!

    1. Thanks so much, Cheryl! I love your tip about the binder & command clips- so smart :) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hello, I have a floor outlet but it is located in an inconvenient location. I need to run a chord a short distance along the floor from where the plug in is located. I have looked for extension chords that have a flat plug (where chord comes out 90 degrees from how it plugs in) so that the extension chord lays as flat as possible on the floor. But I cannot find one designed for floor outlets. Because the floor outlet is recessed, the plug needs to be specially designed for the application.

    While doing your research, did you ever run across such an extension chord?,

    1. I didn’t come across anything like that, sorry Chad! I wish I could be more helpful. I wonder if it’s worth moving the existing floor outlet?

      1. Sarah! How did you cut your sisal? Planning to cut ours soon and yours looks very neat!

        1. Hi Chris! Thank you. I used a box cutter with a new, sharp blade.