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Tips for Organizing a Pantry - roomfortuesday.comThis post was requested by many of you, and I have to say- it’s kind of a weird feeling to share what’s hiding inside my pantry. I’ll admit- we’re not eating the healthiest this month, but I do swear by my containers and organization system… so that’s something! Click through to see how I organize our in-kitchen pantry, peek inside a bunch of my other cabinets, and shop my favorite organization products that pertain to food storage. Might as well get organized before the holiday season is upon us, right?

Tips for Organizing a Pantry - roomfortuesday.comPart of the fun in renovating a kitchen and installing custom cabinetry is being able to customize the cabinets for prime organization. It’s like you’re already setting yourself up for success. I designed this floor-to-ceiling cabinet knowing it would be our pantry. What I didn’t anticipate? Having too much storage.

Tips for Organizing a Pantry -

Tips for Organizing a Pantry - roomfortuesday.comI suppose it would be the perfect size for a family with children, but Emmett and I never fill this thing up. Therefore, it looks sort of empty, but we’d rather have an empty looking pantry than be wasteful. It also gives me plenty of room to spread out my containers, bins, and baskets. Since we have so much storage, the top bins are actually filled with medical supplies, paper towels, bath tissue, and things of that nature.

Tips for Organizing a Pantry - roomfortuesday.comThe lower two shelves are for food and drink storage. From fruits and veggies to drinks and bulk items, this is where it all lives. We honestly don’t have a ton of dry goods in the pantry… it’s mostly snacks and basic ingredients (rice, almond flour, sugar, etc). I keep a lot of the loose items (chips, bagged items, seasoning packets, etc) in the white lidded containers or in the big open bin at the bottom- just to keep them corralled.

Tips for Organizing a Pantry - roomfortuesday.comSince our pantry isn’t stocked to the brim, I know what everything is, but I have toyed with idea of using a dry erase marker to write what is inside each container. It’s easier for house guests to navigate the pantry on their own… or even Emmett. Since I’m the one who does the grocery shopping 100% of the time, sometimes he’ll have to ask what / where something is. I’ve also heard great things about this inexpensive label maker– which has rave reviews from my friends! That’d be another good option. Maybe someday I’ll get around to that…. it sounds like a good project for winter.

Tips for Organizing a Pantry -

Tips for Organizing a Pantry - roomfortuesday.comThe spices have their own designated spot in the kitchen. You probably remember seeing this handy pull-out spice rack, shown below?

Tips for Organizing a Pantry -

Tips for Organizing a Pantry - roomfortuesday.comThat feature might one of the more handy things in our kitchen. I’m always grabbing herbs & spices and they’re conveniently located to the right of our sink, and to the left of our cooktop. It makes things really functional.

Tips for Organizing a Pantry - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re interested in some of my organization items, you can shop the collage below! I’m not loyal to one specific brand, I typically just buy whatever fits and looks cohesive. I think mixing and matching is totally fine- especially in a storage setting.

01: kitchen canisters // 02: oil dispenser // 03: pull out trash bins // 04: lidded containers // 05: collapsable bins // 06: pull out spice rack // 07: food storage system // 08: label maker // 09: spray bottles // 10: chip clips

While we’re snooping around the kitchen, want to see inside some more cabinets? Might as well! You might remember our bar from this post? I like an impressive bar and I appreciate a craft cocktail… I also have a soft spot for vintage glassware, particularly of the cocktail and liquor variety.

Tips for Organizing a Pantry - roomfortuesday.comThe next cabinet isn’t really a secret because the front of this one is glass, but these are the dishes we use on a daily basis. You can’t go wrong with simple, white, timeless dishes! I always tell newlyweds that’s what they should register for.

Tips for Organizing a Pantry - roomfortuesday.comTo the right of the fridge lives our trash and recycling bins, but you’d never know! They’re also integrated into the cabinets. They pull out on a track and I don’t have to worry about disguising an ugly trash can, or a bin taking up precious floor space. This is best case scenario in any kitchen renovation! I live for hidden trash cans.

Tips for Organizing a Pantry - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re curious about any other kitchen resources, visit the reveal post or scroll to “kitchen” in the Shop My House tab. As always, leave your comments below! I’d love to hear your own organization tips- especially if they’re kitchen related. Do most of you have a pantry of some sort? This is our first “real” one.

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  1. Too much storage…bahahahaha. Good one, Sarah. I have a small closet pantry; it houses cookbooks and bakeware in addition to food. (I might have a lot of bakeware.) Where does yours live? Reorganizing my spice drawer is on my winter project list. That labelmaker reminds me of middle school! Happy Monday.

    1. Hahah!! I know, I know Peggi. I also love baking and have a ton of bakeware. It lives above and below the oven / microwave wall unit. Those cabinets are also gigantic. Happy Monday :)

  2. I LOVE my double-trash can cabinets! In our kitchen, I have two of them – the cabinet on the island is trash/recycle, and the one along the wall is trash/dirty laundry (I don’t buy paper towels or paper napkins). Just this weekend I went through our freezer and cereal cupboard. It’s important to stay on top of it, and a good way to see what’s really in those cabinets so you eat the food and don’t buy more of what you already have.

    1. Totally agree, Karen! We’re big on recycling, but kudos to you for doing away with paper towels & napkins. I need to try to make the switch to cloth napkins, that’s so much better for the environment. Have a great week! xo

  3. Love this post! As I was designing our new kitchen, it was awesome to make it super functional and add a lot of storage for stuff we always use! We definitely included a pull out trash/recycle – super excited about it!

  4. Love this post! I love finding the balance between functional and pretty, and this just hits the spot. A tip for your container labels- I use a shaprie water based paint pen to label all mine. Once it’s dry it stays in place but it comes off easily with soap and water so I can use the containers for a different food if needed. I also use it all the time to put experation dates on things in the pantry and leftovers in the fridge.

    1. So happy you liked this one, Jordan! Great tip on the sharpie water-based marker… I had no idea that was a thing! I’m adding them to my Amazon cart right now. Thanks for the tip :) xo

  5. Marissa van poznak says:


    I always love reading your post. After redoing my kitchen this year, I’m also running into the same problem. Too much storage !! Who ever thought that was possible in a kitchen. I love your spice rack pull out drawer. One thing I wish I would’ve done in my kitchen. Where did you get your spice containers? I love how they are the same height and have the labels in the top. Looks much cleaner then my spice cabinet. LOL

    Xoxo Marissa

  6. Jaclyn Lorimer says:

    It’s so gorgeous! All the heart eyes. I can’t wait for a designated pantry. Where are your dishes from?

    1. Thank you Jaclyn! 80% of my dishes are from Crate & Barrel, and the rest are vintage :)