These past couple months have sure been a doozy and I feel like I’m finally finding my mojo again- obviously I’m smiling again! Here’s a known fact: I hate having my photo taken and feel uncomfortable on this side of the camera, but I’m trying to get better at embracing things like this- flaws, weird moods, doozy months, and all. I thought a “Noteworthy” post was in order, in case any of you have been lacking inspiration or just need a laugh on this fine Friday. There is a lot of info, inspo, and fun links in this one… click through for the post and all the updates.

If you’re behind on the blog or Instagram, I’ll quickly catch you up (I’ll make this dose of the negative super short). We’ve sort of been struggling the past couple months. We unexpectedly had to put our big dog, Finn, down and have been pretty heartbroken. You can read more about that in this post. Aside from that, our truck was recently stolen. Yes… you read that right. Someone swiped it, stripped it, and vandalized it- so that was something random and crazy we had to deal with. The funny part of that story is Emmett had to drive the truck back once it was located with “F*** the Police” spray painted on the side of it. I suppose that’s worthy of a laugh? Haha! Despite all of the “stuff” we’ve been sorting through (and bad luck), I’m happy to say- we’ve picked up the pieces and are FINALLY feeling a sense of normal again. All good things ahead!

On that positive note, I have a TON of content I’m excited to style, shoot, and share in the not-so-distant future. Fall is my favorite season and I’m going all out with decorations! Expect spooky shelf styling and all sorts of fun things. We’re also wrapping up our hallway, so look for that reveal very soon. We’ve started on the office and I have a slew of posts ready to go for that big project. It’s our final big room reno in the Utah house to share and it might be the best of all. Saving the best for last is always a good idea, right?

If you’re on the hunt for window treatments, my pal Anita and I answered all of the curtain questions in this Domino article! I see so many bad window treatments- this story is certainly worth reading to saving yourself money, time, and easy mistakes.

Sidenote, I never thought I’d say this, but… Judge Judy’s (of all people) beachside home is kind of my dream oceanfront fixer upper. I’m over here plotting what I’d do to that place!

Since Judy’s very expensive house lends itself to the next topic, let’s move on… if you’re planning to sell your home, our real estate agent (and good friend) agrees with these points! It’s a great read for anyone who is planning to buy or sell a home.

Want to play the last 5 purchases game again? I always think it’s fun and it forces me to evaluate what I’m spending my money on (which is never a bad thing). 1: this affordable bag for fall // 2: this candy dish for halloween // 3: my perfume finally ran out, so I bought a replacement // 4: this coffee carafe // 5: and lastly this new notebook (I”m one of those people who writes everything down)

Remember the kitchen project I’m designing for Joanna? Catch up on her hilarious demo video here, in case you missed it! Things are really coming along.

Ashley, from the Gold Hive, came to visit last week and she makes the best video reels. Click here to watch the edits she put together of Emmett and I showing her around Utah. They’re so fun!

Other cool things coming up? I’m going to San Francisco and Napa in October. I’ll be staying at the Proper Hotel designed by the uber talented Kelly Wearstler, which is basically a dream come true! Stay tuned for that big adventure. I’ll share more as soon as I can.

Lastly, I wanted to touch on one thing… although I’m making light and choosing to laugh at our misfortunes lately, I will say, sometimes it’s not without struggle. I’m back in therapy, practicing EMDR, and wanted you to know- if any of you are struggling or feeling down, it’s a positive thing to focus on mental health and ask for help. It’s the best thing you can do and certainly nothing to be ashamed of. I know the Instagram community is starting to shed light on this topic (Jen Gotch and Bri Emery, to be more specific), but it’s a common conversation that shouldn’t be embarrassing to talk about. I hope you know that and I just wanted to say- it’s ok. It’s better than ok. It’s a step in the right, happy direction. I’m a happy, outgoing person by nature, and even I benefit from it! Just wanted to put that out there in the universe in case any of you are feeling off.

Let’s end on a HAPPY note. I have some news. Emmett and I are picking up a new family member next week (of the four-legged variety). Johnny Cash needs a companion. He has really been down in the dumps and although we could never ever replace our Finn Bear, it’s time to start a new chapter. Only good things ahead and staying true to what feels right for our fam. Obviously I’ll share plenty of images and videos soon! Happy Friday, friends. Have the best weekend! xox

PS. Can you believe we’ve been renovating this home for TWO YEARS?!! Where does time go?

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  1. PUPPY!!! *jumps up and down, claps hands* Ok, got that out of my system. So much good stuff here that begs a response, but I’ll stick to a few. At the risk of sounding like the old lady nobody listens to…twenty years from now you’re going to look at these pictures of yourself and wish you had appreciated what a doe-eyed siren you were. I’m glad to hear you are taking care of yourself, the universe has been dishing out some tests, for sure! And, I’ll just reiterate my gratitude for all that you share and say how psyched I am for what’s on the docket! Joanna’s kitchen, your office, a trip to Napa, and…PUPPY! Plus, happy Friday!

    1. Hahah!! I know, I know…. the photos will be appreciated someday. You’re always right, Peggi. I’m working on getting more comfortable and just embracing it. Thanks for showing up here everyday to offer your support! Hope you have an amazing weekend :)

  2. A new family member that’s exciting! Take care of yourself me dear & enjoy the weekend .xxoo

    1. You know the feeling, lady!! How is your new dog settling in? Happy Friday! xox

  3. So sorry about your loss of Finn! It truly leaves a hole in your heart to lose a beloved pet. Good to hear you are ready to let another pet come into your life as it will fill you with love and happiness again. And you are right, its a sign of strength to seek help when things are overwhelming. Just talking it through is such a release. Best wishes Sarah as you continue to move forward!

    1. Thanks so much, Linda. It’s been a rough couple of months, but we’re surviving. I love how you phrased that… “it’s a sign of strength to seek help when things are overwhelming”, I couldn’t agree more. Have a wonderful weekend! xox

  4. Ashley Goldman says:

    Can’t wait to meet your new furry addition! Thanks for making our vacation so great that the videos I compiled were a breeze to put together!

    1. It was so fun! Thanks for making me stop and take time off work- it was much needed and lovely to spend time with you :) xo

  5. Love this post and it came at the perfect time. What a reminder to reach out when struggling. Sending lots of love to your family and can’t wait to meet the new pup!

    1. Thank you so much, Jessica! So happy you liked this one. Have a lovely weekend! xo

  6. Hi Sarah – I have really been enjoying your blog the last few years – I love what you have done with your new(ish) home!

    I just wanted to let you know before you go to SF that the neighborhood where the Proper Hotel is located is not very nice. I have heard that the hotel itself is fun, but if you are leaving the hotel at night please think about taking a taxi or Uber rather than walking to your destination. During the day it is safe, but pretty gross. As a 30 year resident of San Francisco I love my city very much, but it is pretty grimy these days!

    1. It’s funny Kate, back in the day (80’s) San Francisco was lovely and shining and NYC was the dirty pit (there was even a joke about it in the play Angels in America), but lately it’s the other way around. I found CA to be very trashy overall as if it all gets dumped out the car window as people drive along, which is frustrating. I guess everything changes, then changes back. I’ll still take The City over the Big Apple, says the woman who live in rural Michigan.