The Scent of Your Home

The Scent of Your HomeThe scent of your home is really the first thing someone notices upon walking in the door. Isn’t that a crazy notion?! It’s true. Everyone’s house has a certain smell that can be inviting (in a good way) or weird (in a bad way). That little white device sitting on my shelf in the image above is my new favorite home fragrance toy! Click through to read why I’m obsessed with it… 

The sense of smell is so vivid and important. Have you ever gone away for an extended period of time and once arriving back at home, you instantly feel happy and take in the scent that is your house? Emmett and I once dog sat for our 4-legged god dog, Roxy, and I’ll never forget what my friends said when I dropped her back off at home. They said, “she smells so good- like the Gibsons!!” I immediately started laughing and asked, “do we have a smell?” Apparently that was a good thing and our house / stuff has a very distinct (apparently nice) smell. I like to keep things tidy and clean, so it’s probably a mix of my favorite home fragrances, cleaning supplies, and laundry soap (if I had to guess). Regardless, it got me thinking about “our smell” and how having a nicely scented home is an instant mood booster.

From time to time, different retailers will send me a package in hopes that it might be featured. I typically don’t share these products unless I think they’re really amazing, but in this instance, I’ve been telling all my friends about this cool new device and opted to share it with you guys, too. Have you guys heard of Aera? Maybe I’m just behind the times, but my mind was blown! I’m not one to diffuse oils or anything like that just because the smell can be overwhelming and it’s honestly work to keep up with it.

Home FragranceWhen I first tried this gadget, I was pretty impressed that it uses smart home technology and even has an app. I set mine up on a timer and it releases a controlled amount (set to my preference), throughout the day. I have it set for seven days a week between the hours of 7am to 8pm. Unlike diffusing, this technology allows for a continuous, controlled release of fragrance in fine droplets- more like a dry vapor.

Off topic… but you can catch a sneak peek of my recently installed fireplace marble below. The living room reveal is coming soon- I’m just waiting on a few more pieces to arrive!

Aera Home FragranceThe other thing that was super impressive is probably the most important aspect: the fragrance. Each one was created by renowned perfumers that you’ll most likely recognize… Annie Buzantian (Giorgio Armani White, Marc Jacobs Dot), Sabine de Tscharner (Kenneth Cole), Christophe Laudamiel (Ralph Lauren, Clinique), and Raymond Matts (Elizabeth Arden Spa Collection, Cerruti 1881 Femme, and Chloe).

I’m not joking when I say these things smell divine! I’ve had multiple people come into my house and ask if I was burning a candle and what scent. My favorites include Moondance (bergamot, iris, & amber notes), Zephyr (lily of the valley and sandalwood), and Odyssey (citrus, juniper, & soft woods).

Aera Home ScentsIf you like a subtle scent, I’d recommend setting the device anywhere between 2 and 4. I currently have mine set at 3, and it’s just enough to notice.

Aera Home Fragrance AppAgain, this post wasn’t paid for, but sometimes something comes along and I just have to share! I’m adding another one of these to my birthday wishlist. I’d love to have a second one in the other part of the house near the bedrooms. I’ll always be a candle lover at heart (especially in the winter), but this is the perfect year-round alternative.

Do you guys notice the smell of other people’s homes? How about the scent of your own house? Is it comforting to you? Let me know if you guys have tried Aera before- so far I’m in love with mine.

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  1. This sounds amazing and I fully believe it smells even more amazing, but that price tag! Holey Moley! This might be something to add to the Christmas mist this year! I would love this as a product, because with a little one around, candles aren’t really an option until after kiddo’s bedtime!

    1. At first when I looked it up, I wasn’t sure… but after using the product and doing the math on how long the fragrances last, I was 100% sold. It’s definitely a big “wishlist” item for sure! With kids, when candles aren’t an option- it would be a great solution. My husband’s childhood home burned down from a lit candle, so we’re really cautious about that too. xo

  2. kddomingue says:

    There’s at least one component in each scent that I don’t care for. I would be interested if I could add my own preferred oils to the unit…..and if I had a smart phone which I do not, lol!

    1. Haha! The smart phone or “smart home” component (google home or amazon’s alexa) would definitely make it easier, but not necessary. I’m obsessed with the scents, but I don’t think you’re able to create your own at this time. You might have to take the candle route for awhile longer ;) xo