My Favorite Quartz Swatches + Backsplash Pairings

Quartz and Backsplash PairingsIf you like a low maintenance type of stone in your kitchen, quartz was made for you. Any client who comes to me asking for something easy, family-friendly, durable, indestructible, and stain resistant, I always recommend quartz. Let me start by saying, I love all types of stone… natural (like marble and soapstone), as well as man-made (quartz). I think there’s a time and place for both depending on the home. In my previous kitchen, I had a quartz countertop installed. In my new home, we’re using natural stones throughout- marble on the fireplace, soapstone in the kitchen, and marble in the bathroom (more on all of those projects and stone selections coming soon). However, in the meantime… and for my fellow quartz lovers- check out my favorite countertop swatches and backsplash pairings on the Interior Collective!

One of the main reasons I recommend quartz to families or those looking for a fuss-free surface is because it does not require any sealing – ever. This type of stone offers a virtually zero maintenance solution for countertops. Being non porous, that also means if you spill a glass of wine or olive oil, you don’t have to worry that the countertop is going to soak it up and stain.

Bianco Driftcaesarstone bianco drift + scalloped porcelain tile

calacatta nuvocaesarstone calacatta nuvo + organic glazed subway tile

rugged concretecaesarstone rugged concrete + black polished ceramic tile

I really like the color palettes and pattern that have more movement, mimicking natural stone… they feel organic and inviting. For the entire roundup and even more pairings, click over to the Interior Collective!

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