Favorite Designer Fabric Resources + A Pillow DIY

Lumbar Pillow DIYIf there’s one thing I really love seeing in a home, it’s nice textiles. I’m a bit of a design nerd when it comes to beautiful vintage or designer fabric! As a designer, I’m certainly aware that quality fabric comes at a cost (with a higher price tag). Sometimes it’s difficult to justify spending large amounts of your budget on fabric or convincing clients that it really will make a big difference. I totally 100% get it, so today I’m sharing tips for scoring nice fabric on a budget on the Interior Collective. I also threw in a lumbar pillow DIY to put that fabric to good use. That’s another way to save money- make it yourself. Click through for the post…

To start, I thought I’d share some of my favorite resources for designer and vintage fabric- along with some of my favorite textile designers.

Best Designer Fabric ResourcesF A B R I C   R E S O U R C E S

Typically, the larger wholesale retailers offer fabric by the yard at a better price. When searching for vintage or ‘used’ pieces, you can often find great deals on remnants. Maybe someone needed seven yards and only ended up using five… that usually means they’re going to let the remaining two yards go at a great price since their project is completed and the fabric is just sitting around.



Sometimes it’s also helpful to search by the designer or brand’s name… here are a handful of my favorites (I’m sure I’m missing a couple).

F A V O R I T E   D E S I G N E R S


If you’re splurging on quality fabric, be sure to do your research prior to placing an order.

  • Check the durability or rub count.
  • Request a swatch.
  • Double check and make sure the swatch works within the intended space or with the existing decor.
  • Once you have the swatch in person, how does it feel? Fabric with a nice ‘hand’ makes a big difference.
  • Don’t forget to factor in shipping costs… some of the designers are based internationally and shipping across the pond can be pricey.
  • Measure, then measure again. Luckily, most every resource allows you to make purchases by the yard… be sure to allow for overage, or if you’re buying a bolt- double check the width.
  • Know how to clean and care for the fabric. Is it dry clean only? Washable? Appropriate for outdoors and resistant to fading? Practicality is another selling point.
For the best part of the post, the lumbar pillow DIY, click over to the Interior Collective! I’m sharing a step-by-step sewing tutorial.

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