The Best Interior Design Books for Timeless Home Inspiration

I take pride in my book collection, home library shelves, and the curated titles scattered & styled throughout my home. The only thing I love more than digging into a fiction novel is bringing home an inspiring design book. This year has certainly been the year for beautifully published interior design books. I’ve got a few new favorites that you should add to your must-read collection, and I wanted to share a current list of favorites with you.

The Best Interior Design Books for Timeless Home Inspiration - Room for Tuesday

In the past, I’ve shared my top interior design book picks, but in the last couple months alone- I’ve added five or six new ones to the mix. Not only has my top 10 evolved, but I just purchased my favorite interior book to date… this week my mailman showed up with the new Ralph Lauren A Way of Living book, and it’s safe to say I’m smitten. More in the post! Keep scrolling for a fun-filled Friday read…

The Best Interior Design Books for Timeless Home Inspiration - Room for Tuesday

My Top Book Pick : A Way of Living

Emmett & I spent hours on the sofa combing through Ralph’s new book, dreaming, admiring, and pointing out fun design elements we’d never think to incorporate. That’s why print design is my favorite pastime… you can really sit down & get comfortable, spend time with content, note or bookmark pages to revisit, and fill an entire afternoon or evening gathering inspiration & entertainment. Turns out, books are my happy place these days- especially for home & interiors; they just have a sense of permanence.

The Best Interior Design Books for Timeless Home Inspiration - Room for Tuesday

A Way of Living is probably my favorite interior book of the decade (seriously), but then again- I’ve always been inspired by all things Ralph Lauren. It’s a BIG book filled with imagery from multiple homes, aesthetics, catalog shoots, interiors, exteriors, fashion, lifestyle imagery, RL history, etc. Trust me when I say- it’s one you’d also probably like. Beneath the dust jacket, it’s neutral and easy to style (pictured above), so all-in-all… it gets a 10/10 from me.

The Best Interior Design Books for Timeless Home Inspiration - Room for Tuesday

Now that I’m done praising RL for the design genius he is, let’s chat about the newest releases. During the month of September, six new titles landed on my desk at the Tuesday Made shop– all of which I immediately purchased to bring home.

Newly Released Interior Design Books

The Best Interior Design Books for Timeless Home Inspiration - Room for Tuesday

It was certainly a happy month for interior enthusiasts and design lovers. Here are six of my most recent finds that were JUST released:

  1. Ralph Lauren A Way of Living – for incredibly timeless interiors & styled vignettes
  2. Jake Arnold Redefining Comfort – for a fresh & modern take on classic home design
  3. Shea McGee The Art of Home – for room-by-room design & visual storytelling
  4. Heidi Caillier Memories of Home – for pattern play & a cozy cottage aesthetic
  5. Nicolas Cattelain Bagatelle – for a historic & aspirational look inside a French château
  6. Kelly Wearstler Synchronicity – for eclectic interiors & material /composition inspiration
The Best Interior Design Books for Timeless Home Inspiration - Room for Tuesday

Local Favorite : The Art of Home

I was recently invited to Shea’s book signing & The Art of Home release party here in Salt Lake, which was so much fun. It was really interesting to hear her talk about why she wanted to write the book and what topics she was sure to include. I’m surprised how much text accompanies the beautiful images- it’s a good one!

The Best Interior Design Books for Timeless Home Inspiration - Room for Tuesday

My Book Recommendations & Personal Picks

If you’re looking to invest in gorgeous reading & styling material this season, I’d recommend starting with the new arrivals, listed above. Otherwise, I’m going to link a bunch of my tried & true favorites below. Some are specific to a certain style of design or room design (like kitchen or baths). All are really good and grace the shelves & tables throughout my home.

Shop & browse my book picks by clicking directly on each one below…

Have you read any of those? Are any on your wishlist this season? Anyone else a big fan of print design? It’s funny- I get a lot of questions about how I fill the massive built-ins throughout our home and that has never really been an issue, given my intense love for books.

The Best Interior Design Books for Timeless Home Inspiration - Room for Tuesday

Design Book Sourcing & Styling Tips

If you’re on a budget, larger books like these can get expensive- be sure to keep your eyes peeled while thrifting. I’ve found many of these titles at my local secondhand stores. Check out this post for my best tips for thrifting & styling books. Here are a handful of ideas for styling interior design books throughout your home:

  • Stack on a console or entry table
  • Symmetric stacks on a credenza, sideboard, or buffet for added height
  • Style on a coffee table or desk
  • Display on an easel (great for the countertop, a desk, pedestal, or larger coffee table)
  • Style on a nightstand or bedside table
  • Use as risers for height and a good foundation (beneath a tray, lamp, candle, etc)
  • Stack beneath or on top of a chair
  • Line on a shelf (dispalyed horizontally or vertically)
The Best Interior Design Books for Timeless Home Inspiration - Room for Tuesday

Books are my number one tool for home styling. They’re the easiest way to achieve a collected and curated home, and they work for any budget. I also love that they’re multifunctional and provide entertainment, inspiration, all while doubling as decor.

The Best Interior Design Books for Timeless Home Inspiration - Room for Tuesday

Books also make a thoughtful gift as we head into winter and the season of gathering. I love tying a ribbon around a neatly wrapped book, writing a sweet dedication note on the inside of the cover, and I’m always keeping an eye out for those special little handwritten scripts when thrifting books. I think it makes them even more special! I picked up a secondhand book on millwork for Emmett and it had an inscription from a father to son, who was apparently building a home. Anyway- design is in the details!

The Best Interior Design Books for Timeless Home Inspiration - Room for Tuesday

Additionally, you may also find these links to be helpful…

The Best Interior Design Books for Timeless Home Inspiration - Room for Tuesday


What is your favorite interior book specifically for kitchen design?

I have two… The Perfect Kitchen and The deVOL Kitchen book. They both include classic kitchen design inspiration is a variety of aesthetics.

Who is your favorite designer / author?

Ralph Lauren. His home showroom is also my favorite stop at High Point Market.

Do you have any signed interior design books?

Yes! A handful actually… perks of being in the design industry and visiting showrooms during market. I have signed books from Nate Berkus, Kelly Wearstler, Alexa Hampton, and Shea McGee. Personally, having a signed book isn’t a deal breaker for me, but I do love the fun experience, conversation, or memory it adds.

Would you ever author an interior or design book?

I would love to. That would be a total dream come true! If anyone is in publishing- email me, ha.

The Best Interior Design Books for Timeless Home Inspiration - Room for Tuesday

Is anyone else finding interior inspiration via print lately? I hope you enjoyed this one! Check back on Monday for my 2023 fall home tour. It’s looking pretty around here and I can’t wait to show you around. I’ve got some extra posts built into the schedule next week as well, so we can properly catch up. I’ve been feeling under the weather this week, and Cash has been really sick- so we’ve been taking it slower than normal. More soon! Have the best weekend, friends. Thank you for being here!

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  1. Hello! A beautiful collection of new releases, for sure. While I do love reading and absolutely prefer paper to screen, I rarely keep books. Besides RFT, my design inspiration comes primarily from magazines. I definitely have a considerable stash of those! Due to your influence (of course!), I have recently focused on books when thrifting. My styling game is amateur at best, so any help is welcome. I haven’t scored any gorgeous design books, but I did find some interesting ones for my fall mantel. If I were going to splurge on a new design book, I would eagerly snap up the Heidi Caillier and Kelly Wearstler titles from your roundup. Quite different aesthetics, but I love them both! Also, the deVol kitchen book would be dreamy! This is one of the reasons I don’t buy books…I’d have a tough time stopping. Ha. Thanks, as always, for the recommendations. Sorry to hear that you and Cash are still feeling less than stellar. Here’s hoping the weekend brings some rest and relief. Happy Pizza Friday, Sarah!💜

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Hello, hello! Thank you, Peggi! I love your love for magazines. I’m anxiously awaiting the new edition of Frederic- it looks amazing. I thrifted some BIG vintage art books at the last estate sale and they’re styled at the Tuesday Made shop. Secondhand books always feel like a big win to me. Both the Heidi Caillier book and Kelly Wearstler’s new title are perfection. Cash and I are pushing through- hoping to feel better soon :) Thank you! Hope you had a fabulous weekend, filled with pizza & relaxation.

  2. Hey Sarah,
    You have an impressive collection of design books. And now you sell them at the shop, awesome. I love them too. I received a few over the years as gifts, my family enjoyed feeding my love for decorating and design. They are a generous bunch and I have quite a few. I brought many of them to the cottage as it’s the most serene place to immerse with a great book of any kind. I did recently purchase The Art of Home, it’s gorgeous and substantial. So fun you got to attend the celebration of the book launch 🥳 an incredible experience I’m sure. Shea is incredibly talented and I enjoyed her book very much. I highly recommend it too.
    I think the Ralph Lauren A Way of Living will be on my Christmas wishlist this year. It’s also looks fabulous and I’ve admired his interiors for many years so thanks for that recommendation. And all the book styling tips too ☺️
    Also, on another note I’m sorry you are under the weather so I hope you rest up and recover this weekend. And Cash I hope he will be ok, you mentioned a few weeks ago he was sick. Poor little guy ☹️ Sending big hugs to you both ❤️ Take care, so looking forward to the fall tour on Monday, it’s my favorite season 🍁

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you, Colleen! I love being able to support and share authors and designers. That’s one of my favorite things about having the shop. Our library shelves are no doubt second favorite to vintage rugs, ha. I feel like cottages, cabins, and books go hand-in-hand. Is there anything better than getting cozy with a good book? Of course I love them for styling and decor as well. Shea’s book is really beautiful and the book launch was fun. I enjoyed chatting with Lucy (her photographer) who shot 95% of the book. It’s so wonderfully captured. Definitely add the Ralph book to your Christmas list! They sold out immediately, but we’ve got more on the way. It really is my favorite book of the decade. He is such an inspiration. I’m hanging in there- thanks for your sweet words! Cash has pancreatitis and is on steroids, antibiotics, and a strict diet. I’m also on antibiotics for two weeks, which have been making me sick twice daily. Oof. I’ll be glad to finish these! I’m not one to take a lot of pharmaceuticals, so it has been rough. Pushing through though! Hoping to feel better soon :) xo

  3. I’m late to this one!😖 Good morning Sarah! You know I can’t resist a good design book- thank you for rounding out your previous post with an update on new releases. Can I just fan girl over the new Ralph Lauren book for a moment? STUNNING. He has long been my favorite designer when it comes to interiors and fashion, followed close behind by Mark D. Sikes. When you gave us a peak into the book on IG, I knew I needed to add it to my birthday/Christmas list. So much to peruse, and so many beautiful images. Shea McGee’s book has also been on my list. I’m a sucker for books in general, although my collection (read: hoard) is quickly surpassing my storage spaces. Ha! I can’t wait to get my hands on new and fresh interior inspiration. Fall has landed along with cooler temps and scattered rain, and I’m living for everything this fall brings. I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend, and hopefully feeling better! Xoxo

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      That’s ok- I’m also late to comment catch up! The new releases have been so good lately. It seems like every designer I love has just launched a book, and they’re all stunning. The Ralph books immediately sold out. I’ve got more ordered for the Tuesday Made shop, but they’re all on backorder already. I can’t believe how quick those flew off the shelf. You know I also love Mark D Sikes! Shea’s book launch was fun. Lucy (her photog) is incredible and so talented! It was also fun to chat with her about shooting the book. We’re adding some shelving to the basement, so that just means more room for books (in my mind), ha! We’re having the cool temps and rain here, too. It has been super nice. Hope your weekend was a good one!