Inspiring Finds From High Point 2021

Inspiring Finds From High Point 2021 - roomfortuesday.comWe just got back from High Point Market and it felt like a really special one… this was our first official Tuesday Made work trip, and it was very fulfilling! This particular market was actually one of the lowest attended (which was honestly fantastic for us), but it certainly didn’t lack creativity, talented people, and plenty of design & decor inspiration. If you’re unfamiliar with High Point Market, it’s a furniture, decor, and vintage trade show in North Carolina open to the trade only- architects, designers, and shop owners. Emmett, Jordan, and I put a LOT of miles on our walking shoes, but  it was well worth the effort. We crammed as much as we could into our 3-4 days at market. It was lovely to meet the artists, makers, and other small business owners that we already support & carry in our shop, as well as make new connections. I always love keeping an eye out for repeating design elements, trend forecasting, and taking notes on new design ideas while at market. That’s really what this post is about… a peek through my camera lens at some beautiful things that caught my attention. Click through to see what stood out to me at High Point Market this fall… this is a long post packed with interior inspiration, enjoy! 

Inspiring Finds From High Point 2021 - roomfortuesday.comAside from refueling the creativity tank and gathering all the inspiration, our main objective at market this time around was to source items for the shop. We wanted to pick out vintage goods, see the quality of things in person, touch & feel the materials, and really get a good feel for what we’re curating and to meet the people behind the items we carry. Nothing beats that in-person experience and after these last couple of years, I realized I really missed face-to-face interaction with other people passionate about design.

Inspiring Finds From High Point 2021 - roomfortuesday.comOf course, combing through vintage rugs is always a highlight, but I also enjoyed looking through the natural rug selections this year. Neutral woven rugs will always feel timeless to me. Plus- they’re extremely durable and perfect for layering with a vintage rug.

Inspiring Finds From High Point 2021 - roomfortuesday.comThis felt like a beautiful example of a natural, low profile woven rug (pictured above), and the styling was beautifully done. I love the casual look of the books in the bookcases, and noted that detail!

Inspiring Finds From High Point 2021 - roomfortuesday.comSpeaking of woven neutrals- I noticed a lot of woven decor and materials this market. That is another interior application that feels very classic to me, so don’t expect anything woven to go anywhere anytime soon! From baskets and rugs to pedestals and decor, woven elements are still heavily on my radar.

Inspiring Finds From High Point 2021 - roomfortuesday.comAnother thing I noted was super soft, luxe neutral and textural fabrics. The upholstery this market was top notch! I loved this monochromatic layered seating vignette…

Inspiring Finds From High Point 2021 - roomfortuesday.comWhile we don’t sell upholstery in our shop at this point, the super soft and luxe material applied to us in the form of smaller textiles & decor- like pillows and throws. This mohair throw is one that will be coming to the shop next year! Isn’t that texture lovely?

Inspiring Finds From High Point 2021 - roomfortuesday.comI spied plenty of velvet, mohair, linen, and brushed materials in both upholstered furniture, as well as decor. I also noticed lots of sculptural forms, curved arms, and softer shapes in regards to upholstered items- like sofas & chairs. I’m here for all of the traditional shapes!

Inspiring Finds From High Point 2021 - roomfortuesday.comDetails are something I always examine closely while at market, because the craftsmanship from these high-end custom furniture manufacturers are impeccable. I noticed lots of functional details like soft close drawers, as well as decorative details like brass inlay, clawfeet, brass capped feet, intricately tapered legs, extravagant hardware, etc.

Inspiring Finds From High Point 2021 - roomfortuesday.comStyling is another element I love seeing from the designer showrooms. I’m happy to report I noticed plenty of books when it came to shelf styling- which you know is my jam! Be sure to check out this post for 10 tips for shelf styling with LOTS of books. Bonus points if you layer lighting or artwork on your shelving or built-ins! I love those beautiful details.

Inspiring Finds From High Point 2021 - roomfortuesday.comSpeaking of lighting, I was most attracted to timeless and traditional shapes this market…. pharmacy lamps, petite floor lamps for reading, library lamps, and classic sconces. We’re still seeing a lot of brass and polished nickel- my two favorite finishes. I also noted lots of plaster fixtures, which I obviously enjoy.

Inspiring Finds From High Point 2021 - roomfortuesday.comIn regards to color, I spotted lots of green, blue, cognac, cinnamon, and golden or mustard hues… which is really my ideal color palette. I was loving all the green!

Inspiring Finds From High Point 2021 - roomfortuesday.comI was especially into the green wall color below. I wish I knew that specific paint color because it was gorgeous in person! The dog lamp was also a notable favorite, with the stunning silk shade…

Inspiring Finds From High Point 2021 - roomfortuesday.comThe pattern play this market felt pretty traditional and timeless- there were lots of ticking stripes, bold stripes, toile, and floral patterns to be seen.

Inspiring Finds From High Point 2021 - roomfortuesday.comI also noted some animal prints! I really loved this antique looking chair below, with the clawfeet and lion head arms. Isn’t that cool? There was some very well done wood, heirloom quality furniture.

Inspiring Finds From High Point 2021 - roomfortuesday.comThere was an abundance of burl, tiger oak, flame mahogany, and wood grains that really added warmth, pattern, and stole the show. It was fun having Emmett along at this market (his first), because as a builder and cabinet maker, he was very impressed with the furniture craftsmanship and was able to point out building details I never would’ve known.

Inspiring Finds From High Point 2021 - roomfortuesday.comThere were SO many greek key patterns to be found! Decorative trim, in general, is making a big comeback and I’m totally here for it. I loved seeing the greek key application pillows, sofas, wood furniture, bedding, and decor. I’m telling you- it’s timeless. Remember this recent post?

Inspiring Finds From High Point 2021 - roomfortuesday.comTextural wall coverings felt in line with what I’ve been seeing & sharing- grasscloth and subtle stripes will forever be my favorite. Ribbed details are still gaining traction, as well as cerused wood that adds a lovely pattern to furniture! I really liked the below dining table…

Inspiring Finds From High Point 2021 - roomfortuesday.comI also noted some beautiful leather in stunning color ways. I wished the chair pictured below would’ve been within my budget, because the casters would have made this lovely piece the perfect chair for my home office! Maybe someday.

Inspiring Finds From High Point 2021 - roomfortuesday.comWe were also able to source gorgeous vessels, classic artwork, and shelf styling accessories for the shop! A few of these are headed to the shop soon… which one is your favorite?

Inspiring Finds From High Point 2021 - roomfortuesday.comAlthough I’m usually an “ask me anything and I’ll share the answer” type of gal, market sources are a bit different. I shared some snippets on IG stories on our flight home, and was met with lots of “where is that from?!” questions. Even if I were to share the source, these resources aren’t open to the public, so a link wouldn’t do any good since the sites and companies who sell these goods are password protected and available to licensed trade members only. This is also how tradespeople make their living. The best way to buy something you’ve seen a designer share from market this past week is to support that designer, architect, or shop owner, and ask them if they carry it and when it will be become available! Thanks for understanding. I felt it was worth explaining why sharing links won’t work in this particular situation, since I had so many source questions. If you’re curious what it’s like to work with an interior designer or industry professional, be sure to give this blog post a read!

Inspiring Finds From High Point 2021 - roomfortuesday.comAs for us… we have SO many exciting new things coming to our shop– including plenty of vintage! Our new arrivals section is already filling up, and I’ve been putting in lots of hours photographing all the pretty new things (and holiday items). I’ll also spill a little secret to my blog reading friends- we’re going to launch a curated lighting section early next year, which has me incredibly excited (you know how I feel about good lighting). Anyway, it was a successful trip to High Point. I’m still trying to catch up on work, and am settling back into my routine after our fun adventure. Here’s to a productive and lovely week ahead! I hope you enjoy this little behind-the-scenes snippet. Hit me with any questions or thoughts you have in the comment section below!

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  1. Good morning! I’m glad you all had such a successful and inspiring trip! High Point sounds like design Disneyland, and I’m just going to admit I’m a touch envious. Those rooms piled with vintage rugs make me swoon. Not sure about the haphazard library, tbh, but I am intrigued by the upholstered arms on those dining chairs. Love all the texture and stunning wood details. I’m a forever fan of cerusing! That lion head chair looks just like your vintage bench…and reminds me that I am still on the lookout for a vintage piece of my own with that detail. Speaking of vintage, I didn’t realize antique dealers attended market! Now I’m doubly envious. Shopping for days sounds amazing and exhausting. I bet having Emmett and Jordan along was not only more fun but helpful. I enjoy shopping with someone for the crosstalk; those different perspectives help me process.😊 I’ll definitely have to go check the new arrival section in the shop. I can’t wait to see the lighting you select! So many exciting developments! I hope you are catching up on everything; that’s always the downside of travel. Here’s to a super (soggy!) last week of October?! 💜

    1. Hello, hello! High Point really is like designer Disneyland. Haha! Although, somehow I’ve never been to Disneyland, so I can’t make a fair comparison. Haha! I definitely need to get there someday. There were so many lion head and claw feet details this time around and they were making me so excited! I love those, too. There is an entire building filled with vintage and antiques that are sold to the trade- it’s always my favorite stop. I told Emmett next year we should drive and rent a truck, so we can haul things back. Haha! He didn’t seem super amused, but I kind of wasn’t joking. Lol! Jordan and Emmett were both so helpful! I loved brainstorming with them and dreaming up ideas for our little shop. We had fun! Here’s to the last (and best) week of October!! I’m ready :) Have a great Monday, friend! xo

  2. Good morning Sarah! Whew, where do I start? You know I’ll always be a fan of vintage rugs, natural rugs, woven baskets and decor, and Greek key all day everyday- so let’s get it out of the way that I am emphatically pleased you saw a ton of that at market. I’m ecstatic that trim detail is on the rise. When you see specific trends at market or finishing touches that stand out as up and coming, does an increase in price of those items follow suit?
    In my own perusing this past year I have noticed an increasing use of velvet, cognac leather, and mohair-I think I’m most excited about this being more and more prominent in upholstery because all of these are examples that I find the coziest, and most appealing to my eye. I’m also happy to hear that smaller details like brass feet, claw feet, brass capped feet, are making their way back into furniture. Those smaller elements are usually what draws me to a vintage furniture piece, and it’ll be nice to incorporate modern pieces with those details. I’m also noticing a lot of acrylic styling pieces in the pictures you e shared-good for me that I have a lovely friend who keeps acrylic on her shop! Ha!☺️ The dining table you love is stunning, and right in line with what I picture for a breakfast nook-but can we talk about that large format art piece in the background?? The one on the right specifically. That piece is awesome, and Im not sure what I love about it, but I love it! I’ve had some amazing luck with art lately, and I can’t wait to share my finds with you. On to the vessels you’ve shown-my personal favorite is right side, second shelf, followed by top center, lower right, and top right. I also wouldn’t mind left center, lol. I’m here for any and all lighting you select, and I’m ecstatic you’ll have a lighting section in the shop. How incredibly exciting! I’ve also scored in the lighting department the past few days and have items to share with you there as well. It looks like your experience at market was fruitful, inspirational, and invigorating of your creativity. I can’t wait to see all the lovely items that come into the shop. Have a wonderful Monday Sarah! Xo

    1. Market was so fun and super inspiring. I knew you’d love all of those pretty details :) Great question on trend spotting… usually the price stays consistent whether something is super trendy or not as much at any given moment, but the design industry as a whole is definitely having price increases and surcharges on shipping and items in general because of supply chain issues. Oof. It has been kind of rough, but we’re working through it and trying to keep costs as low as we can. All of the elements you’ve been noticing are right now with what we noted at HP. I’m still trying to pick out what vessels we want to order, so hearing your favorites was really helpful. Thank you, thank you! There was so much to enjoy at market this time around!

  3. Fantastic Sarah! Sounds like you were in your happy place at Highpoint and surrounded by tons of beautiful inspiration. I’m sure it felt amazing chatting furniture, decor and design with like minded professionals as well as sharing that experience with Jordan and Emmett. Super fun!
    Am I sensing a warm Ralph Lauren vibe with lots of coziness and tons of texture. Looks like you had a super successful trip and lots of beautiful things ordered for Tuesday Made 🥳 Yay!

    1. It was also fun for Jordan and Emmett to join me at market… I loved bouncing ideas, brainstorming, and seeing market through their eyes (it was their first time going)! We had a great time and came home with sore feet, but lots of inspiration. Haha! You hit the nail on the head with the Ralph Lauren vibes- that showroom is always my favorite, so many of the images are actually from the RL showroom! You have an excellent design eye ;)

  4. Looks like a productive and inspirational trip to Highpoint! Yay! And to share that with Emmett and Jordan too is fantastic 🥳
    I bet it was also so refreshing to chat with many like minded professionals in person to really charge those creative juices and stimulate more amazing design ideas. Sounds like you have some stunning items on order for Tuesday Made shop. Exciting! I hope you are having a terrific Monday ❤️

    1. Ha! My internet connection has been dropping in and out all day and I thought I lost my comment before I posted so I typed another one 😂 Oh well better twice than not at all 😬 Oops

      1. My internet was out all day on Friday! I feel your struggle, Colleen. Haha! I loved reading both comments :)

    2. It was so nice! I really enjoyed our High Point trip this year. I hope your week is off to an amazing start as well, Colleen! xo

  5. that polka dot diptych! will you be carrying it and if not can you direct me to someone who has it? thanks!

    1. I believe that was an original, but it would be an easy DIY! Sorry- I wish I had a source for you.