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Helpful Home Improvement, Architecture, & Design Books - roomfortuesday.comThis month, I shared two of my favorite resources on Instagram stories and have been receiving messages ever since, requesting additional resources or the book links I recommended. I figured it was time to roundup my favorite books and home resources in regards to home improvement, architecture, and design. If you missed my favorite inspiring interior design books, you can find those here! Otherwise, click through to discover some new resources Emmett & I use and love when it comes to renovating, interior design, and home projects… 

Helpful Home Improvement, Architecture, & Design Books - roomfortuesday.comI always strive for the blog to be an educational design resource, so when messages roll in for book requests- it’s my pleasure to share some tried & true favorites from our collection!

Helpful Home Improvement, Architecture, & Design Books - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on the books in the collage to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below to shop…

01: The Foundations of Enduring Spaces // 02: The Interior Design Handbook // 03: A Field Guide to American Houses (my version) // 04: Residential Interior Design : A Guide to Space Planning // 05: Renovating Old Houses // 06: Get Your House Right // 07: A Field Guide to American Houses (updated edition) // 08: The Elements of Style // 09: The Timeless Way of Building // 10: Home Repair and Improvement Guide // 11: Ultimate Plumbing Guide // 12: Ultimate Wiring Guide

If you’re wondering why I linked the Field Guide to American Houses book twice… it’s because many of you messaged asking why I have the old copy and which edition is best. I bought my copy in design school and never bought the updated version. The old version is wonderful, but I would probably encourage you to buy the updated version, as it’s up-to-date and expanded- the aesthetic is certainly better. As for the last three books in the roundup, the home improvement guides… those were gifted to us by Emmett’s parents after we purchased our first home (awesome gift idea, by the way!). While YouTube is an awesome and convenient resource, there is something about having a book that lies flat next to you while tackling a project (instead of having to hit rewind five times on a video). These have tons of photos and diagrams that make learning these skills easy.

Helpful Home Improvement, Architecture, & Design Books - roomfortuesday.comWhether you’re looking for millwork, architecture, or technical advice when it comes to renovating your home- all of these books cover some excellent topics and would be a great resource to add to your archive. I feel like I’ve shared lots of book roundups in the past year. I’m going to link all of the book posts below:

I love that you all are so into this! It has been really fun to talk about these fascinating topics and swap resources.

Helpful Home Improvement, Architecture, & Design Books - roomfortuesday.comAre there other book roundups you’d like me to compile? Perhaps on a specific topic or maybe for styling on the coffee table for conversation? I’d love to get some plants, gardening, and landscaping books this spring. Or- if you’re not into the book roundups, that’s ok too! I hope you’re having a great week so far.

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  1. Who doesn’t love a good book round-up? The internet is obviously convenient for a quick answer, but I don’t think you can beat having a single, comprehensive source. #1 and #8 look especially intriguing. I really enjoy an in-depth study when I discover a new interest or have a question. Gardening and landscape books would be a perfect choice for the (please come soon) spring season. I also think books on furniture styles might be fascinating. Fabric and textile design? The list of topics is endless. We’ll all need to be adding beautiful builtins to house our bursting book collections! Happy snowy Wednesday!💜

    1. Right?! My thoughts exactly. Even though we haven’t had much snow this winter (excluding this week, haha!), the thought of landscaping, gardening, and books associated with spring activities has me kind of excited. I love your ideas on furniture, antiques, and textiles… three of my favorite topics! I hope you’re having a happy snowy Wednesday too, Peggi! xox

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I just found your blog a few weeks ago, and I wanted to say how lovely and helpful it is and you are. Your enthusiasm and generosity of knowledge really shines through. It has been a very welcome addition in a difficult time.
    Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you so much, Elizabeth! You made my day. I really appreciate your kind words and am happy the blog has been a bright spot for you :) It definitely is for me. Talk to you soon, and have a lovely week! xo

  3. Good morning!! I just spent the better part of 30 minutes looking at each of these resources and adding books to my wishlist! Such an awesome roundup of helpful information! I especially love the plumbing and electrical guides. Those are handy for people like me who don’t necessarily know how to make a proper repair (because well, Jeff does all that). I definitely love the roundups Sarah, and gardening books for spring? That’s a huge yes please!! I would love to find a book about landscaping the front yard, or plant selection for different home styles (does that even exist?), or even plant selection by region. I must be in a reading mood, because I want all the books! I find YouTube helpful when I need an answer in a pinch, but I’m with you. I’d rather have it in print right next to me, than have to rewind a video. Plus, with YouTube there are a lot of bushwhacked repair tutorials that aren’t necessarily the right way to go. I’ve run into a few of those and have had to spend more time searching for the correct way to repair or fix first, so that I can find a video that demonstrates the right way lol. Thank you so much for compiling this reference for us Sarah! I can’t wait to add some new books to the mix!

    1. Those handy home improvement books have been used quite a bit in our house- what an awesome gift from Emmett’s parents. When we were first getting started, I know he referred to those often. I’ve even been able to use them successfully and I’m not nearly as handy. Haha! I’m adding gardening books, furniture, textiles, and landscaping to my roundup list :) You all have me excited for more reading and resources! I hope you’re having a wonderful week, Lauren! xox

  4. Jennifer Laura says:

    Love this roundup- reminding me of my old interior design school days!!

    1. Right?! Me too, Jennifer. It was funny to see my maiden name and class notes scribbled on some of the pages. Haha! Fun times.

  5. Some of these will come in handy for us sooner rather than later. I wish I was a fast reader! I too like books to have on hand rather than just technology. Books on landscaping sounds great! I have collected a few but it has been years since I have purchased one. Mine are mainly how to keep bugs away or green up the grass. LOL! Also, ditto to what Peggi suggested on furniture styles, fabric and textile designs.
    Happy Wednesday!

    1. Yess!! So many exciting opportunities to have fun with in your next house, Danna :) I don’t care how much technology advances, I will always love books! I can definitely roundup some favorites on landscaping, gardening, furniture, and textiles- so many amazing suggestions between you and Peggi. Thank you! Hope you’re having a fantastic day. xox