Roundup : Dining Chairs

In our previous homes, I’ve always used cantilever dining chairs. I have no idea why I’m so attracted to them and have the best luck scoring that type of vintage seating, BUT- I think I’m finally ready for something new. As we dive into demo on our dining room next week, I’ve had dining furniture on the brain. I actually scored a vintage set that is currently sitting in our garage broken, so as long as we’re able to repair and restore it… I don’t really have a need for dining furniture, but it sure has been fun to look around and compare! Click through to check out the dining chairs I’m really digging lately…

Shop my finds below!

01: riviera dining chair // 02: white dining chair // 03: rattan dining chair // 04: jaime dining chair // 05: milford dining chair // 06: armless dining chair // 07: leather dining chair // 08: mod dining chair // 09: cane dining chair // 10: woven dining chair // 11: bronze dining chair // 12: director dining chair // 13: rena dining chair // 14: dax dining chair // 15: jeffrey dining chair // 16: black dining chair // 17: rider dining chair // 18: marte dining chair

Ughhh there are SO many good ones! These seriously have me contemplating whether it’s worth the effort to refinish our vintage dining set…. it’s pretty tempting to buy new beautiful chairs.

I fell in love with this gorgeous dining area my friend Emily designed for the Alice Lane parade home. Remember that post? That’s when my love for colored dining chairs was reignited.

Any favorites from the bunch? Those green bistro chairs are making me want a beach house realllll bad. I’m excited to start our dining room. After finishing our kitchen, we’ve been sitting on the floor to eat or taking our food down to the basement countertop seating. I hope everyone is having a good week!

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  1. Soooo many great choices! I have to say that dining chairs are maybe the one item I usually want to purchase new; a rickety wooden chair makes me nuts, and I have no skill for refurbishing them. I actually have metal dining chairs that I love-indestructible! From the round-up, I’m definitely drawn to the dark options- 9, 11, 15 and 16. The profile of #15 is smashing! I also really love the shape of #14. I’m partial to at least a little arm on all of my dining chairs too. I think we all deserve to be captains.😉 Regardless of what you choose, it will be beautiful…and an improvement on the floor!

    1. I agree… new dining chairs are probably the best way to go! We’ll see if we can repair and make our vintage ones sturdy because they’re super cool!! I love that – “we all deserve to be captains”… new motto :) Having a busy week prepping for school?! Enjoy the last of summer vacay

  2. This is one of my fears, which is slowly coming to life – finishing our house and “not needing” X Y Z!

    Our front living room has been empty for three years, and just Sunday I pulled the trigger on some upholstery furniture and rug for the seating area, after months of considering different pieces/layout – I love this process, and def take my time with it. The rug was the first to arrive, and as we unrolled it in the room – I am very happy with how it looks in-person and in the space – I immediately started to feel a twinge of sadness b/c the design process is wrapping up. HA!

    There’s always tweaking, and changing layouts (I try to pick furniture that will give me layout flexibility), and decor….not to mention three bedrooms that need design attention, and one bathroom/laundry room waiting to be renovated in a few years. (I already bought the stone slab for the bathroom, I found it when shopping for my sister’s kitchen last winter – it’s for my girls, now ages 6 and 7, and the stone has swirls of soft PINK, gray and white! How could I not buy it?!)

    1. I hear you Karen! I love having a project. Luckily, we still have 75% of our house left to finish. Haha! Your new seating area sounds like it’s going to be gorgeous…. as well as that stone :) great find! xo

  3. Refinishing takes so much time! I don’t have tons of time, but I have even less money, so here I am with a $90 set of vintage Danish dining chairs, two of which need to be completely reglued, all of which have chipping paint and three layers of upholstery on the seats… and they are in line behind 2 other refinishing projects. It’s a good thing I have other dining chairs that are working fine for now, if less stylish!

  4. Lana Covill says:

    Just curious about the vase on the table in the picture of Alice Lane parade home? Thanks

    1. Hi Lana! I’m actually not sure where that one is from. I’m not seeing it on their website. I’m sorry!

  5. mockginger says:

    Thank you for this post! Some great options for our new dining chairs (Christmas presents to each other in lieu of wrapped gifts). I was wondering in the future for these types of posts though if you could try to post prices with the links? That way it saves people clicking on 18 links only to potentially find out something is out of their price range. Thanks again! I can’t wait to see what you do in 2020!

    1. Aw I love that idea- dining chairs in lieu of gifts :) I typically post a shopping slider at the bottom of each roundup blog post, that contains prices when hovered over. Happy New Year!