Readymade Pleated Curtains & Drapery Panels

Readymade Pleated Curtains & Drapery Panels - roomfortuesday.comLet’s chat window treatments today! I love a french pleated, euro pleat, double & triple pleated, as well as fan folded drapery panels. They feel so elegant and always hang perfectly while looking tailored and intentional. Shortly after moving into our current home, I realized this house was perfectly suited for beautiful curtains that could elongate the extra tall ceilings and beautifully frame our colonial windows and french doors. Unlike our last home that was more modern and required lots of custom roman shades, this place got me excited about drapery again. The only issue? Sticking to a budget when you have lots of windows to outfit can be tricky. Pleated curtains are often custom and come with a hefty price tag. I splurged on custom curtains for my home office before we even started renovating! Check out that project (along with the cost) in this post. If you’re not taking the custom route for the sake of the budget, good pleated drapery can be difficult to source. I thought it was time I rounded up some good options that look high-end or custom, minus the expensive price tag that comes with fully custom window treatments. Many of these are semi customizable (select your length, color, fabric, etc), so be sure to click through to explore all the options! 

Readymade Pleated Curtains & Drapery Panels - roomfortuesday.comWhy layer or frame windows with drapery panels in the first place- especially if you have a roman shade, woven shade, or roller shade? Panels create an added layer of climate control or thermal protection that helps keep heat or cool air from escaping, they can also add an additional layer of privacy, and of course for aesthetic purposes. Ready to check out some options?

Click directly on the drapery swatches to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: sheer faux linen curtain // 02: pinch pleat curtain with banding // 03: taupe linen pleated curtains // 04: semi sheer pleated curtains // 05: pleated knot curtains // 06: toile pleated curtains // 07: linen pinch pleat curtain // 08: solid pleated curtain

When looking for readymade options, be sure to take precise measurements. Instead of having a professional take measurements for you- it’s up to you to create a customized look with readymade panels. Remember that pleated panels are usually less in width, so your windows may require more than one on each side- depending on the window size. I like my curtains to barely kiss the floor, in regards to length- so usually I want those to hover about 1/2″ or less above the floor. Drapery hardware also goes a long way in making window treatments feel more customized. Be sure to choose hardware that is appropriate for your home and aesthetic.

01: double pleated curtain // 02: thermal pleated curtain // 03: edge banded pleated curtains // 04: triple pinch pleat curtains // 05: linen pleated curtains // 06: designer pleated curtains // 07: pleated drapery panel // 08: velvet pleated curtains

Readymade Pleated Curtains & Drapery Panels - roomfortuesday.comIt’s also beneficial to think long term. For example, in my home office- I opted for pleated panels even though I have a cornice board that covers the top track. Should I ever want to remove the cornice boards, I’ll have beautiful drapery below that can work well on its own.

Readymade Pleated Curtains & Drapery Panels - roomfortuesday.comKeep in mind, you can also customize readymade panels yourself- with minimal effort. Add an appliqué or banded edge for a customized look, hem the curtains to the perfect length, or you can even pleat the curtains yourself, if you’d prefer to buy basic panels.

Readymade Pleated Curtains & Drapery Panels - roomfortuesday.comI’ve even added pleating hooks to Ikea panels in the past (pictured above), so don’t let your budget restrict you when it comes to tailoring your window treatments to perfectly fit your home. It just takes a little creativity and thinking outside the box to achieve a polished or unique look. If you’re on a tight budget, be sure to check out resources like Amazon and Ikea. If you’re interested in semi customization, Etsy is an amazing resource filled with talented people who can sew and alter window treatments for less.

Readymade Pleated Curtains & Drapery Panels - roomfortuesday.comHopefully this post is a helpful resource if you’re thinking about updating or adding window treatments to your home. Let me know if you have any questions! I’m always happy to help.

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  1. Good morning! Quickly googling all those different pleat styles. Who knew there were so many? That’s a pretty great round-up of readymade drapery! Those examples in the first collage with the little knot detail? Amazing! The trims offered in that shop are glorious! As much as I love the opportunity for another layer of color and pattern, I’ve never really had drapes. Our modest homes have always seemed more suited to shades and blinds. I also crave maximum light at all times. I so admire the look of yards and yards of beautiful fabric and trims, though! Maybe in my next house? Until then, I’ll just ogle the pretty choices! Today is yoga and wine at the farm! We should have a perfect 65 degree evening, cloudy with a slight breeze. Then back to my house for chili, cornbread and selecting our next book. Let’s go Wednesday!💜

    1. I feel like there are a zillion things to know and learn when it comes to window treatments. That was one of the most challenging things I learned in my college interior design classes. Oof. I still haven’t mastered all of it. I also loved and noted those gorgeous little knot details! I hope yoga and wine at the farm was a smashing success! That sounds like the best time with my ideal weather. Cornbread and chili is a pairing that I’ll always love, which reminds me of home in KY. Yum!! You’ll have to let me know what book you landed on. My sister just texted me and recommended three new books for me: The Stationary Shop, The Silent Patient, and The Good Sister. Have you read any of those? I keep telling her she needs to start a virtual book club blog. She’s a reading machine and usually finishes 3-4 a week.

  2. Happy Wednesday and what a fabulous resource for ready made panels! I’ve been browsing options for quite some time, with various rooms in mind. Many of these options are now added to those lists. Thank you for taking the time to roundup so many! My challenge is that almost all of my windows require two panels per side-how do you make the two panels look seamless?
    When you choose to layer over Roman shades, do you choose the same light qualities for each layer? (For example light filtering or blackout for each layer, or would you choose one layer to be light filtering and the other blackout?) In a room like a primary suite that includes a primary bath, how cohesive do window treatments need to be? Is it acceptable to choose the same Roman shades for each window, but have different drapery panels in the bedroom area than the bath? I think I know what my plan is, I’m just not certain it will look as fantastic as I envision, haha! I hope you have a fantastic Wednesday Sarah. Thanks again for the awesome roundup. Xo

    1. Happy Wednesday! Roundups and virtual shopping is my favorite. Ha! I think the pleated panels actually look more seamless side by side than others because they’re naturally trained to curve in and out with the pleats. You can also stitch or fuse them together to make one large panel, but I usually just install them side by side. When layering, I usually think about the function first and of course the design. So if I need privacy, my woven wood shades won’t give me that (they’re basically transparent at night). By adding an extra layer with drapery, that allows me to have more control (and privacy). It really just depends on the situation and what each treatment brings to the table. You really only need one layer that is blackout. However, if you like the look of two blackout options layered, it’s not a bad thing to install them together- even though they do the same thing. I think you can have different window treatments in the bedroom and the bath, even if they’re connected. That’s my plan for our primary suite someday :) I hope that helped to answer some of those. xo

  3. Im saving this post for future reference when I am trying to decide on curtain panels. You’ve got beautiful panels in your house. I love the combination of wood/bamboo blinds and curtain panels. It adds more interest and texture. The glimpse into your office makes me so excited for you. Enjoy your Wednesday Sarah.

    1. I love hearing that, Danna! I also love the look of layering for texture and function. My post was pretty timely for window treatments because the rod in our primary bedroom came crashing down today. Ha! Apparently we missed the stud on hanging those up, so we’re replacing it with a track. Maybe I’ll write about that soon. Hope you had a lovely Wednesday :)

  4. kim rowland says:

    Great post about curtain panels. I also love roman shades. I believe you’ve posted about those as well. If a roman shade is on the front of the house, how do you cover up all the strings/poles/inner workings of the shade? Help. Looks so ugly on the other side of the window.

    1. Thanks, Kim! I’m a fan of roman shades as well! I’d recommend choosing a liner that matches the inner workings of the shade, so it seamlessly blends. Many of the higher end shades also have hidden components with minimal strings, which means you just choose the liner. When we had lots of roman shades in our previous home, it really didn’t bother me. We had giant windows and you could easily see the components, but our shades were only closed during the evening hours, which made it less noticeable in the dark. I always left them open during the daytime to allow natural light inside.

  5. Jess Hissem says:

    Hello, thank you for posting this! Can I ask what curtain rod you used in the last photo and how you mounted it? I have a really long slider and my husband made me mount our curtains with 2 brackets instead of 1 in the middle because he was afraid it would pull out of the wall. I hate it because when I open the curtains I can’t pull them all the way to the side and the panels look too thin. Thanks!

    1. I actually had that custom made locally, and it’s mounted with 3 brackets (each end, plus a center bracket). I totally get your husband’s worry about the brackets pulling from the wall. It really depends on the weight of the drapery, the rod (ours is heavy duty), and the installation. Make sure you’re able to screw it into studs or use the appropriate anchors. I hope that helps, Jess!

  6. Stephanie O says:

    Hey Sarah—
    Do you happen to remember where your woven blinds are from in your living room? I’ve searched the blog and couldn’t find them linked. They are the perfect shade of brown! :) Thanks in advance!!

      1. Hi Sarah – I couldn’t get the link to your woven blinds to work. Any suggestions?

  7. Donna mccluskey says:

    Where is the vertical stripe curtain from in your first photo?

  8. Where are the stripe curtains from please?

    1. Those are in my living room, and I actually had those custom made! I’m sorry. I wish I had an easy link.