marble-patternIt’s been a bit since I’ve filled you in on my favorite links and life happenings. Click through for a little renovation update, as well as things that have really inspired me lately!

gibson-renovationRenovation Update // It’s not pretty, folks… it gets worse (and ugly) before it becomes beautiful. So far during our renovation, we’ve ordered new windows, new interior doors, and new exterior doors. Emmett is currently working on building a new fireplace and custom built-ins (see the image above), and I’ve been picking up trash and recycling lots of cardboard moving boxes. I’ve also designed and rendered our bathroom. We’ve ordered closet systems because we’re reallllllly struggling in the storage department without a basement or garage, and in case you missed the floor refinishing- find that post here. New light fixtures are slowly being installed. Millwork and mouldings have been decided on. I was also invited to a quarry in Atlanta last week to source marble for our fireplace and kitchen (see my trendy hardhat below). Obviously, I’ll post about these individual things as they unfold, but for now… that’s where we are. Unfortunately, it’s going to a bit before you see fully finished, decorated spaces. You’re welcome to follow along on snapchat for behind the scenes and in-progress clips (snap: @sar.gibs // stories: @sargibs).

polycor-quarry-tourAlright… onto inspiring links:

-I’ve been daydreaming about a little fall getaway. Check out these 10 fall travel destinations (organized by your location). I’m looking forward to meeting some of my girlfriends in Vegas next month, but that doesn’t exactly scream fall.

-I decided to start selling some of my treasures on Chairish. Unfortunately, our new home has much smaller bedrooms than our previous home and there’s no way I can squeeze everything in. Check out my shop (and give my prized possessions a loving new home).

-I totally pinned this. 20 simple weeknight dinner recipes. I’m pretty sure we could all use these. Cooking on weeknights is kind of the worst.

-Looking for new reading material? I definitely ordered a couple of these… 10 must-read books for women in business.

-One day I dream of having an old, winding staircase, so that I can cover it in vintage runners. This DIY might be the best I’ve ever seen.

-I’m almost out of my go-to perfume (which I love!!), but I want to try something different. Do you guys have any suggestions? It’s getting close-ish to my birthday, and I’m thinking I might treat myself. Ha!

-Speaking of…. sometimes we all need to do a little something for ourselves- for our mental sanity, well being, and to creatively recharge. I absolutely loved this article: 50 ways to practice self care. I’m really bad at this, but I’m trying to do better. This list is a great place to start! I printed it out at stuck it up in my office. My goal is to do one of these each week- want to join?

-Have you guys heard of furniture bleaching? I’m seeing more and more blonde wood tones appear in my feed, and I have to say- I’m loving it! Light colored wood is definitely make a quick comeback, and it’d be a fun DIY to try.

-On Pinterest, I’ve been focusing on bedrooms lately. My guest room is going to be the first “completed” styled room in our new home, so I’ve been scouring the web for inspiration. So far, I’ve purchased the bed, an extremely weird light fixture (against my sister’s advice), and bedside sconces. Stay tuned for that!

Can you guys believe September is almost over? I feel like I say this every year. It just flies by! I’ve already lined up lots of fun fall posts for October and am looking forward to sharing more of our reno. I probably don’t mention this enough, but thanks so much for reading, for following along, and for the positive encouragement. You all make my day and are the cause of lots of smiles! xo

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  1. Christiane Nick says:

    So cute in your hard-hat! And that marble looks gorgeous.

    1. Ha! It was SO hot in the quarry- I was melting, but the marble was well worth it. It was amazing. Miss you! xox

  2. Can’t wait to see the transformation. You rock that hard hat👍

    1. Ha!! The guest room will be ready for you guys! xo

  3. You’re the cutest little Bob the Builder I’ve ever seen. Vegas! Loved Bossypants and Girl Boss — which other ones did you get?

  4. oh, wow! i didn’t realize you could have your own “shop” on Chairish! I’m totally eyeing your old dining room chairs, as well as that tv console! how cool would it be to own a piece or set of furniture from one of my favorite designers! p.s. love your necklace! and as for perfume, i love and will never switch (maybe??) from my current favorite, which has been my go-to for the past six or so years. it’s called The Charmer, and it’s from Anthropologie.

    1. Yes!! I just added a bunch of new things to the chairish shop, too (they’re pending approval)… but my fireplace candles, as well as a mirror are both being added! And you’re too sweet- thanks SO much for the amazing compliments, Georgia! I definitely need to pop over to Anthro and check out The Charmer perfume. Thanks so much for the tip! xoxo