NoteworthyIt’s been a crazy week preparing for our move, but we’re officially hitting the road this morning. It’s a 27 hour drive from our current home to our new place and it’s going to be a long three days. Luckily, my sister opted to come along to help drive and unpack. Since next week may be a little sparse when it comes to blog posts (because of the move), I wanted to leave you guys with some of my favorite links and finds this month.

  • I loved this short four minute TED talk. The simple moral is really one I try to live by… everyday offers us an opportunity to affect someone. No matter how small your act of kindness is, if you have something to give, give it now. Plus, the firefighter is a pretty comedic guy.
  • Speaking of public speaking (ha!)… I tried my first Facebook Live session last week and it was sort of a bust. It was just short of crashing and burning. Do you guys like interacting on Facebook live? Maybe it’s because I don’t have many FB followers- it’s just not my most popular outlet. Even though I’m incredibly awkward and have no clue what to talk about- I’d love to try again if you guys would like? Let me know your preference, topic, and time! Or- tell me if you hate FB live altogether and think it’s not worth it.
  • One of my newest favorite home decor resources is sort of unexpected: Zara Home. Have you guys checked it out? So many well designed products with great prices!
  • I’m realllllly looking forward to fall weather and fashion. I know I shouldn’t wish the summer away, but after a really long hot & humid stretch in Ohio, the weather sort of mellowed out this week and it has me craving fall.
  • I was supposed to get rid of a lot of furniture and home decor this past month since we’re moving… Emmett was not super stoked to learn that I bid on (and won) a couple of vintage items yesterday. We had to make an impromptu trip to Cincinnati to load MORE stuff into our moving truck. Do you guys use this website? It’s an estate sale website and I’m addicted… it’s probably a good thing they don’t have a Utah location yet.
  • Who has seen Michelangelo’s David in person? The sculpture is so incredible! It’s definitely one to see if you’re in Florence. I just discovered it’s in danger of collapsing. He’s weak in the ankles, if you will. While living in Italy studying art, I remember having to sketch this massive guy. The sheer size of the sculpture really took me by surprise. I’m hoping they can find a solution so generations to come can enjoy this amazing piece of history.
  • My carry-on luggage broke the last time we traveled… this roller bag is on my wish list, as well this weekender. Does anyone have favorite travel bag recommendations?
  • Impress your guests one more time this summer, or get ready for fall parties- here’s an easy tutorial that I’ll be saving for triple folding napkins! Cool, right?!

Any other inspiring, funny, noteworthy links I should check out this week? I’ll be in the car for a longggg time and your suggestions will help me pass the time! Talk to you guys soon… from my new location. xo

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  1. Ann Heltzel says:

    1. Safe travels! And I can’t wait to see the beautiful pics of Utah you will be posting!
    2. I never heard of Zara “home”, I was ready to order a vase until ….
    3. OMGOSH that estate sale site is going to be trouble! Hey Emmett, Sarah is just starting to furnish the new place probably at a GREAT price so smile. As long as it fits in the truck right?
    4. This bag is on my wishlist
    You can pack it then squish it down and it locks in place. I bit the bullet and bought my first B&R bag 5 years ago on a splurge and never looked back. Also I do not choose a roller bag for my carry on because I lose packing space. Sigh, such a tradeoff for the luxury of ease but when I went to Kansas City for 8 days for the AP Reading I made the trip with my carryon! Yep. Packed dresses for work and some crop pants with mix and match tops and all my after work clothes were under armour. I should have made a commercial!

    1. Thanks, Ann!! Love the travel bag on your list.

  2. Wow, never heard of the estate sale website before but just spent an hour browsing…a new favorite!

    1. Yes!! I love that site. So glad you like it, too!

  3. Love your blog and this post. Great TED talk too! :)

  4. Melissa Behrens says:

    Uh oh… that estate sale website is going to be addicting…

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Hi! Thanks for checking out We love your blog! xx

    1. EBTH is one of my favorite resources!! Thanks, Olivia. xo