Switching Decor for Summer


Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of neutrals and purchasing items with a longterm mindset, but I’m also a fan of trading accessories a couple times each year based on the season. I’ve added a tiny bit of color to my living room for spring and summer and wanted to share easy updates to help make the transition and freshen a space!

I gladly welcome the change of seasons for an opportunity to breathe new life into my home and make things a little different. Here are a handful of simple updates to make this season…

Palm Leaf and Diagonal Pillows

Update Your Pillows // Bring a little color in with accessories and pillows. There’s nothing a like a new down filled pillow with a pretty print! I’m always attracted to a classic palm leaf (because I love green), but this season I’m also really into high contrast statement pillows. I love the diagonal velvet one above. What a fun new take on color blocking!

Below, the organic lines of the brushstroke pillow works well with the base of the wood lamp. They contrast each other nicely. Basically, a few new throw pillows make a big impact. The three pillows I added are available in a bundle (and discounted for Room for Tuesday) right here!

Black and White Abstract Pillow

Add Flowers or Greenery // I prefer to move many of my houseplants outside each spring and summer. They really thrive and grow during these months, so in their place, I bring fresh flowers inside! It’s an easy and inexpensive way to add temporary color.

Living Room

Open the Windows // This seems obvious, but my mood totally changes when there’s fresh air blowing through the house. Before it gets too hot outside, I’m taking full advantage of airing out my home… not to mention the natural light is certainly a mood booster.

Swap Throws // If you like keeping throws in your living space, swap heavy blankets for lighter throws. The textiles of winter, like wool, can easily be replaced for summer alternatives, such as light weight linen or cotton. I tuck them away in my linen cabinet for the season and bring them out when the time comes.

Coffee Table Accessories

Consider Scent // Believe it or not, the fragrance of your home really influences the aesthetic. I feel happiest and content when my home smells pleasant or clean. It’s just more inviting! I have a big obsession with candles, so each season I try to add a couple new ones to my collection. If you’re not into candles, try a diffuser.

Green, Gray, and Coral Living Room

Clean & Organize // Last but not least, I go on a cleaning rampage every season. I deep clean the house, organize, and keep it tidy. For me, it’s less overwhelming and it feels more comfortable.

Even though we become comfortable living with in our home as is, sometimes trading things up is a breath of fresh air. Don’t be afraid to restyle and move things around! Little changes like these always make a big difference and I’m left feeling much happier in the end, season to season. How do you ready your living space for summer?

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  1. Hey Sara, I know this is an older post but I was going through it and re-loving it again and wanted to ask about the curtains… do you remember where they are from? They are perfect!!!

    1. Hi Alyssa, thanks so much! The curtains are super affordable from Ikea! xo