Noteworthy : Holiday Decorating and Inspiring Links - roomfortuesday.comHappy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Ours was busy and crammed full of projects, but we made time for some fun and relaxation too… the best of both worlds! I figured I was due for a Noteworthy post since it has been awhile. I’m sharing renovation updates (including more on my mini $300 laundry room makeover), inspiring links, things I’m loving lately, recent purchases, and details on how I’m slowly easing into holiday decorating. Click through to read about all the things…

Let’s start with the renovation updates. As you know, our One Room Challenge space, the formal living room, is still very much in progress. Emmett is still working on laying those pesky herringbone hardwood floors– they look amazing, they’re just time consuming! He also has been busting it on getting the built-in finished. I’d say he’s about 75% there, but it’s looking incredible. I can’t wait to share our Week 7 update on Wednesday with you.

As for me, I tried to stay out of his way in the formal living room this weekend (too many cooks in the kitchen sort of situation), so I started a quick, budget-friendly ($300) laundry room makeover. I still have some painting and styling to do, but I’ll be sharing the finished space, resource links, and details in a big blog post this Thursday! Definitely come back for that and see how it turned out. In the meantime, all the details and video updates on saved on my IG in a highlight titled “laundry room”.

If you’re already into the holiday mindset (for those of you who are early birds), I started adding gift ideas to my Amazon Storefront! You can shop gifts personally curated by yours truly (aka- me), in the following categories:

Speaking of holiday gift giving, I’ve been planning some fun holiday giveaways for you guys that will start in December! I probably don’t tell you enough, but I so APPRECIATE you all showing up to read, comment, and offer encouragement. I’ve made so many friends through the blog. Can I also take a quick minute to send a special shoutout to an incredible blog friend who shows up every single day to chat with me… I’m talking to you Peggi! This amazing soul wakes up early, reads every single blog post, and leaves a comment each and every day. That kind of commitment, encouragement, and support deserves an award. Seriously. I wake up, sit at my desk with coffee and look forward to reading her thoughts every single morning. It’s truly the best!! Peggi… I’m going to need your mailing address, because I’ve got a little something special for you! Look for an email from me.

This article put a big smile on my face… a homeless Detroit man bought an abandoned house for $1,500 and spent 10 years renovating it for his wife. It’s a win / win story of love- the neglected home was restored, a family has a charming place to call their own, and dreams turned into reality for a sweet couple.

Last 5 purchases? Thanks to our recent renovations and European vacation (linking travel guides & vacation recaps if you missed them!), I overspent the last two months- oops…

My plan for holiday decorating is to start small and do a little each week (as you can see in the photo in the intro). I want to enjoy Thanksgiving before I go full-blown Christmas. So far, I just have greenery on the front porch. I’ll add bows, additional holiday wreaths and lights after Thanksgiving! I bought two wreaths for our new front doors, and swapped the mums for pines & greenery. I’ll show you very soon! Speaking of… just how soon would you like to see Christmas decor and posts? I don’t want to skip Thanksgiving, but I know lots of you like to get a jump start on ideas! Let me know in the comment section, please and thank you.

I’m sure many of you have heard about the new changes Instagram is rolling out today and this week… check out this article. Although I should probably be more concerned since it’s a large part of my business, my mindset has always been this: share quality authentic posts, be honest, make friends, be open minded, and do my best to share original inspiration every day. I hope you guys notice that if you follow along on IG! My theory is this… if my posts are beautiful, truthful, and come from the heart or a place of passion- others will notice and I’ll continue to see growth. Isn’t that what social media platforms are all about anyway? Connecting. If Instagram is also a big part of your business or lifestyle, don’t fret about the algorithm or any other experiments or changes they roll out. It will all work out, friends!

Nate Berkus says there is one kitchen trend that will never go out of style… it’s in this article, along with tips for decorating a kitchen from the master himself. There are some good tips in this one if you go this route!

Well that’s all from me for now! I’m off to finish the laundry room so I can share that later this week. Everyone have a wonderful day and a great work week! PS… if you are on the holiday decorating train, dropping some finds below:

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  1. Seeing a shot out for Peggi is why I love this blog. That’s so awfully sweet of you. Peggi has definitely become a part of this blog. I can’t be the only one who checks to see if she’s responded. ; )
    Looking forward to the laundry room makeover.

    1. I do this, too! After every post, I have to check to see what Peggi had to say about it. What a sweet, encouraging heart. I’m so glad you gave her a shout-out. :)

      1. Yesss!! We all love Peggi :) I so wish we were all closer in location, I’d host a big dinner or something for all “the regulars”!! How can I make that happen? Ha!

    2. She’s the best! I look forward to her witty and fun comments every single morning :) I’m glad you all love seeing those as much as I do! xo

  2. Absolutely I couldn’t agree more ☺️ with Tracey…….Incredibly nice to recognize Peggi as she an wonderful cheerleader and full of inspiration 💗
    Best noteworthy post ever!!! and yes excited for the laundry room makeover too 😍

    1. She’s wonderful!! I love seeing your frequent comments too, Colleen! You all really make my day :) so thank you! xo

  3. Awww. You’re the sweetest! Starting my day here is a joy.💖 But..about the Instagram algorithm. They are trying to make it better for teens? Interesting. I only use it for fun (have yet to figure out how to monetize 5 million pictures of Joe🤣), but I would have thought business users were more plentiful than teens. Regardless, I think your attitude is just right. Keep it authentic, inspiring and fun; algorithm, shmalgorithm.
    (PS Also looking forward to the laundry room post.)

    1. I’m willing to bet people would show up for cutie Joe on IG. Haha! All true words- you’re a bright light every single morning and your wit & humor is one of my favorite parts of the day… so thank you :) xo

  4. Melanie T says:

    I had noticed that Peggi would always lead the comments off and wondered how she did that all the time at the ungodly early times when the comments were posted. But more noteable than that is her expressive comments. I have sometimes thought I’d enjoy having a cup of coffee with this gal!

    1. Right?! SO early. I also enjoy her expressive comments. I think we’d all appreciate having a cup of coffee with her!!

  5. You are the kindest Sarah! Peggi is hilarious!
    So I bought the large painting tray because it holds a gallon of paint…because of you! Thank you. The little bucket is my favorite! Im painting trim in our bedroom today in extra white. Wish you were near so I could ask you about the color I just painted on our walls. I’m not in love with it and the vibe I’m getting from it.
    I will tell you that our daughter who is 20 now used to fly through instagram and like every picture without really reading or looking at it. I asked her why she said because of the likes. So a big conversation ensued with her and I on that. Honestly, I wish instagram would go back to posting in real time because sometimes pictures come thru that are days later…like friends in Halloween costumes! That’s my 2 cents on that.
    Cannot wait to see your living room and what I’ve seen it is pretty! The floors are gorgeous!

    1. Aw I love hearing that, Danna! It’s the best roller tray. I hate refilling, so it’s cool that it holds the entire gallon. I’ve been using my little paint pail bucket through multiple home renovations now and I don’t know how I ever painted without it. Your daughter sounds so sweet. I also wish Instagram would go back to posting in chronological order- those were the days. Haha! Have a great day! xo

  6. I’ve been reading your blog daily for about 2 months now and absolutely love it! We are going to be building a 1005 (heated) sq ft home next year, so your blog posts are incredibly helpful! This is my first time to post and I was encouraged by your shout out to Peggi! I love all the different topics and articles you wrote about this morning–the Detroit man who renovated a dilapidated home was my favorite. Thank you so much for all the great info you send to my inbox every morning–you are an inspiration and very talented. So happy you chose to share your talents with the world!!

    1. I’m so happy you’re here, Beth!! And thank you for commenting :) That’s what makes all of this so much fun for me- making new friends and starting a discussion. I love hearing that posts have been helpful for you and you’re enjoying them. So appreciate hearing that! I also loved reading about the Detroit man renovating his home- such a heart warming story of determination and love. Have an amazing day :) xox

  7. Hi! I’m firmly in the camp of no Christmas before Thanksgiving! Retail outlets are trying to start Christmas on November 1; it’s really a shame. What’s you’ve done so far looks nice without looking Christmasy!

    Question about your Amazon storefront: Are these recommended products based on items you own? I never know whether people are recommending things they own (and if they don’t own them, how do they know the quality is good). Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Shannon! I love Christmas, but I also want to enjoy Thanksgiving without it feeling rushed :) Great question on the Amazon storefront. I own lots of the products and the others that go into my storefront, I make sure to check reviews, users who do own them, etc. With that said, I don’t own every single product in there. Hope this helps! xox

      1. Thanks for sharing! I’m glad you do some research on them. With so many links and swipe ups these days, I feel like people are encouraging purchases for items they may know nothing about just because they fit an aesthetic or look nice in a picture. Personally I’d be afraid to put my name behind some of the stuff that’s out there (sadly it’s not all good)!