Neutral Throw Pillow Combinations for White & Gray Sofas

Neutral Throw Pillow Combinations for White & Gray Sofas - roomfortuesday.comHi guys! It’s Jacqueline. I’m just returning home to Ohio from a fun visit to Sarah’s house in Utah. Sarah and I had a hilarious conversation with our guys about pillows one night over dinner. Who else believes there is no such thing as too many throw pillows? My husband tends to disagree, but I have a feeling we’re not the only couple that fights over them. Ha! I’m always on the hunt for neutral throw pillows with fun patterns and lots of texture to bring a layered, sophisticated look to my home. I like to change things up every once in awhile…sometimes seasonally, sometimes just for fun. I’ve swapped out our throw pillows three times in the living room since moving in a few years ago. It’s an easy, affordable way to revamp a space without spending too much money. I’m sharing some of my favorites combinations for white and gray sofas below! Click through for more…

Let’s jump right in… you can shop the pillows by clicking directly on each one in the collage below.

Call me crazy (just having a baby and all), but I have ALWAYS loved a white sofa and I think next time we buy one, it’ll be white or ivory. Sarah’s post convinced me, and after seeing hers in person- I think it’s more functional than people expect. These pillows are making me want to hit the buy button even more. I’m especially loving combinations 2 & 3 from this round up. Slate blue will always be my favorite neutral. It’s soft, earthy, and mixes well with other colors. Who doesn’t love a bold pop of blue here or there?

I currently have a gray couch similar in color to this one from McGee and Co. I love combination 1 & 3 from this set. The beige and brown pillows on the third option perfectly compliment the wood base of the sofa. I might also have to add the black linen pillow from combo 1 to our current setup – I’m into the bold contrast (and that gorgeous white leather piping).

Neutral Throw Pillow Combinations for White & Gray Sofas - roomfortuesday.comI’d love to know- are you one for soft, neutral pillows or bold, bright colors influenced by the season? I think there is a time and place for both! If you love neutrals as much as I do, let me know your favorite combos from the post below!

images: sarah’s living room // amber interiors

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