Jojotastic Kitchen Tile Options

It has almost been a month since Joanna and I announced the big kitchen renovation project! Things are really starting to happen at her place in Seattle. Catch up on how demo is unfolding in this post (complete with a fun video), and in case you missed the icky before images, find those here. Once you’re all caught up, this post is all about the GOOD stuff… and by good stuff, I mean tile. I presented so many floor tile options to Joanna & Sean, and today I’m sharing all of our top picks, the one we landed on, and a peek into the selection process. Click through for more!

I won’t bury the lead… the “H” Chaine Homme tile shown above is the one we’re going with. Isn’t it gorgeous?! It didn’t take much convincing to persuade Joanna this was the right fit for her project. It’s sophisticated, timeless, geometric, quirky, and fun. The “H” also holds a sentimental value for Joanna’s family, which I’ll let her share in a later post. I knew it was the perfect selection for her kitchen.

After determining the shape, we needed to nail down a color. Fireclay has SO many amazing color options, this might’ve been the most difficult part. All of their tiles are handmade and hand glazed, so naturally they’re all beautiful. After careful consideration, we decided on “Slate Blue“. It’s a nice deep, saturated navy that isn’t too bright and should be very functional in a kitchen. It also has a nice variation to it.

Here’s the thing about Sean & Joanna, they’re really FUN and adventurous people. They knew they wanted something geometric that had personality- while sticking to a pretty neutral color palette: green, blue, gray, white, black, etc. Although we landed on the perfect floor tile for the kitchen project, it wasn’t without a lot of sourcing, sampling, and revisions. Check out the roundup below to see all of the options we were contemplating. There are a lot of good ones from the bunch!

01: amlo tile // 02: moroccan tile // 03: tantan tile // 04: transit tile // 05: interlock tile // 06: trellis tile // 07: blue cement tile // 08: lace tile // 09: black hex tile // 10: alameda tile // 11: handmade cement tile // 12: porcelain field tile // 13: matte black tile // 14: blue and white tile // 15: black and white tile // 16: geamenti tile // 17: white geometric tile // 18: white and gray hex tile

Do you like the one we ended up picking or would you have selected something different? Here’s a little reminder of the design plan below…

You should also hop over to jojotastic today and see flat lays of allllll of the materials we’ve selected so far (faucets, paint, plumbing fixtures, lighting, countertops, etc). It’s all starting to come together and Joanna captured the color palette perfectly. It’s definitely worth a look!

You can also shop more tile using the slider below. Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. A Friday post, tile AND a puppy? It’s like Christmas over here! That tile looks perfect, but all of those colors are glorious! I love the “H”; it’s like she’s got an Hermes floor. 😍 I also liked the Kasbah…so many stunning choices! It’s going to be a beaut. Happy Friday!

    1. It is like Christmas! Hahaha!! I also thought of Hermes when I found that tile- it’s just so cool. Have an awesome weekend, Peggi :)