My Latest Vintage Rug Haul

My Favorite Things About Our Smart Home System - roomfortuesday.comIf you hadn’t guessed already, vintage rugs are my love language. I know some of you can relate! I’ve said it before and I know I probably sound like a broken record, but sourcing gorgeous rugs is my absolute favorite thing to do for our Tuesday Made shop! I could spend hours combing through vintage rugs, picking out my favorites and dreaming of where they could live in our house. The best part about having a shop is sending my best finds to live with friends, readers, and others who are equally as passionate about interiors and adding personality to their homes. I thought it would be fun to share my latest vintage rug haul with you. I’ve been finding a lot of good ones lately and they usually sell out quickly, so I wanted to give my blog family first dibs- or at least be the first to see my recent batch before they disappear. I had a great time getting creative to photograph these in our formal living room. I think you’ll definitely be able to pick up on my preferred color palette, per usual. Click through to check them out and chat rugs with me! 

My Favorite Things About Our Smart Home System - roomfortuesday.comAll of the rugs in this haul are small- perfect for styling in front of the kitchen sink, a bathroom vanity, in a powder room, or in front of an entry door! I get the most requests for smaller vintage rugs… that is always our most popular size, so I’m happy I could oblige with this batch.

My Latest Vintage Rug Haul - roomfortuesday.comI’ll go ahead and share my number one pick of the post… the Billi rug, pictured above. She’s a gorgeous neutral tan rug with greenish accents and the pattern is geometric, yet really elegant! It’s a super soft one from the 1960s, and I’m not going to lie… I had a hard time adding this one to the shop, because I really wanted to keep it. I feel like this one could inspire our primary bathroom renovation someday. The color palette just really speaks to me! Photos really don’t do it justice.

My Latest Vintage Rug Haul - roomfortuesday.comUse the numbered links below the collage to shop or get details on each rug… sorry, the thumbnails aren’t clickable on this one! 

My Latest Vintage Rug Haul - roomfortuesday.com01: veda vintage rug // 02: perry vintage rug // 03: aria vintage rug // 04: natalie vintage rug // 05: stella vintage rug // 06: rome vintage rug // 07: althea vintage rug // 08: billi vintage rug // 09: dori vintage rug // 10: dot vintage rug // 11: niccola vintage rug // 12: georgia vintage rug // 13: margy vintage rug // 14: rye vintage rug

I’m partial to the blues, greens, tans, browns, and desaturated neutrals… I feel like they have an aged elegance that really feels timeless. That’s also my regular go-to color palette, so take that with a grain of salt. Ha! I get attached to the rugs in a weird sort of way, and it’s always bittersweet to send them out the door. Technically Emmett sends them out the door (our favorite shipping guy!) after he carefully rolls them up and packages them, but you know what I mean. I spend a lot of time finding them, photographing them, taking them to get cleaned, measuring, etc. It’s a process I’ve truly grown to love!

My Latest Vintage Rug Haul - roomfortuesday.comI won’t bore you with the list of reasons I love vintage rugs for the hundredth time, but I always appreciate their character. If you ever snag one from our shop, be sure to share a photo with me! You have no idea how happy it makes me, seeing these beauties styled in their new homes. I always imagine where they’ll end up, who will walk across them, and what rooms they’ll eventually settle in. I also wonder about their past and the previous homes they’ve graced. Each rug has a unique story, which feels super special to me… that’s the beauty of vintage- the history.

My Latest Vintage Rug Haul - roomfortuesday.comIn addition to character, these small wool rugs are as durable as it gets. The majority of the rugs in this batch are from the 1960s and 70s, and they’re just as beautiful as ever! They’re perfectly aged.

My Latest Vintage Rug Haul - roomfortuesday.comThank you for letting me post and chat about my beloved rugs, while sharing a behind-the-scenes look at shop life. I’ve been spending a lot of time working on Tuesday Made things lately and it has been very fulfilling from a creative standpoint. Lots of work, of course… but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I hope you all have a lovely weekend ahead! We’re going to be in renovation work mode this weekend. How surprised were you at Peggi’s snake post earlier this week?! Wasn’t that fun? I’m already looking forward to more of her posts. Here’s to homemade pizza tomorrow, perhaps a festive cocktail, and a summer weekend filled with sunshine. Thanks for being here!

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  1. Swoon. Few items fulfill my vintage shopping urges like rugs! (Only dishes and fine jewelry come close.) I already own a few (ahem…eight), but I do have one more spot that could benefit from some beautiful wool lusciousness. You know I favor a darker, more vibrant palette, but hanging out with you has helped me see the loveliness of light! For anyone worried about durability or stains, I can personally attest to the miracle of Folex (available on Amazon). During Jason’s recent illness, I had the opportunity to clean Pepto Bismol barf off one of my rugs. (The ivory part of the pattern, no less.) No trace of the bright pink spot remains! I do not have a remedy for puppy chewing, however…
    It’s funny that you mention getting attached to the rugs. I’ve thought about how (eventually) moving would be an exciting chance to find all new vintage lovelies. Then I started considering which rugs to sell…and I hated the idea of parting with any of them! Ha. My only choice is a second home. Peggi logic.
    If I had to choose favorites from this haul, I would definitely say the Natalie and Georgia! Hello lavender and pink. But! The sweet flowers on the Aria are so stinkin’ charming! Excellent curation, Sarah. I’m also loving the images! The zoomed shots really highlight the wonderful textures and patterns in your living room. Artistry.💜
    We’ve had pouring rain all night, so we’ve planned soggy day of thrifting instead of gardening! Have a stupendous weekend, my friend!

    1. Me too, me too. I also love dishes and glassware… jewelry is meh for me, but I totally understand the appeal. Ha! I guess I do have a vintage wedding ring. Folex cleaner is amazing! I always make sure to have some in our cabinet for emergency situations and dog messes. Dog barf is the worst (and the noise leading up to it, haha). I’m glad the cleaner left your rug spotless after Jason’s little accident. Poor guy! I do have such a hard time parting with rugs. I did the same thing when we moved from our previous home to our current home… I had grand intentions of selling a bunch, and I brought every single one of them to our current home. Some are stilled rolled up in my prop closet. Second home is needed, indeed ;) What a dream! My sister called me about the Georgia rug and said it was speaking to her. She loves the same color palette as you! I wish you could send us some of your rain. It’s going to be another dry, HOT (creeping into the 100s) weekend here. We’ll try to make the most of it! Happy pizza Friday! xo

  2. Oh the stories they could tell! I love hearing about why you love vintage rugs. In a world full of new it’s refreshing to come here and share in a love of the old. I have yet to delve into the vintage rug phenomena, but I can appreciate their beauty.
    If I’m being honest rugs give me pause like no other home item. I find it difficult to pull the trigger when it comes to rugs of any kind, not just vintage. I can tell you this- I adore the complexity of the patterns, the intricate details and the subtle wear of the rugs you choose for the shop. After reading this post it almost feels like the rugs you select are your own personal love letter to those who purchase.
    From this haul I’m really loving Aria and Dot. Aria looks perfect against the wood tone of your floors, and I like the idea of something like this in my kitchen. I love that the wood tones deepen the perfectly neutral palette on this one.
    Dot is even better with those pops of green. You know I love the sage tone greens, and when I saw that in Dot I was floored.
    What’s interesting is how the rugs look completely different to me when photographed in an actual living space. Perhaps that’s why they give me pause. Most of the time I can’t see the little details until I see it against a color that’s in the rug (the way you photographed Veda), or against a floor with furniture surroundings, that my eyes catch the smaller pops of color, or the subtler pattern intricacies.
    I’m pretty sure that I’m in no way equipped to choose a beautiful rug of any kind for my home. It’s wonderful that I have a friend who just so happens to love them, who can assist at any point.😉 Haha!
    Have a beautifully sunny summer weekend! School’s out for summer…FINALLY! I’ll be celebrating with balcony drinks today. Lol

    1. Congratulations, Lauren on finishing the school year!!! You’ve done a stellar job, so enjoy a deep exhale with those balcony cocktail!!💜👍🍸

    2. Right? I’m totally with you… it’s fun to share a love of old. You all are my people! Rugs are definitely my weakness. Perhaps I should be more like you and carefully consider what would fit where, but when I see one I like (regardless of size or a vision for it), I feel like I have to snatch it up. Ha! I really do feel attached to lots of things in our shop (especially rugs), but it’s super special to me knowing these really amazing things are going to live in the homes of friends and people who truly enjoy them… kindred spirits for sure! Aria is probably my second favorite from this batch. I LOVE that one. It’s has little hints of lavender in it that are so beautiful. It’s so tricky to capture them and I always wonder how the color translates on a screen. The thumbnail images are so hard. I’m glad seeing them in context is helpful. I’ll have to start doing more of this. Lots of people ask me to send IG stories or video. You know I’m always happy to help with rugs :) … you know who to call! Ha! Cheers to finally finishing school with the kids, and here’s to a fantastic summer vacation ahead. It sounds like a celebratory kind of weekend with balcony cocktails indeed. You’re a great mom!! xo

  3. What a beautiful selection Sarah! I’m drawn to the same color palette as you so the Billi, Veda and Rye are my favs. Those rugs kind of remind me of a piece of art like a Tapestry. The Billi would be really pretty in our Florida home I think. I hoping to be able to get there in October 🤞
    I loved Peggis post and I so look forward to more interesting design ideas for her to share 😍 So incredibly fun!
    We have another gorgeous day here, I do wish I could teleport you here for a lovely aft of R & R poolside. It’s a dream come true for me and the most perfect way to decompress 🥂
    Have a super fab weekend! Xo

    1. Yay! I just snapped up Billi and I’m sorry if anyone else was spying it 😬 I’ve never owned a vintage rug and I’m so excited to see it. I think it will be perfect in the entry way of our Florida home. Sarah I’m having it shipped to Florida and will ask my neighbor to keep an eye out for it.
      I won’t be able to send you pictures until we get there probably in October. I think it will be the perfect place to show off that gorgeous and unique one of a kind gem. Can’t wait 😝

      1. I am SO excited that one is coming to live with you in Florida, Colleen!! It was my favorite rug from the batch and I know you’re going to love it. I’ve given Emmett special shipping instructions to roll it carefully (no folding) since it will be in the box for awhile. It will be safe and sound, and ready to roll out when you arrive in October. I can’t wait to see photos later this year :) I so appreciate you supporting our small business. Happy Friday! xo

    2. Thanks, Colleen! I really do consider vintage rugs to be art. They’re all hand woven and I wonder about the weavers and artists who created them… where they learned, if it’s a family tradition, etc. Again- I’m so thrilled you were able to grab that rug (my favorite!!). I love that it’s going to live in your Florida home. Enjoy a weekend of pool time and relaxing, my friend! xo

  4. Sarah, your vintage rugs are my favorite. I was giddy to purchase one from you. I too love the desaturated neutrals and greens. Unfortunately had to pack away the one I got but it will be even better once I unpack it and place in our new home. Your heart for them and where they come from is so sweet and enduring. I have thought about buying one and having it framed because it is so beautiful and unique. Thank you for sharing your collection. I do not know how you part with them. I would be in so much trouble!

    1. Thank you, Danna! I am so happy you snagged one- I love the one you picked, too! It will be fun to unpack once you’re in your new home… exciting things to come! I love the idea of framing a rug- I should do that. Such a fantastic idea and a cool way to display their beauty in a unique way. Emmett definitely reminds me that in order to keeping buying more vintage rugs, we have to part with inventory. ha! He’s a better business owner than I am- I get too attached. Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead :) xo