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I have a very fun blog announcement this morning! A reader and friend we have all come to know and love has agreed to guest post… any guesses?! I’ve always admired Peggi’s writing, creativity, design conversations, and have loved getting to know her over the years. I’m thrilled to announce that she’ll be guest posting here on the blog occasionally. If you see her name pop up as the post author, be sure to click through, give it a read, and show her some love. Without further ado, I’m turning this post over to Peggi… click through!

Hello, RFT friends. Peggi here. Can you believe Sarah allowed me access to this beloved space for a post of my own? How lucky am I? After careful consideration, I decided the first topic I would tackle should be… snakes. I know what you’re thinking. Sarah’s aesthetic exemplifies lovely, classic design! She has refined sensibilities. She enjoys traditional style, natural materials and a timeless palette. True, true, true. Maybe like some of you, I questioned snakes in sophisticated interiors. Honestly, I considered them the purview of only the edgy elite. A group to which I do not belong. Sigh. I began to wonder if more mainstream options existed. Reptiles for the rest of us, as it were. Instead of surrendering to a snakeless future, I did some research. Wait until you see what I found! Seriously. Scroll through for my finds, design inspiration, and to read my first ever blog post.

Peggi Posts : Snakes in Design -
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For subtle touches of snake in your decor, try accessories and art. The beautiful dish above reads as rings of texture at first glance. A closer inspection reveals the true nature of that coil. To best appreciate the intricate patterns and inspired palettes found on snakes, nothing surpasses a scientific illustration. Look at the stunning example below featured on that amazing grasscloth. Methinks that designer had a sense of humor.

Peggi Posts : Snakes in Design -
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Click directly on the objects to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: chandelier // 02: snake trinket box // 03: snake valet // 04: snake table lamp // 05: snake art // 06: snake dish // 07: nagini mirror // 08: snake tapestry // 09: snake magnifying glass // 10: snake print rug // 11: serpent sconce // 12: snake side table // 13: python pillow // 14: floor lamp // 15: snake mirror // 16: snake door or cabinet pulls // 17: embroidered snake lumbar // 18: snake candleholder // 19: vintage brass snakeskin pitcher // 20: snakeskin table lamp // 21: schumacher snakeskin wallpaper

The collage above contains just some of the incredible items I found. I searched for snake motifs in an array home design categories and price points. I sincerely love every single piece, but I’ll only rhapsodize about a selection.

Let’s start with #1. Not everyone wants a vintage brass serpent chandelier, but isn’t she sensational? Someone please design a dining room around that gem.

Another favorite in the lighting department is #11. The casually coiled snake and the glossy shade! I’d love to see them on built-in bookshelves or maybe above a mantle.

How about #16? Could you envision some solid brass cobra action on a pair of closet doors or swanky bar cabinet? Special hardware makes such an impact for a low-risk investment.

Who doesn’t need a new pillow? #17 is delightfully graphic and budget-friendly! Or how about #13? Snakeskin could be a gentle entree into the reptile realm.

Of course, I had to include a variety of lovely styling items! #6 or #9 would be at home on any coffee table or shelf. #2 though? Made for a bathroom vanity or nightstand. (Honestly, I’m torn between getting one for myself or giving it to a friend.)

Finally, both of the mirrors are gorgeous! #15 would seriously elevate my main bathroom. Don’t be deterred by the Harry Potter reference in #7 (and below). Wouldn’t it be smashing in an entrance?

Peggi Posts : Snakes in Design -
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For those wishing to make a bold commitment to snakes in design, consider wallpaper. The Schumacher offering featured in the collage boasts realistic detail and a striking look, while the paper below presents a more stylized depiction. Either would make a fabulous statement in a powder room, hallway or dressing room.

Peggi Posts : Snakes in Design -
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Well, friends. Schumacher, Stark, Horchow. Porcelain, wool, linen, brass. White, cream, grays. Traditional, natural and timeless. Have I made a convincing argument for reptiles in refined spaces? Would you ever consider adding a dash to your decor? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Hi Peggi! Well done on a great first post – I really like the majority of your picks, the only frustrating thing is that I’m in the U.K. and can’t buy them! (I’m very unsure about the wisdom of mounting a mirror on a door, though, however securely you think you’ve done it…🧹)

    1. Peggi Phair says:

      Hello, Sally! Thank you! I’m thrilled that you liked so many of the items, but I’m bummed that you can’t access them. Truthfully, I hadn’t thought to consider whether vendors shipped internationally. Sorry! I’ll put that on my list to research. Haha. I had the same thought about the mirror mounted on the door. Have a fabulous day!

  2. Melanie T says:

    What a great idea to have you as a guest blogger! I always enjoy your point of view. My favorites are the more subtle serpentine design themes, as in items 10,13, 19 and 20. I love snakeskin textural leathers and fabrics too. I love the coiled metal dish in the Alice Lane credit too. When the entire head of the beast is included in design I am less enthralled. I am ok with snakes being included in allegorical works of art and they have their place in nature. But I do get a little squeamish with a lot of those images so no to having them in my home.

    1. Peggi Phair says:

      Good morning, Melanie! Thank you for the welcome. I also love the textural aspect of snakeskin and the beautiful patterns. All of the items you cite are gorgeous; I think the rug is a neutral dream. I completely understand reticence to welcoming the entire animal; live snakes are a hard no for me. I appreciate you weighing in! Have a super day!

  3. Yay Peggi! I’m totally stoked you agreed to be Sarah’s guest blogger. Your flair for words and descriptive writing style is so uniquely creative. I mean seriously I’m always anxious to read your perfectly curated commentary. And this post is also totally fabulous, I’ve never really considered snakes in design 🤔 but what beautiful objects and examples you have found here.
    The snake dish #6 could totally sit on my bedside table to hold my rings or a neat object to admire on my coffee table. My house isn’t cool enough I don’t think to pull off that beautiful sconce #11 but the pillow could definitely make a statement on my sofa. And that wallpaper would be amazing in a powder room 😍 or main bathroom. Wow! What a neat topic…….So fun!
    I could definitely see some snake inspiration outside too. Like maybe a cool pattern on a planter, or outdoor lantern. A pair of snake candleholders could definitely create some drama and conversation on my dining table outside? Hummmm…….Very interesting topic indeed 😃

    1. Peggi Phair says:

      Good morning, Colleen! You are too kind. I’m so flattered and excited to participate on RFT in this way; Sarah’s community is the best. I’m pleased you enjoyed the topic. Aren’t those sconces ridiculous? Once I started searching for items, I was actually stunned at all of the beautiful, and super high-end, pieces available. Now that you mention it though, I don’t recall many outdoor finds. A snake on a planter might be alarmingly real! Ha. I failed to mention that I am not an admirer of snakes in the wild! I think you’re onto something with a pair of candlesticks though; drama and conversation are perfect for a dinner party. Have an amazing Tuesday!

      1. Haha! Snakes don’t rattle me at all 😉 but my husband would not be impressed, he’s gets completely freaked out by them but I’ve grown to appreciate the occasional visitor at our home in Florida. Outside though not inside 😂
        My sister had a pet snake so maybe that’s why….Happy Tuesday to you too!

    2. I wholeheartedly agree, Colleen! I was so excited to welcome Peggi aboard, and really enjoyed this first post. She has me wanting to find a piece of snake decor!

  4. Congrats on your first blog post Peggi! And for bringing us a topic I had never considered. You found so many lovely examples that I’d be happy to appreciate in someone else’s home (just not mine 😬). Although I love a good snakeskin fashion accessory! Look forward to your future posts.

    1. Peggi Phair says:

      Thanks, Melissa! I expected snakes might not be everyone’s cup of tea, so I appreciate your kind comment. I also love snakeskin in fashion; that’s part of what intrigued me about searching for snakes used in home design. Hopefully you’ll find my next post equally interesting, but less slithery! Have a lovely day!

      1. I’m wearing my tiny snake earrings today to celebrate Peggi’s post! I think that’s the only serpent related thing I own, but now I want to incorporate a piece of decor into our home- so edgy!!

  5. Hey Peggi heeey!! I almost spit out my coffee when I saw your name as the author of this post, and I do apologize for being late to our morning design session! Congratulations on the opportunity to write a guest post for Sarah (I think you did an incredible job btw). I must admit, I’m casually green with envy.😂🤣
    Onto our reptilian friends… Like you I have long gazed at interiors that manage to incorporate such a striking detail in a way that captivates the viewing audience subtly. I have associated the use of snakes in particular, with a far more elevated and refined (shall we say “upscale”?) space than my own home, but wowza! You did not disappoint in the roundup!
    #10 is by far my favorite. I’m picturing this in large scale under a gorgeous medium wood tone dining table. The colors, the textural appeal of the print, it all screams my style…in snake form, lol. #13 is such a lovely pillow. I’ve been searching for the perfect light tone pillows to grace my darker sectional, and these might actually be perfect. #14 is equally as stunning. I’m already imagining how that texture must feel under the hands. A superb lighting option! The piece de resistance?? #16 😍😍😍 You have me rethinking the hardware choice for my hutch project later this summer. I love everything about these! Jeff would die, but ahhhh…I think I’m in love!
    These intricacies of design are the exact reason I love it so much. Something that I am actually quite terrified of in live form, can subtly grace a home with its beauty and cause you to see its magnificence, appreciate its form, and offer a more inviting appeal than the living version.
    We’ve talked a ton on here about trends, and our natural aversion to the overly trendy. Some of the more “acceptable” animal prints are experiencing quite the hay-day as we speak, and overwhelmingly I find myself avoiding them. You’ve now offered a different option that is equally as beautiful, infinitely more interesting, and challenges me to think outside the box when it comes to animal prints. I love it!
    Congratulations again Peggi. This was such a beautiful post; you should be exorbitantly proud of yourself. I’ll look forward to reading more of your posts in the future. Have a lovely Tuesday friend! Xoxo

    1. Peggi Phair says:

      Hello, hello, hello! Lauren, so sorry I missed your comment yesterday, but I grinned ear to ear as I discovered it this morning. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I do love our design chats and can’t wait for an RFT Design Retreat. (#manifesting) Your points about design echo so many of my own thoughts. Finding and appreciating beauty in unexpected places speaks to my curious nature. I definitely don’t hate a dramatic statement (Leo problems), but I also love subtler items that invite closer inspection. The world offers so much to explore. I’m gaga for your choices! Though not usually a neutral fan, I can totally see your vision for that luscious rug! I adore the floor lamp, as well, and could imagine it being subject to my frequent petting. So many wonderful pillow choices; I don’t think you could lose. But, you really MUST use those cobra handles in your hutch project! Surely, Jeff could indulge such a harmlessly fabulous whim! And, of course, now I’m itching for all the details!
      Thank you again for your amazing words and support!💜

  6. Peggi!! Oh my goodness. This is very exciting for RFT! I love reading through your commentary and know you’ve been a long time follower as well. I’m just here to say congratulations on a great first post and congratulations to Sarah as well for snagging such a great guest poster!

    1. Thanks Amanda! I’m so happy everyone is equally as excited. Sidenote- I appreciate you also sticking around all these years :) Hope you’re having a great week! xo

    2. Peggi Phair says:

      Hello, Amanda! Aren’t you the sweetest! Sarah has created just the most warm, welcoming community here. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it. Thank you again for the kind words!💜

  7. OMG yasssssss (like the snake pun? ;-D)! Snake decor is one of my favorite; I have two House of Hackney Anaconda velvet pillows in the gorgeous forest green color they offer on our bed, and I exclaim at my husband when he tries to lean on them, haha.

    1. I totally got the snake pun :) Those House of Hackney velvet anaconda pillows are GORGEOUS. Lol to your husband trying to use them! Ha!

    2. Peggi Phair says:

      YAY! I love that snakes strike your fancy, as well! Ooooooh. I adore House of Hackney! If I had those pillows, there’d definitely be no leaning on them. Have you seen their Hotel Tremantonia concept? Dying to visit. Dying. Have a super day!

  8. Peggi….so thrilled you are the guest author. Sarah picked a good one. I apologize I am late to respond (caught a stomach bug). Enjoyed your thoughts and samples on snakes in design. #10,13,14,& 20 are my favorites. They are all snake print choices. I’ve always loved animal prints and snake print is one I love. Although having a snake mirror, chandelier or candelabra is something I would pass on. I say this because snakes in general give me the willies! Your choices have given my pause for thought and one I will keep an open mind.
    My husband and I just purchased land and we have to wear snake boots on the property. Its inevitable that we will see them..ugh!
    Again, great job on the post and one I will try to be open to. Look forward to more posts from you. Have a great day!

    1. I hope you’re feeling better, Danna! I’m equally as excited to have Peggi on this end of the website with me :)

  9. Eeeeek! I couldn’t love this more. This was amazing! Thanks Peggi. I needed an edge to my design and you didn’t disappoint. I always wanted to say that I hope we get to know more about you.

    1. My thoughts exactly :)