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Room for Tuesday | A White Kitchen

You guys!! I’m super excited and honored to announce that my house was shot and featured by one of my favorite local bloggers, Dana Miller, of House*Tweaking! I’ve loved her blog for awhile now and watched her renovate her own beautiful home- definitely go check it out. I was completely elated when she offered to shoot and feature my entire house. Without further ado, if you want to see a complete tour of my home and my story, it’s right here!

I’m going to begin sharing our renovation room by room with details and sources, here on Room for Tuesday. First up, the kitchen… and how it currently looks today. You might remember when I shared my kitchen renovation about a year ago. You’ve also probably noticed some things have definitely changed as we’ve finally settled into our home.

Room for Tuesday | A White Kitchen

One of my favorite accessories in the kitchen is that rug. This vintage beauty came from an estate sale. Before, the kitchen was lacking color and pattern, this helped to bring a little in and give the space more personality.

Room for Tuesday | A White Kitchen

Room for Tuesday | A White Kitchen

Upon purchasing the home, the kitchen was incredibly tiny. It didn’t take long to demo out a couple walls and open the floor plan. I’ve always loved open concept spaces, but kitchens can be tricky. I decided to keep a pony wall that helps to define the area between the kitchen and dining room. It looks open and airy, but also hides messes on the countertop while providing a little separation.

I’m such a fan of the natural light in this space! Most of the day, it streams into the window and bounces off all of the white surfaces.

Room for Tuesday | A White Kitchen

Room for Tuesday | A White Kitchen

One of my favorite things about our kitchen is the sink and faucet. Our single basin, apron-front sink is huge. I actually look forward to doing dishes. Ha! Who knew?! Another nice feature is the faucet pull-out. This makes cleaning much easier. It toggles between spray and stream; who thinks of these cool inventions? Long story short- I would buy this combo over and over again.

Room for Tuesday | A White Kitchen

Room for Tuesday | A White Kitchen

As a detailed oriented person, I probably spent way too much time sourcing lighting and hardware. I found a family-owned company in Connecticut that produces handmade hardware. I mixed handles, pulls, and knobs all in the same finish to add variety. I stumbled upon the best recessed can lighting in the sale bin at Lowes one day. I fell in love with the rose gold interior finish and I definitely couldn’t beat the price.

Room for Tuesday | A White Kitchen

Kalyn and I both agree that the kitchen is one of our favorite spaces in the house. Finn is usually not allowed to be this far into the space, so you can see the hesitation in his eyes. Haha!

Room for Tuesday | A White Kitchen

Room for Tuesday | A White Kitchen

As I mentioned in my first kitchen post, I don’t think there is a single thing I would change about this renovation. For a small space, we made the most of it and it’s really functional for our family. We also stayed within a pretty tight budget, ordering standard cabinetry and appliances, but making them feel custom.

How do you think we did? Any ideas to improve the space? Favorite elements in the kitchen? A huge thank you to Dana for being so incredibly sweet to spend the time shooting my home. Isn’t she talented?! If you aren’t following her blog yet, definitely go do it- you won’t be disappointed.

Sources:  Apron Front Kitchen Sink  //  Faucet in Brushed Bronze  //  Hardware  //  Pendant Light (vintage)  //  Medium White Subway Tile Back Splash + Gray Grout  //  Counter Top  //  Cabinets  //  Rug (vintage)  //  Soap Dispenser (Anthropologie, discontinued)  //  Candle  //  Planters (vintage)  //  Paper Towel Holder  //  Magnetic Knife Rack  //  Accordion Side Table

Photography by Dana Miller for House*Tweaking

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  1. Hi Sarah, I just came over from Dana’s blog I love your house, you pay so much attention to detail, I love it. Thanks for sharing your home with us now I have a ton more pinning to do.

    1. Hi Lilly! Thanks so much. You’re the sweetest!! Dana did such a nice job shooting. It was interesting to see the interpretation through her camera. xo, Sarah

  2. ps. I hope you don’t mind me stalking the heck out of you on all your social media platforms

    1. Ha! Stalk away, girl. It’s kind of confusing because we have shared @RoomforTuesday accounts, as well as our own individual personal accounts (@sargibs and @jacquelinbrown). Thanks for following!

      1. Oh I will be sure to stalk your personal accounts too, thanks for sharing them! Yes, Dana is a great photographer and designer as well, she did an amazing job with the pictures. I’m glad to be learning from all of you lovely ladies!

  3. Hi Sarah,
    Just found your blog and signed on. Your kitchen is sick! Love. It.
    Can I ask where you are in Ohio? I am from a tiny Village there , Lucas.
    We now live in a metropolis, in AZ.

    Looking forward to more reading.

    1. Hi Karen, Thanks so much!! We live in small village west of Dayton. Thanks for following along, xo! Sarah

  4. Arriving here from HouseTweaking :)

    May I ask the dimensions of your kitchen? We have a very similar layout with a floating island rather than a peninsula. Intention is to make that change however. Thanks in advance! -c

    1. Hi Cate! Thanks for visiting our blog! My kitchen is around 10 ft x 13 ft (including countertops). Good luck with your renovation! xo, Sarah

  5. So beautiful! Your house is so cozy. Thank you for sharing. The green sunroof is to die for! I love green too (especially with gold lately) you picked the perfect shade.

  6. Adore your house! was already following on bloglovin’ and am happy to see HouseTweaking share the beauty! Quick question- I have been considering a magnetic knife holder for a while, has it scratched your knives? A few of my knives are some of my prized kitchen possessions, and I would hate to see the beauteous things get scratched, but I would love to free up countertop space.

    1. Hi Pam! Thanks so much for following :) I love our magnetic knife holder and haven’t noticed any scratching… then again our knife set is just middle-of-the-road when it comes to quality. I will say, my husband sharpens our knives A LOT (at least twice a month). I have no idea why he likes doing this, but I’m sure he would be complaining if they were getting scratched. Thanks again!! xo, Sarah

  7. Love every inch of your home and the love you put into the details. Would you mind sharing
    The paint colour and brand? Im sensing a green bedroom wall in my future.

    1. Thanks so much, Andrea!! The green is Sherwin Williams – Evergreens. Good luck with your green bedroom wall :) xo, Sarah

  8. WOW!
    The Lighting is Just AMAZING!
    Did You Use a Soft Box back of the window?

    1. Thanks Sina! No soft box; it’s all natural lighting. This space gets a ton of natural light, so we just went with it. Love your images. Gorgeous! xo, Sarah

      1. Thanks Sarah.
        I’m glad U like it :)

  9. Ann Heltzel says:

    Love the cabinet hardware! Love the entire look! OOh I want that planter on the windowsill!

  10. Love it! Which finish is the hardware? I have a similar look in my kitchen and the cabinet hardware really completes the look!

    1. Thank you, Kelly! The hardware finish is antique brass.

      1. Hi, Sarah – do you know if the Colonial Bronze knob is #151 or #190? Their website doesn’t show a ton of detail in their photos – ha!…
        Thanks so much – beautiful kitchen!

        1. Thanks so much, Amy! We used style #152. They’re much easier to look at in a showroom… that might help as well! xo

          1. Thanks so much, Sarah!
            Happy 2017!

  11. Hey Sarah, love the work you all did on your kitchen! It looks amazing. Wondering what countertop color you all chose and the paint color (kitchen trim, walls and cabinets) that you used as well? Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much, Abby! You can find our quartz countertop here, in color way Lagoon. Our cabinets were color matched to our trim… which is Sherwin Williams Pure White. The gray wall color you’re seeing to the left of our kitchen is Nimbus by Benjamin Moore. Hope this helps! xo

  12. Thanks so much Sarah, you’re so sweet for sharing! I read from a previous post that the living room color on the walls is Benjamin Moore Super White. Did you use a different color on the trims and fireplace? We’re about to attempt to paint our stone fireplace and I’m wanting to recreate a very similar look :)

    1. Sure thing! Yes, the trim and fireplace was a Sherwin Williams custom paint match. It is in a semi gloss. xo

  13. Love, love your kitchen! A couple of questions:
    1. Are your cabinets Kraftmaid? If so, did you have the factory or someone else custom paint them to match your trim? We are wanting to use Kraftmaid’s cabinets but not sure if they will match our existing trim which is Benjamin Moore’s Simply White.
    2. What are in your smaller cabinets on either side of your kitchen sink?
    3. Still loving the white appliances? How did you make sure the white appliances would match your cabinet white?
    Thank you!!

    1. Thanks, Heather!!
      1. Yes, the cabinetry is Kraftmaid and they custom color matched my trim color (also Benjamin Moore!).
      2. We’ve moved to a new home since this photo, but I used to keep cookie sheets, cutting boards, and oblong objects in one side. The other side was really deep and was separated by two shelves… so it could fit lots! I used it for mixing bowls and bakeware.
      3. Yes, I really loved my white appliances. There’s something about a true, all-white kitchen. These days they make glossy (ice white) appliances that are pretty neutral and go with a variety of white cabinets. We actually mixed and matched brands and they still matched.
      Hope this helps! xo

      1. Thanks so much for answering my questions so quickly! I have one more cabinet question for you. Do you happen to remember the name of the style and where did you purchase them from? Okay, that’s really two questions! I am assuming Home Depot and Lowe’s Kraftmaid cabinets don’t offer the custom color match option?

        1. Sure thing! They are shaker style cabinets and we were able to purchase them through one of our contractor friends. You’d be surprised about the options Lowes and Home Depot now offer- it’s worth a shot! Good luck! xo

  14. Hi Sarah! I am on the hunt for a wall color similar to your kitchen walls. That warm almost white is so hard to narrow down! May I ask what color it is?

    1. Thanks, Courtney! That white was actually a custom color match. We did use a lot of Sherwin Williams Pure White though. xo

  15. Your kitchen is BEAUTIFUL!! I have the strangest question – we are completing a kitchen renovation and once the cabinets stop smelling like paint we’ll be in business. :) Like you I chose a champagne bronze finish for hardware and the faucet but I am wondering what finish the flange is in the drain of your sink? Is too matchy to make it the same champagne bronze color or do I just do stainless?? Such a small detail but one that could totally bug me if I choose wrong!

    1. The flange is the same exact color as the faucet. I typically prefer the two to intentionally match. Hope this helps!!

  16. I love your kitchen and can’t wait to see your new one! Every detail is perfect. I’m at the start of a kitchen renovation and we want to use a white range. I’m having the hardest time trying to find a white paint that will go with the white Kohler farmhouse sink and the range. I was wondering what you would suggest? I think it is my biggest dilemma :)

  17. Hi Sarah,
    I just noticed your kitchen post and I’m loving your variety of pulls and knob. You mentioned that the company you bought from is in Connecticut and that the knob number is 154…but I don’t think you mentioned that name of the company. Would you mind sharing the companies and the two types of pulls and knobs you used? Thank you!

  18. Hi Sarah,
    Thank you. I meant the pulls and knobs from your white kitchen remodel. Thank you again!

    1. Hi Jenny! Ohhh gotcha! Those were from Colonial Brass, but I don’t have links for them unfortunately. I’m sorry!

  19. Hi Sarah, your kitchen is beautiful! What grout did you use for your subway tile? The link does not take you to the grout?

    1. Sorry about the link being broken! I used Pewter by Mapei… from Lowe’s.

  20. Hi Curious what light bulb you use in your recessed lighting here in your beautiful kitchen. Thank you