Mushroom Lamps for Every Aesthetic

Mushroom Lamps for Every
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Good day, design friends! Peggi here. I hope this beautiful October day finds you fully immersed in autumn’s glorious gifts. Dark, chilly mornings. Crunchy, colorful leaves. Thanksgiving theme scheming…Ha. We’ve got ample time for seasonal topics, but today I’ve got mushroom lamps on my mind. While I have seen versions mimicking actual fungus, I’m keen on the less literal iterations. The instantly recognizable tulip base and domed shade from the 60s and 70s have experienced a recent resurgence, and I dig it! Do you remember Sarah’s diy lamp makeover for her guest room? That rekindled my obsession with this modern, graphic shape. If you’re wondering how this distinctive style might work in your home, click through for more inspiring images, some helpful considerations, and a remarkably varied collection of mushroom lamps.

Mushroom Lamps for Every
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Now, I realize that some folks do not share my love of swanky 70s’ style nor my swashbuckling design ethos, so I tasked myself with unearthing mushroom lamps in a broad range of styles and materials. (Perhaps a four thousand dollar, gleaming chrome floor lamp isn’t for everyone.) In addition to the classic Italian mid century form, I discovered versions that lean cottage, coastal, Art Deco, organic, and modern. As for composition, brass, nickel, ceramic, stone, glass and wicker all make appearances-among others. Scroll on down, and see what you think.

Mushroom Lamps for Every
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Before you check out the collage, can we get a round of applause for this wavy, glossy olive green goodness? *fans self*

Click right on the images to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below to shop my finds.

01: swirly ivory glass // 02: brass and bamboo // 03: green glass and copper // 04: polished nickel // 05: bronze art deco // 06: blue ceramic // 07: oxblood metal // 08: teak and black // 09: stoneware and rattan // 10: portable polycarbonate //         11: brown enamel // 12: brutalist ceramic // 13: antiqued brass and black // 14: solid limestone // 15: black polycarbonate // 16: hand carved acacia // 17: tall vintage wicker // 18: natural wicker // 19: black marble and brass // 20: brown toleware // 21: purple swirl //

Welp. Choosing favorites from such an amazing assortment is no easy feat for this lamp enthusiast, but here goes. I pinned #2 eons ago; unlacquered brass plus radiating rattan? Glam-or-ous. Then we have #6. I am totally mesmerized by that azure lava glaze. I also love the simple, hand carved nature of #16 and the Jetsons’ vibe of #8. My nostalgic choice has to be #21 because 12 year-old Peggi dreamed of one just like it. Honestly, I can picture the perfect spot for each mushroom lamp here.

Mushroom Lamps for Every
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In case you’re curious, I’ll share some of the ideal locations I envision for this striking silhouette. Although I usually gravitate to lamps in pairs (like the gorg opening image), mushroom lamps really shine on their own. Picture that sublime nickel Art Deco masterpiece (#4) in a posh home office…productivity soars. Number three says grand millennial library- a hint of green to enliven all the chintz! Need a stellar statement for your entry? Welcome #14 to your California cool, mediterranean or modern space. What about a petite portable mushroom as a nightlight in a powder bath? Thoughtful and chic. I am dying to place a diminutive glass specimen in the kitchen because…funny. I’ll stop now, but you get the idea. These lamps deserve to be a feature! 

Mushroom Lamps for Every
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If you’re still unsure about incorporating this unique shape into your aesthetic, focus on the materials instead. Are marble and brass found throughout your home? Then a mushroom lamp like numbers 5, 13, or 19 would feel harmonious but fresh. Maybe you crave texture. Look no further than numbers 9, 17 and 18. By choosing familiar and favored finishes, the novel profile seems less radical.

Mushroom Lamps for Every
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Thus concludes my mushroom lamp manifesto. What do you think? Are you a fellow devotee? I accept that I may get more jazzed about light fixtures than the average human. Thanks for your patience. Ha. I hope these examples in traditional, even historic, interiors showcase this form’s versatility. Could one of these lamps find a place in your home? You know I want to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments! Until next time, friends.

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  1. Good Morning Peggi
    Fun post as always and as a child of the 60’s I totally appreciate your quirky creativity and incredible swankiness 😜 You fearless design inspiration has taught me so much! You captivate me every time 😍 I totally get you friend.
    While a mushroom lamp has never been on my design radar I could see how some of these would fit into my home. #2 would totally work in Florida #12 would be amazing in my foyer in Burlington and #13 would be super cute in my husband’s office anywhere. I’m not cool enough for that curvy, green glossed floor lamp but it’s totally smashing and would be an amazing in my living room if I had the space to showcase that.
    I’m currently in Florida and enjoying summer temperatures. However, I filled up on Fall and autumn offerings before we left. It’s such a beautiful season so cheers to pumpkins, colorful leaves and all the reasons to be thankful 🥳🥂🥰 Another super cool post to ponder Peggi. Xoxo thanks so very much! Have an amazing Wednesday ❤️

    1. Good morning, Colleen! Thank you, as always, for your kind support. I so appreciate it! If lamp #2 is perfect for your Florida home, I bet it’s ultra dreamy. Seriously, that rattan shade? I also adore the uniqueness of #12; I think it has perfect scale for a foyer. #13, to me, is an intriguing combo of versatile, but not bland. Great for a home office! How nice that you have the best of fall followed by sunny Florida! I hope that your area was spared during the recent terrible storms.😱 Cheers to enjoying all of the good this season brings! Have the best day, friend!
      (BTW, if you think that green lamp is awesome, then you are absolutely cool enough for it! )💜

      1. Haha! Thanks Peggi for your vote of confidence 😘 You are the sweetest!
        Our area in Florida wasn’t affected by hurricane Ian, thank heavens, but the destruction it caused in Fort Myers’s was devastating. So sad 😞
        Wonderful chatting this morning and your post was delightful as always 💖

  2. Ay chihuahua Peggi! You have done a deep dive into a lamp silhouette that I crave!! I personally adore almost every iteration of mushroom lamps- there’s something about their curvaceous goodness and innumerable variations that inspire a sense of individuality. Like you, I dig it! #14 is the end all be all for me. Two of those one my entry console…*wipes away the drool*. #16 would be a fabulous addition to the kitchen counter; #3 reminds me of a brass and green bankers lamp- I’d style it on Jeff’s desk. And #19 would make a fabulous appearance on one little boy’s dresser. Also the olive floor lamp- squealing! Another amazing post for the books Peggi- you certainly bring out the brave and bold in us, and I appreciate your thought provoking, push the envelope style! We’re currently having an arctic winter (for California)- dry, bone chilling cold, wispy clouds feathered above the foothills, and a crisp breeze that’s brought overnight and morning temperatures down into the 40’s. We’ll top out at 70 today 😳. I’ve had Thanksgiving on the brain and I’m craving a more formal table scene this year. Cheers to warm coffee, cinnamon scented pinecones, all things olive green, and the festivities of fall.

    1. Hey, hey! I was hoping you’d be with me on the mushroom lamp train! And I 100% had your entry in mind for those limestone lovelies! (Don’t mind me over here decorating your house without invitation.🤣) The wooden version was my second choice for a kitchen counter. Perfect, right? #3 definitely has bankers’ lamp vibes- excellent for a desk sitch. That’s one cool little boy with #19 in his room (It’s pretty affordable, too!). Can you EVEN with that olive floor lamp? It comes in other colors, but the green grabbed me. Thanks for your always thoughtful support! I sort of feel like encouraging boldness is my life’s mission. Thanks for getting me! Winter…I mean fall has arrived here as well. Today’s task is harvesting all my tomatoes because the fun of covering them at night has waned. And, naturally, we are knee-deep in Thanksgiving planning! Now I’m dying to know what you’re thinking. Uber formal? California formal? Spill it, girl. I’m off to warm up with some house chores before I head outside. Ha. Have s brilliant day, friend!💜

      1. Haha! You may decorate my house without invitation anytime. You and Sarah are the only ones I’d trust, lol! You would get a kick out of Aaron- he’s the only one that gets my style around here- and he definitely has opinions of his own when it comes to that. He’s had a floor sample from Home Depot on his desk for the last three years that he wants his carpet replaced with. (He uses it as a coaster😂). Thanksgiving has me excited this year. Since I’m ultra loving the olive green tones, I’m leaning into that but in plaid form. I’m erring on the side of California formal. I scored some gorgeous vintage linen napkins with a scalloped embroidered edge, so I’ll be mixing those with some frayed edge olive plaid napkins, on my Mikasa tableware. (I have the French Countryside collection). A local shop is having a clearance on their fall decor and I’ll be grabbing a few of their natural wood pumpkins to set on every other place setting. I’ll be doing a dried floral runner as the table centerpiece- dried eucalyptus, dried plum stems…I’ll intersperse my gold fleck votives and black tapers along the runner, and bring in the neutrals with grasses and light taupe velvet ribbon. Thoughts? I can’t wait to hear what your theme is this year!

  3. I love anything 1960s and 1970s so I really appreciate the options you’re listing. I’d love to pick up a new lamp! Can I please suggest in these round ups that you and Sarah do, it would be soooo helpful to identify the price. I love that there are all sorts of price points and love to see ones that are aspirational for me. But I don’t want to click too many times on ones I can’t afford. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Jody! Glad to meet another fan of 60s and 70s design! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on pricing. I’m def familiar with the bummer of clicking on an item to discover one of those “aspirational” situations. While the prices aren’t listed in the collage, you can see them if you hover over an item in the slider at the end of the post. I hope that helps. I also usually try to include a few additional pieces in the slider (because I always find way too many cool things to fit into the collage! Ha.) Thanks again for reading and taking the time to comment. Have the loveliest afternoon!

      1. Thank you! I didn’t see that. That works!!

        1. Yay!! So glad. It’s kind of hidden down there. I wish I could put it in a more convenient place, but I’m not the best with technology. Ha!

    2. Hi Jody! In the sliders at the bottom of each post, you can always hover over each item to identify the price :) Hope that helps! It’s just above the comment section at the end of each post- kind of hidden.

  4. Hello Peggi! Your design posts are very informative and pushes me to see an object in a different view. I’ve never really thought about mushroom lamps but with the examples above, I have to say I would love #4 on a desk. Thank you for the insight and your love for these lamps.
    Hope you are having a fabulous fall day!

    1. Hey Danna! That’s the best compliment! Thank you so much for reading and engaging in the conversation. You guys are definitely what make this so fun! You absolutely chose the most stunning and classic lamp in the roundup! That nickel finish gets all the heart eyes. I was just about to head outside to enjoy a little (freezing) sunshine while it’s peeking through the clouds. I hope your day is smashing!

  5. Cici Haus says:

    I have a simple, pale pink mushroom lamp on my desk and I love it with all my heart!

    1. So cute!! I love a good mushroom lamp.