Good Finds from TJ Maxx HomeGoods

Good Finds from TJ Maxx HomeGoods - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday! It has been ages since I’ve been into a HomeGoods, but as I was preparing for our trip, I needed some last minute travel things and thought I’d give TJ Maxx a try, since it’s close by. While I didn’t find a lot in my local store, I decided to peruse their online selection, as one of my friends had told me it was often better than shopping in person. It makes sense… not as many impulse buyers and picked over items (especially this time of year). As it turns out, I was able to find some pretty beautiful and affordable things. Click through for a quick post on what caught my attention (including a gorgeous natural woven rug)

Dare I say some of these items rival very high-end and expensive collections? This entire grouping almost has an Amber Interiors feel, doesn’t it? I love the deep and muted palette, natural materials, and timeless silhouettes. Here’s what I found…

Click directly on my finds below to be redirected to the source- they’re all are clickable…

console table / cashmere quilt / linen duvet set / basket set / natural rug / sheepskin rug / floor lamp / woven bench / loloi runner / carved bowl / forest green quilt set / 2 drawer nightstand with hidden outlet

Really good stuff, right? I think I’ll be checking out HomeGoods online more frequently. It seems like a great way to score designer furniture & decor for a lot less.

Good Finds from TJ Maxx HomeGoods - roomfortuesday.comI did grab another set of these Parachute percale sheets from my local store, in person, since a certain someone keeps ripping holes in ours with his elbows. Ha! Have you had any luck at HomeGoods lately? Here’s to a beautiful weekend ahead! Enjoy and happy pizza Friday, friends!

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  1. Good morning! When I used to make regular shopping trips “to the city,” TJMaxx was a favorite stop, but I haven’t been in years. I do think selection in store can vary wildly depending on your location. I am shocked, for instance, to see items folks find in California stores! I have browsed their website, but you sure seem to discover prettier finds. I’ll have to go spend a little time clicking this morning. I hope you are soaking up every last minute of your vacation! We’re heading into our first rainy weekend of the year, so I need to make the most of today’s partly sunny skies. Happiest of Pizza Fridays, friends!🍕💜

    1. Hello, hello! The selection definitely depends on location… and sadly my closest location is meh. You’re right though, the folks in California seem to have some amazing finds. Vacation was so wonderful. Thank you! Traveling abroad always makes me wish I could just roam around the globe forever. Ha! I think I missed my calling to be a travel blogger- what a dream that would be. We had a rainy day here today, too.

  2. Good Morning 🌞
    Gosh some awesome stuff here Sarah! I have the runner in my cart, I think it would look pretty in the kitchen. And yes your roundup definitely has an Amber Interiors look indeed. So lovely! Now that I’m back in the US I’m definitely going to visit the local TJMaxx here. Haven’t been in quite some time so I’m definitely up for it. With the holidays around the corner I’m in super shopping mode 😉 Happy Friday friends 🍕

    1. Hi Colleen! Thank you- this was a fun little virtual shopping session. I’ve never been to a HomeGoods in Florida, but a few of my friends live there and say the selection is better than here in Utah. Maybe you can find some hidden gems. I hope you’re having a great week! :) Your holiday goodies are on their way to you. Thanks again for supporting my small business!! xo

  3. Good morning Sarah! Your finds definitely have an Amber Interiors vibe and I’m loving so many of them. If the linen duvet had been available in other colors I’d have snagged it. Rocky shredded ours😒. TJMaxx is my go-to for high quality sheets at an affordable price point. Between husbands that tear them, kids that impart their special funk, and one 90lb doggo, I replace sheets more frequently than I’d care to admit. I have found that certain locations are perfect for certain things. We have two near us- one is great for kitchen and furniture finds; the other is the go-to for textiles of any kind. I love shopping the online selection of decor because in my area the great decor items sellout quickly in-store and it can often feel like hodgepodge leftovers. Side note- TJMaxx carries a ton of home organization bins that we’ve all seen online, for fractions of the price. My store keeps them stocked year-round: everything from clear carousels, to junk drawer bins, to clear containers with bamboo lids for the bathroom. It’s definitely worth perusing through if you want to organize everything on a budget. Anyway, I’m off to explore their site and see if any jewels turn up. Happy Friday friends!

    1. Hi Lauren! Right? I definitely (unintentionally) got an Amber Interiors aesthetic coming from this roundup. Nooo Rocky! So sorry to hear about your duvet. I’m laughing at the “kid funk” ha! I need to swap our sheets this weekend- we’re still rocking the ones Emmett ripped a hole in, pre vacation. I feel behind. Our local HomeGoods is just meh. I have much better luck online! It is intriguing that certain areas and stores have better options than others. Park City has a much better selection than here in Salt Lake. I’m with you on their organizational items- I’ve definitely snagged lots of bins & baskets there in the past. Hope you’re having a lovely fall day :) xo