Roundup : My Picks From the Studio McGee Target Collection

Roundup : My Picks From the Studio McGee Target Collection -
via studio mcgee x target

As you probably already know, Studio McGee is launching a second collection with Target, and I feel like it is even better than the first wave of affordable products they launched last season. The collection officially launches on September 13th… mark your calendars because it sells out FAST. I wanted to share my favorites from the collection and get a jump start. Some of them are actually available now, some of them are beginning to show up in stores, and for the pieces that are launching on the 13th- you can save the ones you like now… and when they become available, you’ll be able to quickly add them to your cart. Click through to see what I’m loving, and more importantly- why!

Roundup : My Picks From the Studio McGee Target Collection -
via studio mcgee x target

This classic round mirror looks much more expensive than it actually is. I like the metal hanging detail at the top, and the size is great- especially for $70. It has a simple designer look to it.

Roundup : My Picks From the Studio McGee Target Collection -
via studio mcgee x target

Click directly on the items to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: metal pendant // 02: wood end table // 03: boucle throw pillow // 04: knit throw blanket // 05: white & brass wall sconce // 06: cane dining chair // 07: wood dining chair // 08: large seagrass pendant // 09: minimal console table // 10: faux mohair throw blanket // 11: sculptural accent table // 12: curved back dining chair // 13: round wall mirror // 14: caned console // 15: black metal table lamp // 16: natural rug

When shopping for furniture and home decor at budget big box stores, like Target, I try to keep material in mind. You’ll notice a lot of natural materials in this collection and my roundup… jute, wool, wood, cotton, and cane. These materials also add gorgeous textural interest, making them look higher end and designerly. They tend to wear better as well. Just something to keep in mind, if you’re going for classic items that hold longevity!

Roundup : My Picks From the Studio McGee Target Collection -
via studio mcgee x target

I really liked the textiles from this collection. The faux mohair throw and the chunky cable knit throw both look so cozy for fall!

Roundup : My Picks From the Studio McGee Target Collection -
via studio mcgee x target

The dining chairs in this collection also stood out to me. My favorites include the curved back chairs (pictured above), the black wood chairs, and the cane back chairs. All feel like they could easily blend with multiple aesthetics or dining tables.

Roundup : My Picks From the Studio McGee Target Collection -
via studio mcgee x target

I also think the lighting was notable for this collection, with lots of beautiful options in timeless finishes! Do you have favorites? Did you shop the Studio McGee x Target collection last season? Do you have your eye on something this time around? I commend the McGee team for creating a collection of stunning products, at a budget-friendly price point. I’m really impressed and am excited to snag a few things!

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  1. Definitely some good-looking classics in this collection. I really like the dining chairs-especially #12. The sleek, graphic console is pretty great, too. Since we don’t have a Target nearby, I miss out on the fun of seeing new collections in person. That being said, I might not enjoy the frenzy that this launch will create!
    I hope you guys are recovered from the crazy weather! We had significant winds here but incurred nothing like the damage your area experienced. Thinking of you.💜

    1. I think so, too! I really liked those dining chairs as well. It’s a bummer you don’t have a Target super close. Maybe I’ll have to do an IG live and take you on a personal tour. Ha! I can waste a lot of hours (and money) in Target, so maybe it’s actually a good thing you don’t have one. I also wish the collection didn’t create so much buzz to sell out quickly… that is definitely the down side. We’re still on cleanup duty today, and we’ll need a new roof. We lost some trees, but it could’ve been much, much worse. Our next door neighbors have a hole in their roof and are missing their chimney. I think we’re out of the woods now though! Thanks for thinking of us :) What a year.

  2. I love their collections!! I’m really sad I can’t find the amazing bookcase they picture with their bookcase collection…it is stunning!! I’m really loving the throws, and the pillows, and the dining chairs…so much to love in this round! Our weather is turning to the cozy fall vibes I love, and I have fall on the brain. I hope the cleanup from your recent round of weather isn’t too bad. We’re still reeling from the fire this past week, and school has been closed…hopefully the cooler weather offers firefighters a chance to contain it and get it put out. We’re on the take it easy bus over here, lol. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Wednesday!

    1. Are you talking about the one with the caned front? I found a link: I feel like since many of the items aren’t live yet- it’s kind of tricky to navigate on the Target site. I’m all about the fall weather this week- except the insane wind we’re having here, AND it snowed yesterday. Argh. It feels way too soon for that! So many natural disasters are happening lately and it has my nerves on edge. I’ve been wondering how you’re doing with the fires. We’re on the take it easy bus this week, too… sometimes you just have to do what you can. Yikes. Happy Wednesday!

  3. I LOVE those black Windsor-style dining chairs! Everything in this collection is at such a good price point – I wasn’t specifically looking for any decor pieces right now but with those prices I am certainly tempted!

    1. Me too, Stacy! I’m in the same boat. Haha!

  4. Anne (Julia) says:

    Last time I went online on the opening day at midnight EST. But apparently the sale opens on PST time – or at least it did last time. So I went to bed and when I logged in at 6 AM, all the pieces I wanted were sold :P. And this was when most of the stores were not open because of COVID so didn’t have the option of going in-store. I went on eBay a couple of days later and a lot of the pieces I had eyed were there – but marked up x3 or x4, lol.

    1. Oh wow! It’s so crazy that things sell out that quickly. Yikes. Good to know! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Anastasia says:

    I really like the dining chairs

    1. Same! So many cute options :)

  6. Nadia Mosberg says:

    I love those cube ottomans with the black stripe? Is that from the collection as well? If not, are you able to source them? Obsessed.

    1. I believe they are, but I’m assuming they’re sold out now. Sorry Nadia!