Roundup : Candles for Autumn (+A Giveaway)

Roundup : Candles for Autumn (+A Giveaway) - roomfortuesday.comBased on my blog posts recently, it’s probably easy to tell what kind of mood I’ve been in. Despite the Mercury retrograde, the fall season has me feeling ultra festive and happy. It’s amazing how weather can affect our mood. Tomorrow marks the start of October (hello Scorpio season), and I’ve been adding little touches to our home to make it feel extra cozy- including opening some new candles. I love a fresh candle, and lighting it for the first time! It officially feels like candle burning season, doesn’t it? The temperatures are cooling, and each year I like to share my current favorite home fragrances for autumn and the colder months ahead. I wanted to compile a quick post with some top picks for you, as well as host an easy giveaway for a handful of my own candles from the Tuesday Made shop. Click through to check it out and enter! 

Roundup : Candles for Autumn (+A Giveaway) - roomfortuesday.comMy personal home fragrance preference this time of year includes a lot of earthy, masculine, and spiced scents. Think firewood, forest fragrances, patchouli, amber, hearth, vetiver, moss, santal, tobacco, leather, etc. I enjoy the seasonal warmth these fragrances add to our home, without smelling too sweet. I know lots of people love bakery and food scented candles (pumpkin, maple syrup, sugar cookie, etc), but I’ve never really been into those intoxicating sweet scents. So do with that what you will, when it comes to my recommendations! I prefer layers (I learned a LOT about fragrance notes while creating my candle collection), a bit of complexity, and scents that skew masculine.

Roundup : Candles for Autumn (+A Giveaway) - roomfortuesday.comI also appreciate a good candle that has enough fragrance to slightly smell when you pass by it- even when it’s not lit. A little goes a long way in filling a home, and I never want to burn candles for more than 2-3 hours. I’d rather spend the money on a quality candle with a concentrated fragrance, that has organic ingredients for a clean burn. I promised myself I was done with candles that leave a heavy soot behind, so that’s what you’ll find in this roundup: quality, splurge-worthy candles. Ready to see my top picks?

Roundup : Candles for Autumn (+A Giveaway) - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on the candles to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop… not all are clickable.

01: feu de bois / wood fire candle // 02: warmth candle // 03: vetiver oud candle // 04: oud noir 6-wick candle // 05: leather satchel candle // 06: bellocq candle // 07: amber candle // 08: tatine city of night candle // 09: woods votive set // 10: wood sage candle // 11: maison louis marie candle // 12: hearth classic candle // 13: vetiver sage candle // 14: woodland candle // 15: abd el kader candle // 16: santal 26 classic candle

I’ve burned all of these at one point or another, so if you have questions about any of them- please let me know! I’m happy to share my feedback. Over the past couple years, I’ve done a ton of candle research, product testing, and have spent more money on candles than I’d probably like to admit. It was all apart of creating my own candle collection for our shop. It’s something I’ve grown to be quite passionate about! I’ve always been into fragrance… candles, perfume, diffusers, satchets, and even car fresheners, so this is fun for me.

Roundup : Candles for Autumn (+A Giveaway) - roomfortuesday.comWhen it comes to styling my candles, I like to rest them on something to elevate, as well as to protect the surface beneath it. I love our little clawfoot pedestals (pictured below), marble trivets, ogee pedestals, and acrylic pedestals for candle styling. I’m also a fan of keeping a match strike nearby. Books are another easy way to prop candles while protecting your furniture!

Roundup : Candles for Autumn (+A Giveaway) - roomfortuesday.comCandles have such a way of calming and soothing. Even though I especially love them this time of year, I burn them year round. In fact, my therapist once gave me a simple exercise, I thought I’d share. She suggested at the end of each work day, I begin a routine of lighting a candle for 5-10 minutes. It signifies that the workday is finished, and I’m letting go of anything that happened during the day… as the candle burns, any negativity or stress is released as the flame flickers. Along with some deep breathing and gratitude, I really enjoyed that routine. Maybe that’s something I’ll start doing again! It feels like a treat to light a candle and relax because I usually light one while I’m doing something enjoyable- cooking dinner, soaking in the tub, reading a book, watching a movie, etc. I’ve also found they signify events or occasions that have happy memories- holidays, a romantic dinner at home, a cozy snow day, etc. Have you ever thought about the mental health benefits of candles? I honestly hadn’t until chatting about it with my therapist years ago. That’s just one more reason to love them! Ok, I’ll stop blabbing- let’s move onto the giveaway…

Roundup : Candles for Autumn (+A Giveaway) -


For the giveaway, I’m going to mail out some Tuesday Made candles to a handful of you. Entering is easy…

  1. Follow Tuesday Made on Instagram.
  2. Comment on this blog post, and let me know which exclusive Tuesday Made candle from our collection you’d like!

I’ll notify the winners in a week, and will get shipping addresses to get those surprises sent out! Sound like a plan? As always, I appreciate you showing up to chat with me, your continued support of my small business and blog, as well as your friendship here. I enjoy these little giveways like this, and I hope they’re fun for you too!

Roundup : Candles for Autumn (+A Giveaway) - roomfortuesday.comHere’s to a new month, a lovely fall season, and a relaxing weekend ahead! I’ll see you back here on Monday? Emmett & I are crossing another item off of our fall activity to-do list… we’re headed to our local Oktoberfest this weekend. Cheers to that! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway…

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  1. I think having a “signature scent” plus the warmth of the candle light help complete a home. I’m closing on our home today and can’t help but think your Amber candle would work perfectly. Congratulations on your new candle collection!

    1. I totally agree, Janet! Congrats on closing on your home today! That is so exciting. I hope everything goes smoothly and you enjoy this new chapter :) The Amber candle was our most popular candle for the month of September, and for good reason- it’s wonderful. xo

  2. Thanks for the chance to win one of your beautiful candles! I love candles anytime of the year! Followed on Instagram. It’s a tossup for me between the woodland and warmth candle but I’ll say my favorite would be warmth. I love the claw foot pedestal too, it’s beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Diane! I’m with you on loving candles year round :) If I had to choose- I’d say Warmth now, and Woodland during the holiday season! Those little clawfoot pedestals are the most handy for styling. I use those often for candles. Have a great day!

  3. I know it’s fall, but the Grove candle would still be my pick with the citrus notes. It’s really cool that you were able to work on your own scents and learn all of the science behind it!

    1. It was such a fun and creative learning experience! Definitely one of my favorite things I’ve done in regards to our shop. Grove is also one of my favorites! I feel like it’s great no matter the time of year :)

  4. Good morning! Fragrance is definitely one of my loves! I’ve spent plenty of time reading descriptions, ordering $$$ samples and inhaling deeply in the Sephora aisle! I like my perfumes strong, spicy and a little skunky or citrusy. A big no to anything powdery or gourmand. I enjoy a floral when that has other notes. Unlike perfume, which can be drastically different once it’s on your skin, candles are appealing because the scent doesn’t change when you burn it. What can disappoint is a weak candle. Your Tuesday Made candles have AMAZING; the scent really lingers! My Grove candle sadly expired the other day, but I wisely have two Woodland ones standing by. I’m curious about your Warmth; does the vanilla add sweet or powdery notes? I know I’ve mentioned how much I enjoy reading descriptions of fragrances. I’m going to go check out each one in your round-up just for the fun of that! Here’s to a chilly, chill October weekend! 💜🍁

    1. Good morning, Peggi! I hope Jason is feeling better today. I’m with you- I also love the simple florals… especially in the spring & summer, something a bit lighter. I so appreciate your kind words about our candles. I spent a lot of time learning and trying to develop our fragrances, which was really a fun process. I like that they have staying power. If I have to play favorites, Woodland is my pick. Warmth is also wonderful for this time of year- the vanilla does make it smell slightly sweeter, but not powdery. It also has notes of ginger, spiced tobacco, and leather, so it’s a good mix. My friend Emily, who is a brilliant copy writer (much like yourself), helped me with our candle descriptions because they’re so tricky to describe. She really did a fantastic job at bringing the complex fragrance to paper. I hope it translates! Here’s to a chilly October weekend- I hope you have so much fun at your yoga & wine event… or maybe that is happening next week? Regardless- have a good one :) xo

  5. I love all of these! I keep a candle at my desk called “endless weekend” for when i’m having a rough day. I cant wait to try the “clean” scent!

    1. Thanks, Marit! I love that you keep your Endless Weekend candle at your desk- that is so smart! The Clean candle smells like fresh laundry to me… just like crisp linen. I love that one!

  6. I would love to try Amber! It’s one of my favorite scents!

    1. Amber was our most popular candle in September, and for good reason! I love that one :)

  7. Good morning! Candles are a love language for me. I have one in every room, and usually burn them most when I want to decompress. I also love lighting a candle just before I start cleaning the house, so that by the time I’m done the loveliest scent is in the air and everything just feels fresh. I’m drawn to more masculine scents this time of year as well. My favorite scented candle (oak, moss, sage) does not disappoint. Neither does the Tuesday Made Warmth candle. I’ve been burning that one on repeat lately, and if I’m the prize winner, hands down that would be my selection.
    We’ve got a pretty fun weekend ahead: it’s my 20 year high school reunion! Friday night kicks off the festivities with a football game against our rivals; Saturday is the Reunion with a plated dinner at a lovely local building; and Sunday some of our classmates are hosting a brunch at the local brewery they own. It’s bound to be an awesome weekend and I’m looking forward to catching up with friends. I hope you have an enjoyable time at OctoberFest. Sounds like a blast will be had by all! Cheers to the weekend friend! Xo

    1. Good morning, Lauren! I definitely agree that they help decompress, and I love your idea of lighting one when you begin cleaning. Smart!! Warmth is so nice for this time of year- I love that one. That’s what I currently have going in my house as well. What a fun weekend you have planned! I hope you enjoy catching up with everyone. That sounds like my kind of reunion. Enjoy!! xo

  8. Jaqueline Ruivo says:

    I would love to try Amber!

    1. That one has been our most popular recently!

  9. Sara Shepherd says:

    I would like Warmth!

    1. That’s a perfect pick for this time of year, Sara :)

  10. Tanya Paul says:

    I would love to try amber. I loooove the packaging of all these candles :) Reminds me a malin and goetz rum candle i had bought a while back!

    Thank you for having this giveaway!!

    1. Thank you so much, Tanya! I wanted to keep the packaging clean & minimal, so the jars could be reused. I remove the label and use them for all sorts of things- especially countertop toiletries (q-tips, cotton rounds, cosmetic brushes, etc).

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Sarah, I was surprised I didn’t already follow you on Instagram! I’d love to try the Warmth candle. We are in the middle of a move, and the idea of some comfort is very welcome!

    1. I have two separate accounts for my Room for Tuesday blog account, and Tuesday Made shop… just in case people don’t want constant updates of what’s new, they can choose which account to follow. Good luck with your move! I’ve definitely found candles to bring comfort- especially as you’re settling into a new place. When we moved into our current home a few years ago, I did a LOT of candle burning and a lot of sitting by the fireplace. Ha! I hope it goes well- congrats on your new place, Elizabeth! :)

  12. Warmth would be amazing! But really anything you suggest I like so I could also just be surprised :) You have always been my favorite blog – always appreciate all the effort and passion you put into your posts.

    1. I love that one! Thank you so much for your kind words, Mary. You made my morning! I really appreciate you following along and taking the time :) I hope you have a great day!

  13. Amanda Fowler says:

    Oh wow, I think our taste in candles is very similar! I can’t stand any of the “pumpkin pie” type flavors, but the ones at Tuesday Made sound amazing! I love Grove and Woodland, but I think for this time of year I’d have to choose Woodland =)

    1. Definitely, and same! There’s nothing wrong with those scents, they’re just not what I gravitate toward. Woodland is also my favorite :) It’s my go-to for the holiday season!

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful candle suggestions! I am a newly obsessed Tuesday Made candle fan myself :) I have been burning Grove while I work remotely from home. Even when I’m glued to my computer working long hours, I can enjoy the beautiful scent – which lingers for days after. I would love to try Woodland next!

    1. I love hearing that, Elizabeth! Day made. Grove is one of my favorites, too. Woodland is definitely my number one for this time of year and the holiday season. Thanks so much for supporting our little shop :) That means so much to me! Have a great day!

  15. Wenda Scott says:

    sounds like this is a hard choice. i would pick Warmth. i read your blog every day and love it.

    1. Thank you so much, Wenda! That means so much to me. I really appreciate you taking the time :) I hope you’re having a great fall!

  16. Hi, Sarah. I’d have to pick Woodland, although Warmth is a very, very close second. It’s honestly fun just reading the descriptions and imagining what it smells like too, lol. Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Two of my very favorites for fall and the holiday season ahead :)

  17. Having just experienced a glass jar candle exploding on my console table and leaving a large black (thankfully not burned) spot I second the use of something to elevate the candle! I love the brass with legs. I think “Warmth” would be lovely for fall and thank for the giveaway!

    1. Oh yikes!! Candles can be dangerous. My husband’s childhood home burned down because of a candle fire. Maybe you’ve inspired me to work on a candle care post with ideas for styling, how to keep them burning safe, and what to avoid when candle shopping. The pedestal is definitely great for protecting the surface that’s underneath, and Warmth is a favorite for fall around here :) Thanks for entering, Teri!

  18. Brittany Thurman says:

    I love the Warmth description snd am adding the clawfoot pedestal to my Christmas list!

    1. They’re my favorite for styling candles! :)

  19. Good afternoon! Every time I read a post about candles, I wish there was a smell version of the internet. So many fragrances are too floral or sweet & aggravate everyone’s allergies or give me a headache. I say this not to complain, but to compliment you on your fragrance descriptions. Based on those, Woodland would likely be a good fit for us! Thank you!

    I also have to say that your claw footed candle/bouquet pedestal is such a favorite at my house that I ordered another one for my daughter last Christmas. She’s studying to be a designer and loves beautiful things. Thanks for carrying that in your shop.

    1. Hi Jennifer! I wish virtual smells were a thing too. How fun would that be for online shopping?! Woodland is my favorite. I’m so happy to hear you and your daughter are loving the clawfoot pedestals (thanks again for supporting our shop!). You got your hands on them just in time… the vendor let us know that they’re being discontinued, so what we have in stock is it. Such a bummer because they’re so easy to style!

  20. Thanks for the chance to win one of your beautiful candles. Lighting a candle or two is one of the first things I do when I arrive home after work. They all sound lovely but I think my first choice would be Amber.

    1. I love that routine, Lisa! :)

  21. Hello, giveaways are so fun! Ordering a candle without a sniff is tricky😂😂 Which makes the idea of a give so enticing, for sure! Hard pick between grove or woodland… I think I’d try grove first:)

  22. Ps, wondering if you know why some candles give headaches while others do not? Thanks!!

    1. Awesome question! Most people assume it’s the strong fragrance that leads to a headache, but it’s actually the candle ingredients (according to the experts I worked with)… petroleum soot emitted from paraffin wax (instead of natural soy), limonene, alcohol, formaldehyde, etc. Certain candles can actually be pretty icky for you (and can result in headaches, dizziness, asthma attacks, allergies, etc). Most of the higher quality candles, that tend to cost a bit more, use better natural ingredients and soy wax, which means no chemical headache.

      1. Jessica Adams says:

        I love this education, thank you! I’ve always wondered this, too!

        1. No problem! I learned so much when going through the production process- it was helpful for me, too :) Happy to share!

  23. I would pick Clean although they all would be great. Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. WARMTH sounds like it might be my holy grail of candles! I fell in love with Tocca’s Agadir candle in college and probably bought 4 or 5 of them before they were discontinued. I still have one unlit candle that I keep on my bedside table, and have been through many other tobacco scents without ever quite finding a replacement. I can’t wait to smell this scent!

    1. Warmth is a good one! I know exactly what Tocca candle you’re talking about! I used to love that one, too :)

  25. saba KHAN says:

    I love clean smelling house so I gravitate towards the clean scent or grove cause you described it as very well rounded scent.

  26. Just followed on IG! I’m thinking my pick would be Warmth. I have just recently been getting into how quality is SUPER important in candles, so I’d love to try yours!! I already have the claw foot pedestal so one of your candles would be a perfect way to spark all things fall in my home!

    1. Hi Zee! Congrats- you’re one of our giveaway winners- look for an email from me, to grab your shipping address :)

      1. Amazing! Thank you Sarah! Email sent with my home address!!

  27. Melissa D says:

    Woodland and Warmth sound the best to me. I’m so ready for fall and the upcoming holiday season after that. I’m curious about the tobacco scent of the Warmth candle… it’s not a typical scent for me, but it does sound appealing right now. I haven’t tried your candles yet, but I love the blog and your cute shop!

  28. I’m a fall lover through and through and love earthy, woodsy scents. I’m intrigued to try both your warmth and amber candies. Both sound divine!

  29. Katie Murray says:

    Ooh. I would love to try the Grove Candle. Citrus is my favorite scent.

  30. Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity! I know it’s the “wrong” time of year for it, but I’m in Florida (and citrus is a winter fruit!) so I’d want to try Grove first! I’m sure they’re all lovely and habit-forming, though 😉

  31. What a nice giveaway, Amber would be my pick!

  32. Now that it’s finally cooled off in Kentucky I’ve been burning a lot more candles to help our home feel more like fall! I’d love the Warmth candle – I tend to go for anything with vanilla scents in it. Thanks for the candle tips and round up.

  33. I’m terrible at imagining how something smells based on description so it’s a relief to know that, if you chose it for your signature collection, it will be just what I’m looking for. Same for the other things I’ve gotten from the Tuesday Made store. I don’t have to wonder if I’m choosing something stylish and tasteful. If it’s in your store, I know it will be amazing. :-) I’d love to try Grove.

    1. Thank you so much, Amy! I so appreciate you supporting our small business, and love hearing positive feedback about the shop :) Have a great week! xo

  34. Candles are so comforting and cozy. They are a mood lifter for me for sure! I would love to try warmth. Fall is my favorite time of year, and a new candle or two feels like the perfect way to kick it off. Thanks for the suggestions. I am with you about loving less sweet, more masculine scents.

  35. Charlotte says:

    Woodland… forest in the fall sounds lovely.

  36. Viktorija says:

    I’d choose Grove! Anything with citrus and evergreens in it is my happy place. :)

  37. Maggie Baum says:

    I would love Grove! Sounds wonderful!

  38. I would love to burn some Woodland in my house!

  39. I love the smell of Grove for this time of year. But Clean is an all year round smell for me. I have 2 of the claw foot pedestales and absolutely love to see my candles on them.

    1. I love hearing that, Brenda! Thanks again for supporting our shop :) xo

  40. Jessica Adams says:

    I love switching up candles for seasons or moods, and they are so calming to me, too. Must be my Danish ancestry coming through with some Hygge. 🥰
    Your Warmth candle sounds lovely, I’d love to add it to my cool-weather collection! 🤍

    1. Yes!! I’m all about Hygge :)

  41. Melissa Roberts says:

    Grove or Watmth would be my picks! A friend of mine always burned a citrus vanilla candle in het home so I always associated that scent with her house. Would love to find a signature scent for my own home!

  42. Gosh, all these scents sounds amazing and I think “Grove” would be my go-to! Bergamot is just a classic scent I feel. The packaging and the vessel are so beautiful and neutral! These would make wonderful gifts, especially for the upcoming holiday season!

  43. Totally in love with the Warmth candle, so much so that I was burning it last night! That round marble trivet is just darling — is there padding underneath?

    1. Thanks, Kelly! I love hearing that. That’s what I’m currently burning at my house, too. The marble trivets have three tiny padded feet on the bottom.

  44. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    Would love the Warmth candle!

  45. Christine says:

    I would love to try Warmth and am planning to get my British daughter in law the pedestal plus a candle for Christmas as we are both candle lovers.

  46. I’m beyond ecstatic that Fall is finally here, and can’t wait to cozy up with some spicy candles as it’s getting dark earlier. My pick would be Woodland! Your packaging really stands out in this roundup, simply beautiful.

  47. This is beautifully timed, as the days get shorter I’m consoling myself with the coziness of candles. The Warmth, Amber or Woodland fragrances sound like they’d be perfect for this season!

  48. Melissa Schofield says:

    I bet every single one is delightful, but I would select Warmth.

  49. The notes in “warmth” look to be the perfect concoction for smelling autumn in the air! Love the pedestal idea for elevating and setting apart/showcasing the candles. 🤍

  50. Candles are such a great way to add ambiance and engage the senses. Woodland would probably be my favorite, but they all sound amazing!

  51. Candles are such a great way to set the mood and engage the senses. I think Woodland would probably be my favorite, but they all sound amazing and a beautiful vessel too. I’d be honored to have any in my home.

    1. Hi Heldy! Congrats- you’re one of our giveaway winners- look for an email from me, to grab your shipping address :)

  52. I’m the worst at choosing scents based on descriptions. But, Woodland or Amber sound amazing! And I can’t wait to snag a claw foot pedestal.

  53. I’d definitely choose Woodland for my house! Growing up in the Pacific Northwest I feel like this candle would remind me of home! I definitely need to go and order one of your candles! I’m a candle fiend! Thanks for the chance to win 😊

    1. Yes!! That one is my favorite :)

  54. Woodland sounds so lovely!

  55. I’ve definitely started burning my candles more now that the temperatures are dropping. My pick would be Woodland or Grove!

  56. Hi Sarah,

    I’m loving all the items in your store to include these incredible candles, I’d love to try out the ‘warmth’ candle!
    Have a great week and Happy Fall!

  57. Years ago when I was looking for homemade Christmas gifts, your candle tutorial came up in my search (that’s how I found you on Instagram) and I had so much fun making candles. I bought a bunch of supplies and every so often will make a couple for fun. I love your style and would love to try the Woodland scent. I actually recently received my first purchase from Tuesday Made (notched easel) and love the look and quality. I love following you and am so happy you opened the store. ❤️

    1. I love hearing that, Whitney! Thank you so much, and thanks again for supporting our small business :) I really appreciate that! xo

  58. Kelsey D. says:

    Amber sounds like the perfect gal candle!

  59. Kelsey Alexander says:

    I would absolutely love to have your Grove candle! The smell of evergreen always reminds me of all of the real Christmas trees we have had over the years! I am always looking for new candles!

  60. Just began to follow you on IG because I repinned you on Pinterest and I’m in love with your aesthetic, so I spent a good bit of time on your blog today 😍 I’m also a candle fanatic and all of your scents sound like they’d smell amazing! Warmth is the most tempting 🕯

    1. Thanks, Amy! I appreciate that :)

  61. Abby Wilson says:

    Warmth seems like it would smell amazing! I’ve struggled recently with buying good smelling candles and then getting them home, lighting them and they barely smell! Nothing more frustrating. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. I prefer a strongly fragranced candle as well, Abby! I like to catch a smell of it even when it’s not lit.

  62. Totally amber! The season screams this scent, the jar, the everything. Ordering the pedestal as we speak! Thanks Sarah!

  63. The Grove scent sounds amazing!

  64. Rebekah Smith says:

    Following already! Would love the Warmth candle! Really love your styling ideas.

  65. Stephanie O says:

    How wonderful!!! I’d place my candle on my claw foot pedestal and atop the rust-colored design book that you just helped me order!! :) Thank you for your generosity in the giveaway and in helping us all bring a little fall warmth into our lives. I think my favorite would be woodland, but amber or warmth would be great too! 💛

    1. I love hearing that, Stephanie! :) Thanks again for supporting our small business. It means so much!

    2. Hi Stephanie! Congrats- you’re one of our giveaway winners- look for an email from me, to grab your shipping address :)

  66. Robbie Terry says:

    Warmth sounds perfect for the season!

  67. Nell Rhoades says:

    Woodland sounds great!

  68. Brytt Brooks says:

    Fairly new to the candle scene, but pretty sure I would love any of your curated candle scents! I admire lots of things in your shop. :) Warmth might be my first pick though.

  69. Your candles are divine Sarah! You have created a great collection. I am enjoying your ‘warmth’ and ‘woodland’ candles so much. The oud noir 6 wick candle has me intrigued. Nothing better than a warm bath, lit candle and soft music or favorite show in the evening. Candles create such a mood…I love them.

    1. Thanks so much, Danna! I love hearing that :) You just described my ideal evening. Ha! I hope your week is off to a good start. xo

  70. Wow! Given all the comments, it’s clear we’re not the only ones who love candles! After getting to experience your amazing Woodland candle last year, I, too, promised myself no more cheap ones from Home Goods for 9.99! This time of year, I’m always lighting a candle when it’s starts getting dusk, but I’ve never thought to tie it into the end of workday and gratitude. LOVE that idea so much, so thank you for sharing that, too, Sarah! Happy FALL!!

    1. Right? It’s definitely candle burning season! I restarted my end of work day candle ritual and it has been really nice. I forgot how much I enjoyed doing that- it really is helpful, too. I hope you’re having an awesome October, Anne :)

  71. Jenny Gessler says:

    Am I too late to request a candle? I’d love to try Grove or Amber!

    1. Not too late at all, Jenny! I’m choosing the winners later today :)