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roomfortuesday2 Ok, ok… you caught me. I’m sort of cheating by pulling favorites from the past because I failed to produce a shiny new post for today- BUT that doesn’t mean this isn’t good! I often forget some of the best things I’ve shared in the past (they tend to get buried), and it’s fun to bring them back from time to time. Here are my favorite fall-related posts that are resurfacing just in time for cooler weather. This post is sure to put you in the autumn mood- from the color palette, to the textures and tastes, get excited…

Get ready to switch out your sandals for boots, pull out the sweaters, layer up, and grab a hot drink! This post is going to get you stoked for fall (if you aren’t already)… I promise.

F A L L   E N T E R T A I N I N G

We’re actually hosting our very first fall backyard party on Friday. I hope it becomes an annual tradition! If you’re planning to entertain this season, these posts will be helpful:

Spiced Mulled Wine For Fall My favorite seasonal cocktail is this spiced mulled wine recipe (shown above). It makes a big batch and is always a crowd pleaser.

Emmett’s fall cocktail of choice is maple bourbon cider (shown below). Contrary to the mulled wine, this one is served cold. I’m planning to whip up batches of both this weekend to give friends the option for a hot or cold beverage. No matter the weather, at least one of them will be appropriate.

Maple Bourbon Cider Recipe If you’re hosting, impress your guests with some easy floral arrangements. I know… that sounds like a lot of work, but trust me- they’ll take 15 minutes, tops! I put together a tutorial titled, “Floral Tips for People Who Hate Floral Arranging” and believe me when I say, it doesn’t get any easier than this. Find some blooms in moody hues, or at the very least stick some silver dollar eucalyptus in a vase.

DIY-Floral-Arrangement If guests show up unexpectedly or you end up hosting at the last minute… throw together a charcuterie board with ease. Read this post for everything you need to put together an impressive spread- using simple ingredients from Trader Joes.


S W E E T   T R E A T S

While we’re on the topic of food, I thought I might as well include some of my favorite fall treats that are worth indulging.

Four years ago, I accidentally created “mookies”. I know you’re thinking, what is a mookie?! It’s a pumpkin muffin meets cookie. It sounds weird, but I can assure you it’s amazing for breakfast or dessert, and it only takes 3(!) ingredients. Click here for the recipe.

Pumpkin Mookie These s’more cupcakes are to die for. I make them once a year. That’s my limit because I have zero willpower.

smore_cupcake1 I’m a sweets for breakfast type of gal. Emmett and I both love having muffins, cake, or leftover dessert for breakfast. One of my favorite fall breakfast foods is big slice of pumpkin space bread. Delicious!! You can’t go wrong with Jacqueline’s recipe.

pumpkin-spice-bread-cut Oddly enough, my other go-to fall recipe also belongs to Jackie… her mother-in-law’s apple pie is the best I’ve ever tasted! Click here for the recipe.



If you’re not as into fall food or entertaining, don’t worry… I rounded up autumn-inspired interior posts for you as well!

This moody mens dressing room is the exact color palette I’m craving this season. I’m feeling all of the rich wood tones, black, deep burgundy, and I’m still loving antique brass.

Moody-Masculine-Dressing-Room It’s almost time to light the fires and turn on the heat. Last year I rounded up the most beautiful firewood holders… one of which we bought for the backyard.

Log Holders Another space that feels like fall, is Jacqueline’s dining room. You guys know I love green hues, but this season I’m really into the navy tones. That wall color is perfection. One thing I miss about living in Ohio? Showing up at Jackie’s house, kicking off my boots, hanging up my scarf, and sitting at the dining table with her, catching up over a glass of wine. This room holds lots of wonderful memories for us!

dining-room-bar-cart Another fond memory I have is at our Ohio home… a couple Octobers ago, the power went out and it was the first time I lit our fireplace candles. It felt cozy and magical, despite not having a functioning fireplace. Check out this DIY if you’re in the same boat.

holiday_fireplace Before I transition away from fireplaces in general, this post on how to style a mantle three ways might also come in handy this season!

fireplace-mantle-1 Lastly, if you have the opportunity to get away this fall- do it! I want so badly to take a road trip to see the fall foliage and changing of colors across the country. Here are my best tips for finding the perfect airbnb and 15 of my favorites!

New-York-Cabin-in-the-Woods What has you excited this fall? I’d love to get some of YOUR inspiration.

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