Tuesday Made Vintage Rug Sale

Tuesday Made Vintage Rug Sale - roomfortuesday.comIt’s no secret vintage rugs are my FAVORITE. They’re made of natural materials (like wool, cotton, and silk), they add a ton of character, color, texture, & pattern to any space, and they’re as durable as it gets, so they can live anywhere. My favorite design aspect of having our shop, Tuesday Made, has been curating beautiful vintage rugs to share with you. They’re just so special! Emmett always finds me admiring my beauties in our “rug room” at the office, where they hang on racks. It’s just my thing- my happy place… even though it smells like a sheep given the amount of wool in the space. Haha! I convinced Emmett (the financial brains behind our business) to let me have a GIANT rug sale this week! Click through for the discount code for 20% off all of our vintage rugs, to see my favorites, and to learn more about how I select rugs for our shop and style them throughout our home.

Tuesday Made Vintage Rug Sale - roomfortuesday.comFirst, the important details… the big vintage rug sale begins NOW and ends Sunday evening, so you have throughout the weekend to use the discount code. Use code: 20-OFF-RUGS for 20% off your vintage rug purchase at tuesdaymade.com.

Tuesday Made Vintage Rug Sale - roomfortuesday.comEach rug is one-of-a-kind (obviously they’re vintage), so if you see one you’re thinking of- grab it. I receive many messages and emails asking when vintage items, like a specific rug, will be restocked, and obviously I can’t restock them. I hate disappointing people, but since they’re one-of-a-kind, there isn’t really anything I can do to help with “the one that got away.” Check out some of my favorite neutrals (requested by lots of you!) below…

Tuesday Made Vintage Rug Sale - roomfortuesday.com01: brit vintage rug (4×7) // 02: dani vintage rug (6×9) // 03: april vintage rug (6×10) // 04: oliver vintage rug (5×9) // 05: mila vintage rug (4×7) // 06: theo vintage rug (6×9) // 07: rose vintage rug (5×9) // 08: holly vintage rug (3×11) // 09: hollis vintage rug (6×9) // 10: vine vintage rug (3×6) // 11: logan vintage rug (5×9) // 12: fleur vintage rug (4×7) // 13: brin vintage rug (6×10) // 14: grey vintage rug (4×6) // 15: maya vintage rug (6×9)

Tuesday Made Vintage Rug Sale - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re wondering how I choose vintage rugs for the shop, it’s a really fun process for me! I scour estate sales, work with a few other small, family-owned businesses in the rug industry, and even some local resources to curate our collection. It has been really fun getting to know other people in the biz who are just as passionate about rugs as I am. I have very high standards for the rugs I bring into our shop. I try to curate patterns, colors, and textures that are interesting, yet timeless. They have to be in excellent condition, I have them all professionally cleaned, and then I photograph them before hanging them in my beloved rug room at the shop to admire. Of course then Emmett carefully rolls them up, ships them out, and they end up styled in the homes of lovely people who appreciate them, which makes me the happiest!

Tuesday Made Vintage Rug Sale - roomfortuesday.comAll of our rugs are handwoven using natural materials- primarily wool. Although we do have a few wool / cotton blends and silk. The aztec rug pictured above is actually from my personal collection and is one of my very favorites! It has a higher, plush pile than most of the flat-woven rugs in our shop.

Tuesday Made Vintage Rug Sale - roomfortuesday.comAlthough I just shared a collage of neutrals in today’s post, we have a lot of bold options and rugs infused with color as well, if that’s more your vibe. You can see all of them here.

Tuesday Made Vintage Rug Sale - roomfortuesday.comIn the next month or two, I’m hoping to have even more options available in our shop. I’m currently working on curating more smaller sizes, since those sold out quickly, as well as some larger area rugs- which have been a popular request. Let me know if there is something specific you’re looking for, or if you have a size or color preference!

Tuesday Made Vintage Rug Sale - roomfortuesday.comWhere to style a vintage rug in your home? Easy… anywhere! I’m partial to the kitchen and bathroom because wool is naturally moisture wicking. I know that’s a hot topic, so I shared a Design Discussion post on it here, if you want to read more. Of course I also love them in a hallway, bedroom, home office, living space, entryway, etc… like I said- pretty much anywhere.

Tuesday Made Vintage Rug Sale - roomfortuesday.comThe rug pictured above is our Reeves rug. I feel like I get attached to my rugs. It was really tough to let go of the first one that sold, but I knew it was going to a good home to be loved and appreciated (thank you, Danna!). It makes my day seeing my rugs in your spaces. Last week I received a message of one of my favorite runners gracing the floor of a beautiful galley kitchen and I was beaming all day. They always create a happy design moment for me.

Tuesday Made Vintage Rug Sale - roomfortuesday.comHonestly, when we first decided launching a store would be a fulfilling and smart move for our business, I seriously considered opening a vintage rug shop. All of that to say, it’s a big passion of mine and I truly appreciate you letting me share it with you! If you need a rug and see one you like, be sure to use the code 20-OFF-RUGS for 20% off… a hefty vintage rug discount at Tuesday Made. As always, your support means the world to us. If you already have a vintage rug, or two, or five (like me) in your house- take a minute to admire those pretties for me today. If only they could tell us the story of where they’ve been and who has stepped on them! Have a great day, friends.

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  1. What a great opportunity! I could look at vintage rugs all day! I’m pretty sure my interest (obsession) was fueled by none other than you, Ms. Sarah! My home features 8 unique and vibrant examples. They are honestly my favorite feature in every room. Weren’t we just talking about how vintage brings soul to a space? I love lounging on my rugs, admiring the symbols and handiwork, imagining the women weavers and the families who lived on the rugs before me. Too romantic? My ultimate is a Chinese Art Deco dream. Some day… In the meantime, I’ll go ogle your wares and mentally create rooms around them. Design exercise! Happy day, friend!💜

    1. Me too, Peggi! I’m happy to have been a small part of that obsession :) Haha! I’m proud of you for sporting 8(!) in your home. That’s amazing, and from the glimpses I’ve caught of them- they’re all gorgeous. You have an amazing eye. Vintage really is the best. I also imagine the women weavers and families who interacted with the rugs in the past. I wish they could tell us their story. If I ever stumble across a Chinese art deco rug, I’m grabbing it for you! Oh- and my other favorite thing about vintage rugs… they are durable enough to withstand our crazy dogs. Ha! I’m sure you can relate. Hope Jason is doing well, giving you plenty of laughs, and not causing too much trouble. Have a great day!

  2. Omg omg omg I cannot believe that aztec rug is in the shop!!! I just bought it – it’s been one of my favorites ever since you posted the guest room reveal! I’m so excited to style this in my bedroom now!!

    1. Ok, I was so excited this morning (and still am!!) that I just had to post and didn’t fully articulate what I wanted to say, oy vey. Anyhoo, this rug has been one of my favorites for so long and I am just so excited that I get to have one of your pieces in my home – I know it will be loved for a very long time! You really do have impeccable taste and I appreciate your standards for quality and natural materials (in all aspects of design). My bedroom has been, let’s just say, lack luster on the design front. It’s OK, but just doesn’t have the feel and vibe I’m going for. This rug is going to anchor the space for me and give me a point to design from. My house has a lot of blue – of the chambray/denim color family – so I’m happy to be stepping out of my box for this rug in terms of color. What a great Wednesday this is turning out to be! Thank you Sarah (and Emmett – hehe)!!

      1. I am SO excited for you, Amanda!! I’m not going to lie- this rug was difficult to part with. It’s one of my all-time favorites and I’m so happy it’s going to a great home where it will be well loved and used :) I can’t wait for you to see it person and I’m already looking forward to photos, if you feel like sharing. As for the color palette, it has provided endless inspiration for me over the years. I often use rugs as my color palette jumping off point and it has the most gorgeous green hues and salmon tones in there. It’s just so good! I’m going to give it one last hug (lol!), take a photo, then Emmett will carefully pack it up and ship it out to you in the next day or two. Ahhh!!! Can’t wait to see how you style it. Enjoy and thank you again for supporting our small business! We appreciate it so much. xo

  3. Ohhhh these are all so so good! I love vintage rugs and always look for them at estate sales. The rugs you’ve curated for the shop are all so exquisite! I wish I was at a point with any of the rooms in my house where I could choose something to grace the floors. One day I will be, and I know exactly where I’ll look! I’m curious to know from a designers perspective, how you select a particular rug for a given space. Perhaps that’s a post for the blog this year. When do you choose one with a matching color palette, versus opting for neutral? What prompts you to choose a larger bolder pattern versus something more subtle? I love rugs, but have never known how to properly select them. Anyhow, you have a lovely roundup in the shop, and I can see why the rug room is your favorite. They’re all works of art in and of themselves, and there is something extremely romantic about a vintage rug versus a big box design. Plus, who wants the same rug as someone else?? I love vintage rugs for that reason alone! I could talk about this topic all day, but sadly virtual school beacons 🤨 luckily it hasn’t been too bad starting back from the break. Have a wonderful Wednesday Sarah!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! Yes- someday when you’re ready, tell me what to find for you. I have the best time hunting! I love your question about how to select a rug for each room. I often use vintage rugs, specifically, as a jumping off point for the entire design. I like to start with a textile that inspires the color palette and direction of a space. I’ll pull paint colors from it, find cohesive patterns that work well alongside it, and use it as an anchor for the room and design plan. In terms of color- I think it depends on your personal preference. Sometimes I’ll pull color in a big way (bold or dark), and other times I’ll choose a neutral rug that can work with many colors. Regardless, I usually use the rug to expand my palette. For pattern, I either want it to be bold or subtle. If I have competing patterns in the room elsewhere (drapery, wallpaper, etc)… I’ll opt for a contrasting subtle pattern. If a room is lacking pattern and could use some interest, I’ll go with a bold patterned rug! Hope that’s helpful in explaining. They really are works of art :) I used to take a ton of weaving classes in art school, but I never made a rug. So much time goes into them. I’m with you on choosing a vintage rug over new. I like knowing that it’s one-of-a-kind and special. Happy school day! I hope you and the kids have a wonderful day learning :) xox

  4. Sarah, thanks to you I love vintage rugs even more! I was giddy when you put them in your store. I bet it is hard to let them go. The rug I fell in love with in your store is even more beautiful in person and I cannot wait to put it in our new home (yep, we are selling ours). I want more and will call upon you to help me out since you have an eye & love for vintage rugs. Hope you are having a great day!

    1. Danna! This is such wonderful news :) I’m so excited for you. I had a feeling you were ready to find a new place to call home. Here’s to the next chapter, in a new house to make your own! I can’t wait to hear all about it. I’m still happy to help with paint whenever you settle into a new place. Good luck with the listing and prepping your current home for sale- in this market, I’m sure it will go quickly! Have an awesome day. xo

  5. Melissa D says:

    The rugs are beautiful! I keep finding myself scrolling through your store and admiring them… though much like Lauren above, I struggle with selecting a rug for my own personal spaces. Maybe there’s a design blogger out there who could help teach us all about rugs and styling. 😉 In the meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy the pretty pictures and envision what they’d look like in my home.

    1. Thank you so much, Melissa! Maybe a post on rug styling tips is in order? :) I can work on that! Thank you again for taking the time to browse, comment, and chat design with me! xo

  6. Carolynne says:

    I’m now looking at vintage rugs in a whole new light! While I’ve always appreciated them in “other homes”, I never thought they would “work” in my own; you’ve changed my mind! Like Lauren mentioned above, I would love to know the key ingredients to selecting/placement of a vintage rug in my space. I’ve noticed that may of vintage rugs come in, what I would consider, “non standard” sizes; how do you select the appropriate size? A tutorial on all things vintage rug selection would be great! Cheers!

    1. I love hearing that, Carolynne! I’ll try to work on a blog post for choosing the best vintage rug for your space. You’re definitely correct about the non standard sizes, which I feel actually work best sometime. It all depends on your floor plan and what you’re trying to achieve with the rug :) I’m adding that post to the calendar!

  7. Wondering what are the best kinds of area rugs one should look for when you are a dog owner dealing with pet hair

    1. Ahh, good question Carolyn! We have two dogs, so I can relate. In my experience and personal preference, I’m always looking for a vintage rug or something with a lower pile. Those are easy to vacuum, clean, and care for. They’re durable, don’t shed, and have held up well to our dogs. Check out this post, as well: https://roomfortuesday.com/how-bissell-changed-the-way-i-clean-with-dogs/