Cozy Home Updates for the Holidays

We are two weeks away from Thanksgiving and I’ve been getting our house in order. If you’re wondering why… because we’re having very important visitors! My mom and step father are coming to visit and I’m excited to show them our finished home. The last time they made the cross country trip, our kitchen looked like this. Yikes! My mom is probably the cleanest neat freak I know, and I like to make sure every square foot meets her expectations. Ha! But really- we’re excited to host and I’ve had the itch to style this house exactly as I want before we move onto the next renovation (more on that soon). Click through to see some quick updates I’ve made and items I’ve added in preparation for their holiday visit.

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Cozy Home Updates for the Holidays - roomfortuesday.comObviously I started in the guest room since the goal is always for visitors to make themselves at home and have a comfortable place to relax.

Cozy Home Updates for the Holidays -

Cozy Home Updates for the Holidays - roomfortuesday.comMy main goal was to make our home feel more cozy as the Utah temperatures begin to drop and the snow starts falling. I focused on inserting soft lighting, warm blankets & throws, and added some new throw pillows to the mix. It’s amazing how a few new textiles and light fixtures can instantly make a room feel more inviting.

Cozy Home Updates for the Holidays - roomfortuesday.comWith the time change and the sun going down much earlier now, lamps are a must! I styled a new table lamp on my vintage green tallboy and I’m obsessed with the elongated vignette. It gives a cozy, warm glow in the evening and emphasizes one of my favorite works of art in the house. I’m hoping our guests will appreciate this little moment as much as I do.

Cozy Home Updates for the Holidays - roomfortuesday.comCash is also pleased with the wool throw and textiles I added to the guest room. Apparently he thinks I put this space together solely for him…. little does he know, my mother is NOT going to let him sleep in bed with her. Ha! She doesn’t quite have the same extreme dog-loving personality that I do.

Cozy Home Updates for the Holidays - roomfortuesday.comMoving down the hall, I also made some updates to the office

Cozy Home Updates for the Holidays - roomfortuesday.comI added this gorgeous floor lamp (again- lighting with the time change is a MUST), and I tossed a throw onto the back my desk chair. I’ve been using it on the daily. It’s funny how you don’t realize you need something until you have it. Anyway- a throw in a home office is a good idea, I’ve learned.

Cozy Home Updates for the Holidays -

Cozy Home Updates for the Holidays - roomfortuesday.comFresh flowers are another must for upcoming holiday hosting! Don’t worry- by popular request, I’m putting together a DIY floral arrangement, using basic flowers from Trader Joe’s. Look for that one next week!

Cozy Home Updates for the Holidays - roomfortuesday.comNext, I moved to the master bedroom. I liked the extra long lumbar in the guest room so much, I decided to do the same for the master.

Cozy Home Updates for the Holidays -

Cozy Home Updates for the Holidays - roomfortuesday.comI’ve also found that making the bed with a single, long decorative cushion makes things easier and much quicker… another plus when hosting for the holidays.

Cozy Home Updates for the Holidays - roomfortuesday.comI also gave my closet a quick clean. It took all of two minutes because I recently purged when staging our home to sell.

Cozy Home Updates for the Holidays - roomfortuesday.comAlright- last stop on the fast, cozy update tour… the living room! I refreshed our living room not too long ago, but I’m constantly adding throws, new accessories, and swapping my fresh greenery.

Cozy Home Updates for the Holidays - roomfortuesday.comI snagged a couple of these stonewashed throws (the other one is in the office) because of the great price. I’ve found they make a nice blanket year-round because they’re medium weight. I also like to drape them over the arms of chairs and our sofa to protect the furniture from the dogs.

Cozy Home Updates for the Holidays - roomfortuesday.comObviously I can’t keep their cute faces off of the furniture, so that’s where blankets and throws come in super handy. It’s almost like they know that’s where they’re supposed to rest their head. Ha! I feel like that should be included in dog training 101.

Cozy Home Updates for the Holidays - roomfortuesday.comI also spiffed up our built-ins. I know I’ll be adding holiday decor soon, so I wanted to keep them clean and minimal in the meantime. Dusting and quick shelf styling did the trick for now!

Cozy Home Updates for the Holidays - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re wondering about sources, here are a few of my favorite textiles and lighting options from Rejuvenation- including the ones I recently got! There are so many good options that can easily make your home instantly feel more inviting this holiday season.

01: mohair throw // 02: table lamp // 03: wool throw // 04: floor lamp // 05: silk striped pillow // 06: suede throw pillow // 07: double task lamp // 08: striped pillow // 09: stonewash throw // 10: plaid throw pillow // 11: table lamp // 12: graphic throw pillow

Cozy Home Updates for the Holidays - roomfortuesday.comFor sources throughout my entire home, click here. If you’re interested in a full home tour, find that here. How is it ALREADY almost Thanksgiving? Time is flying! Are you ready for holiday visitors? Do you typically host? I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you ready your home for winter and the holiday season.

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  1. Man, those Rejuvenation lamps are all so beautiful! I’m really liking the extra tall shapes. I definitely need all the lamps with the sudden evening darkness. (Grrr, daylight savings time.) How nice that you get to reveal your completely renovated home to your family! We are hosting Thanksgiving as well, so that means I need to get to work too! (Did you say 2 weeks? That can’t be true?) Looking forward to the next renovation news…

    1. They really are! When they arrived in the mail, I was dancing around with excitement. Ha! Hosting Thanksgiving is kind of stressful, but I’m excited to see my family. We may or may not have another home to renovate! Crossing our fingers all goes well with closing :) xo

  2. Elizabeth Day says:

    Lovely and I’m sure your guests will feel very much at home.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! I sure hope so :) xo

  3. Your home looks so inviting and stylish. I was considering the same desk chair, from World Market, but wonder about its comfort. Do you find it to be a comfortable chair to work several hours in? Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much Elise! The desk chair is amazing! It’s actually very comfortable… I sit here all day :)