My Picks From the Alice Lane ‘Very Best Sale’

My Picks From the Alice Lane Very Best Sale - roomfortuesday.comI spent the weekend shifting furniture around and restyling most of the bedrooms in our home. Check out my new bedside situation, pictured above. It’s looking very gorgeous in our master bedroom right now, thanks to a few new pieces! I scored that vintage chest on FB Marketplace a few weeks ago (before social distancing began) and ordered a couple new things to help style it. I’m feeling pretty good about staying home for an extended period of time while social distancing, but if I’m being honest- I am worried about our economy and the small businesses. As a small business owner, I want to support local businesses the best I can throughout this difficult time. I thought it would be fun to highlight one of my local favorites and share my top picks from the Alice Lane “Very Best Sale”. While their brick & mortar store downtown Salt Lake is closed, you can still shop online. They’re offering 20% off all week long! Click through to see what I found. I have a bunch of their items styled throughout my home.

My Picks From the Alice Lane Very Best Sale - roomfortuesday.comMark my words… crystal lamps and crystal decor pieces are going to be a big trend in 2020! I thought a new bedside table lamp would be the perfect addition to my vintage nightstand. It’s chic, feminine, and is just really classic feeling. I also love the way it filters light in such a fun way!

My Picks From the Alice Lane Very Best Sale - roomfortuesday.comReady to see my finds from their big sale? I tried to mix a variety of price points into this one- starting at just $10!

Click directly on my finds below to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links at the bottom of the collage to shop… everything is 20% OFF!

01: trestles throw // 02: farah rosa pot // 03: sea foam water candle // 04: lucy bistro table // 05: gold ginkgo leaf tray // 06: cayman case // 07: lilacs in glass vase // 08: east hampton bachelors chest // 09: cleo orb base accent lamp // 10: stella round cocktail table // 11: round clawfoot dish // 12: fishtail palm // 13: resin tray // 14: terri tiny round accent lamp // 15: gold rope magnifier // 16: baxter curved sofa // 17: cambridge nightstand // 18: patchouli signature soap // 19: phoebe crystal table lamp // 20: bougainvillea in glass vase // 21: lancaster dining table // 22: abbott tray // 23: magnolia in glass bubble vase // 24: corbin mini accent lamp

Does anything jump out at you? I honestly own quite a few things from the collage… #2 (as seen in our previous kitchen), #3 (as seen in our guest bathroom), #4 (as seen in our entryway), #7 (as seen in our formal living room), #11 (has been spotted floating throughout my house since our previous living room)#16 (as seen in our formal living room), and #19 (now in our master bedroom, pictured in this post). I think it’s safe to say I’m a super fan of their curated home collection.

My Picks From the Alice Lane Very Best Sale - roomfortuesday.comThe curved sofa in our formal living room is probably my favorite Alice Lane piece I own! I love the soft shape and it’s SO comfortable. It’s a nice petite piece that fits our room really well. The performance fabric is also holding up beautifully… even with our dogs constantly hopping up and down on it. They basically think our house is their personal jungle gym.

My Picks From the Alice Lane Very Best Sale - roomfortuesday.comThe marble table in our entryway is another piece I’m asked about alllll the time. It’s probably one of the most-requested things in our house. I get a ton of messages about that cutie, and for good reason… it’s a very HEAVY, timeless table that I’ll end up keeping forever.

My Picks From the Alice Lane Very Best Sale - roomfortuesday.comTo all of my design friends at Alice Lane- thanks for being responsible, working from home, and closing the storefront to keep everyone safe… and for making my home a bit brighter while I’m social distancing. I’ll definitely be taking advantage of that 20% off online this week to support a small business I love.

To my friends at home- how are you holding up? Is the working / schooling from home situation getting any easier? Are you feeling better about things this week? I sure hope so! I think we’re all still settling into our new normal. I’m hanging in there and am trying to keep a positive attitude. What do you think of my new bedside vignette? Sending lots of love!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I just noticed the lion pulls on your new bedside table and died with envy. Your Alice Lane picks are beautiful, too. I love, love love #9; those shapes! The black pearl finish of #24 really caught this jewelry-lover’s eye! So unique. The team there certainly have a discerning eye. Weren’t they responsible for the green cabinets with the raspberry interiors that were featured in HB not long ago? Divine.
    Your positive attitude is inspiring! I’m frustrated that so many people seem to be ignoring the stay at home orders, but I keep taking deep breaths. I’m definitely cooking special meals, and we’re taking a long walk each day. And the requisite hour or two of fetch, of course! Apparently, I also need to figure out Zoom? Plenty to keep me busy when I can get my brain to focus. Thanks especially for being here every day to help us through!💖

    1. Aren’t those amazing?! It has claw feet too! You are too good, Peggi… they were the ones who did the green cabinets with the raspberry interior featured in HB. Basically everything they touch is amazing! On a side note- I’m also feeling VERY frustrated with people who are ignoring social distancing and refuse to stay home. We’re seeing a LOT of that in Utah and our government does not currently have plans to shut anything down. I’m feeling very let down by our authorities at the moment. I know nothing about Zoom, but apparently we all need to learn. Haha! I had a FaceTime / Google Hangout cocktail hour with my girlfriends last Friday. It was pretty fun and helped me feel less isolated. Hope you’re hanging in there and are having a good day :) xo

  2. Alice Lane Home says:

    Your home is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing your top picks from our VBS!

    1. Thank you! Love everything in your shop. You all have such an eye for interiors and definitely know how to curate a top notch collection :) xo

  3. Great roundup of beautiful pieces! I will definitely be checking out their options when I’m ready to style some finished spaces! I love all the florals you selected, and would use any of them in my home. School from home is meh. I’m not the greatest teacher, but we’re trying and hopefully my kids are learning at least a few valuable things each day. Its easier sticking to the schedule they’re used to each day, but difficult in the aspect of balancing your own routine mixed in with theirs. Thankfully my kids are still on half day, so its not as much pressure as I imagine some moms are experiencing. Thanks for sharing these with us Sarah!

    1. Thank you so much, Lauren! Their florals are SO realistic- it’s crazy. I feel like you can only do the best you can do. Don’t beat yourself up about teaching. I’m sure your kids will have good memories and are still learning plenty from you- even if it’s not schoolwork from the curriculum. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be and SUCH a big change to your routine. Hang in there and stay healthy!! xox

  4. Beautiful items but out of my price range…

    1. Thanks Teri! I tried to include a good mix of price points. Some of the things I have from them (like the planter, candle, and pedestal dish) were under $10 – $20! I’m all about mixing high and low :) xo

  5. I love how you styled you bedside table. Question…if you hang a picture behind the bedside table what do you do above your headboard?

    1. Great question, Lauren! I’m a fan of negative space… don’t feel like you have to hang art above your headboard or your nightstand- it’s mostly about balance :)

  6. Hi, first of all thank you for your post, they are full of inspiration and I need that more than ever, like we all do. I need to find a new sofa in more elegant/timeless, but a bit quirky style 😉
    We live in Paris, we have a total lockdown over here, we could leave only to buy essential things, no further than 1 km from home (1 hour per day in total), and we have to have our ID and attestation with us – info where are we going and when we leaves house, otherwise police will give you fine. I have an asthma so it could be stressful. Stay safe and keep us entertained, because your blog is priceless to me.

    1. I’m so happy to hear it was inspiring, Kinga! Thank you! I hope you’re also staying safe. I also have asthma, and can relate to that adding a level of anxiety to an already stressful situation. Sending positive vibes and happy thoughts your way! xo