Amazon Finds : For the Patio

Amazon Finds : For the Patio - roomfortuesday.comIt has been wayyy too long since I’ve shared an Amazon Finds post, so I figured today was the day. Now that I’m feeling better and have fully recovered from the flu (that came at the very worst time), I’ve had happy spring thoughts back on my brain. I missed my vacation in southern Utah and am craving warm weather and lots of sunshine. My lack of vacation inspired me to start thinking about our outdoor areas and bring the happy vacay vibe home! Click through to see my finds for the patio and other outdoor areas- all from Amazon, so you can put that prime shipping to good use.

Amazon Finds : For the Patio - roomfortuesday.comOur previous home had the very best yard and outdoor areas (like the converted carport turned outdoor dining space pictured above). It’s something I’m really going to miss this spring, but our current home also has a ton of potential. As the weather changes, I’ve been dreaming of the possibilities.

Amazon Finds : For the Patio - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on the outdoor items below to shop!

01: patio umbrella // 02: string lights // 03: outdoor sectional set // 04: garden stool // 05: galvanized beverage bucket // 06: white planter // 07: outdoor rug // 08: stoneware bowl // 09: bistro table // 10: pair of bistro chairs // 11: outdoor heater // 12: firepit // 13: large planter // 14: pergola

There are so many things I want from the roundup above… and some I already have! The pergola kit (#14) is pretty much identical to the one in our previous backyard. It was honestly pretty easy to install. Emmett and I did it in two days. The outdoor rug (#7) can be seen under our outdoor dining table. The string lights (#2) had the BEST amazon reviews. I’m going to have to buy some because we left our old ones behind! I think I’ll probably buy the garden stool (#4) and the beverage tub (#5) right away, because I already have outdoor entertaining on my mind. An outdoor heater (#11) is one of the best things we bought that we never knew we needed! It really extended the life of our outdoor living space.

Amazon Finds : For the Patio - roomfortuesday.comThere are a few things I think every patio or outdoor lounge should have, and that’s comfortable seating, string lights, and a fire. Whether you’re using a fire pit or a custom outdoor fireplace, like I designed for a client pictured below… there’s nothing cozier than crackling flames on a cool summer night. I’m SO ready for that! Who is with me?

Amazon Finds : For the Patio - roomfortuesday.comI’ll probably start sharing our new outdoor spaces within the next few weeks and my plans for them. We have a balcony / terrace off of the master bedroom, an outdoor area under a pergola (I’m thinking dining space), a covered front porch, and an odd shaped backyard. Oh! And- there is also a basketball goal, which Emmett and I have agreed to settle renovation disputes with a game of P-I-G. Who are your bets on? Would it help if I shared that I am athletic and grew up playing sports and he did not? Wink, wink. Haha!

Amazon Finds : For the Patio - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re wondering about any of the images throughout this post, you can find them within the following:

Let me know if you find anything patio or outdoor living related on Amazon that I need to know about! I’m constantly adding things to my list (that’s maybe not a good thing). What can I say? I’m kind of an Amazon addict. It’s just too easy.

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  1. I’m also patio dreaming over here. We’ve had a few beautiful days that hit 60, but then came the rain. Whomp whomp. I revisited that patio you designed; what a dream space. I think Joe and I could log some serious time in a swinging bed! (He loved my hammock as a pup…before he ate it.🤷‍♀️) Also, I hereby request P-I-G stories!!!

    1. We are also living amongst the rain this week- but I’ll take that over snow :) Oh I know!! I also want a swinging bed for dog snuggles and weekend book reading. That thing was dreamy.

  2. Fun story…. I found your blog through Bloglovin last year when it was advertising one of your backyard reveal posts in the sidebar. Your backyard blew me away, and inspired me so I subscribed to your blog right then and there. I’ve read and enjoyed every post since then but only comment on occasion. Fast forward to NOW, it’s finally warming up here in Wisconsin, and I am channeling some of the inspo from your backyard into my own backyard transformation. My husband and I bought our first house last May, and missed most of the opportunity to re-vamp our backyard space that year, although we did manage to get in a good veggie garden and start some plants out. We have installed a greenhouse this year (finished last weekend) and have a pergola kit on the way as we speak. I really wanted the same pergola kit you used, but we opted for a white vinyl one simply because it fit the house better. I’m getting a patio heater too so we can enjoy the space for a few extra months of the year. My last major pick is going to be patio furniture- having a lot of fun browsing all the options this week. Thanks for the inspo, can’t wait to see what you’re up to next.

    1. Hi Kaitlin! Thank you SO much for sharing that and for taking the time to comment. It’s reading things like this that makes the long hours worth while :) Congrats on your house and for checking things off the list for your outdoor area… it already sounds incredible! You’ll have to share the final outcome once it’s all finished. I hope you two get to enjoy it this year after putting in the hard work! xox