A Fall Fashion Roundup for the Guys

masculine-dressing-roomI guess you could say I was inspired by the moody men’s dressing room earlier this week… but I’ve been saving items I think Emmett (and all the other hip guys out there) might like. I think it’s the fact that he’s splitting his time between Indiana and Utah right now, I find myself saving things that remind me of him. Anyway… this one is for the guys! Because we see SO many fashion related posts for the ladies during the fall- I didn’t want the men to feel left out. Here’s what I would buy (if I were a guy). Am I right ladies?

mens-fall-fashion01: backpack // 02: gentleman’s wallet // 03: button down shirt // 04: ted baker watch // 05: socks // 06: driver hat // 07: shoe polish kit // 08: pilot jacket // 09: chino pant // 10: conditioner // 11: shampoo // 12: shawl cardigan // 13: men’s fragrance // 14: sneakers // 15: clarks boots // 16: facial scrub // 17: ray ban sunglasses

I actually just purchased the personalized wallet (#2) for Emmett as a moving gift. I surprised him with it once we got to our new place in Salt Lake… complete with his new initials (great gift idea, right?!). I’m not sure if other guys are into cleaning and polishing their shoes as much as mine, but (#7) would make the perfect gift for my husband. He keeps a disorganized target bag full of his polishing products and does this once every couple months. This organized kit seems like a much better alternative.

I’d also love to see him buy a trendy piece this season- like the pilot jacket (#8) or leather sneaker (#14). I’ve been trying to instill the importance of using quality hygiene products. Yes, they may cost a bit more… but they’re much better for your health, they do make a difference in your appearance, and they last a lot longer. With that said, I’m thinking if I swap his regular Dove 2-in-1 shampoo for the the Vita Man products (#10 & #11), it will spark an epiphany. Do you guys have any other cool gift ideas or products for the guys? Favorites from my list?

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