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10 Pins : September - roomfortuesday.comHow is it already September 10th?! Time is just flying. I’m finally back to work today and am anxious to get back into my routine after having house guests. It seems like a whirlwind after last week being a holiday. Anyway… I decided since Pinterest is my favorite social media outlet, I should start a series devoted specifically to the inspiration I find there. I thought it would also be a cool way to highlight designers (of all styles) and interior spaces I’m loving! Hopefully you guys will be as excited about this new series as I am, because I think there is lots of treasure and talent to be discovered. Click through for this month’s 10 pins and why I’m coveting them…

#1 // Converted Barn
10 Pins : September - roomfortuesday.com
source : sims hilditch

This is a “converted barn”… need I say more? I mean- is there anything more dreamy than a bright and cozy cottage stuffed to the brim with books? The lofted ceiling goes on for days and I’m definitely here for it. I could totally see this home sitting along the coast. Wouldn’t this make the best beach cottage?

#2 // Green Eclectic Living Room
10 Pins : September - roomfortuesday.com
source : house & garden uk

Ok, ok… I pinned this for the green paint color. It’s absolutely stunning! But then my eyes went to the marble fireplace, then the chairs with those pretty casters, and then the unique sconces. There is lots of good design to be discovered in this image if you study it closely!

#3 // Glam Office + Built-Ins
10 Pins : September - roomfortuesday.com
source : alice lane interiors

My pals at Alice Lane just revealed this beauty and I can’t get enough. I am really digging the modern built-ins and the way they’re framed out- almost like art. I’m also super into those chairs and the layered zebra rug. It all feels very modern chic, don’t you agree?

#4 // Calming Master Bedroom
10 Pins : September - roomfortuesday.com
source : studio mcgee

Next up, this perfectly simple master bedroom. Believe me when I say it’s worth clicking through because the master bath is equally as beautiful. The cast fireplace and panel moulding caught my attention in this one. The millwork is definitely on point and I’m loving it painted in that warm creamy hue.

#5 // Colorful Formal Living Room
10 Pins : September - roomfortuesday.com
source : karl kipfmueller

How are there SO many colors crammed into this vignette? I never would’ve thought to combine this palette, but it works really well. Did you notice the mint crown moulding against the blue ceiling?! My mind is blown. Not to mention the heirloom furniture and interesting fireplace. I also really would love to know more about that oversized art. So many cool things are going on in here.

#6 // Neutral Dining Room
10 Pins : September - roomfortuesday.com
source : lark & linen

I first noticed the rug, followed by the beautiful drapery hanging on the french rods. This dining room is neutral and feels very sophisticated. I’m predicting we’ll see more tailored upholstered dining chairs like these coming into trend as the traditional aesthetic continues to gain popularity in the coming months. Have you noticed more of these? I have one sitting at my enameled desk in the guest bedroom. Remember?

#7 // Black and White Kitchen
10 Pins : September - roomfortuesday.com
source : apartment 34

This tile feels unique and vintage all at the same time, but it’s actually a modern day collaboration! I’m also guessing we’ll see more of this black and white tile trend in the coming years. Regardless, this kitchen feels perfectly French countryside.

#8 // Moody Media Room
10 Pins : September - roomfortuesday.com
source : elle decor

Someday when we fully renovate our basement, I’m thinking I should incorporate a marble fireplace from floor-to-ceiling with a built-in TV niche. This sealed the deal. How insane is that?! I’m also loving the plum gray color and velvet chairs. Super duper cozy and I’m liking the fall vibe!

#9 // Classic Master Bathroom
10 Pins : September - roomfortuesday.com
source : arch digest

This bathroom is bright, happy, and incredibly timeless. I really love the floor tile application. Believe it or not- I’m in the process of designing one of our bathrooms… I won’t tell you which one, bu I might just incorporate a similar floor tile border to create some wiggle room in the budget and save money. I also really like the powder blue wall color! Big YES to all that marble.

#10 // Modern Dining Room
10 Pins : September - roomfortuesday.com
source : barta interiors

Lastly, we have a modern dining room. Although this space is modern and has a complete wall of glass windows & doors- it doesn’t feel cold at all. That’s thanks to all the wood elements. The mixing of materials in this space is absolute perfection.

That’s it for my first “10 Pins” post. Did you like it? I’m hoping this series will be a fun one! I love sharing inspiration, discovering new designers, and chatting about why I’m attracted to a certain look. I don’t know if you enjoyed reading it, but I certainly adored putting it together! Let me know in the comment section below. Everyone have a great day!

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  1. Awesome!! You definitely are the Pinterest Whisperer because my feed does not include anything like these. Maybe I’m a dork (certainly), but I love really examining images and discussing what captured my attention. That terra cotta, sage and turquoise room? Into it! Converted barn? Sign me up! That black and white tiled kitchen? Dead. Thanks for a brilliant design boost on this Tuesday!

    1. Really?! Maybe that’s why everyone is surprised to hear it’s my favorite form of social media and inspiration. So happy to share some inspiration on this fine Tuesday :) Hope it was a wonderful day!

  2. I am with Peggi… my feed is lacking. Maybe you could create a post on how to best utilize Pinterest? I need a tutorial on how to find these types of images instead of the cheesy ads that I seem to get…

    1. Such a bummer, but a great idea for a post! Maybe I should share how I utilize Pinterest and customize my feed. I hate seeing cheesy recipes, design, or a ton of ads. I feel like I have mine pretty dialed in now.

  3. I liked how you explained things and why you liked them, Sarah! It’s nice to see designs but to point things out that we may not have thought about is a good idea. You should do these monthly! :)

    1. Thanks so much Stormy! I will definitely start doing these monthly :) So glad you liked it.

  4. Christiane Nick says:

    Thank you for sharing! Great finds. I especially appreciate the bathroom inspiration as we have yet to “finish” our Guest Bath. We want to do some crown and panel moulding, so I’ve been looking for inspiration. I’m not sure how to handle the crown moulding in the two spots where it will meet shower tile that we installed to the ceiling. The McGee master bath is a good example.

    1. Yes!! Such a good example! My reasoning or line of thought is always this (when it comes to millwork or finish carpentry)- always make it feel intentional and finished… a clean or mitered edge goes a long way. Just make sure it looks like you meant to do whatever it is you do :) Hope this helps! You’ve got this!

  5. Yes please to more of this Sarah! You have such a great eye. I’m always interested to see what inspires you.

    1. I can definitely do that! This was SO fun for me. It felt like the “good ole days” of blogging, and I felt creatively rejuvenated sharing this post :) really glad you liked it!!

  6. Great finds! I used to really like Pinterest but I dont like the way that if I search something or pin something my whole feed is saddening filled with too many like images. I like the idea of you doing these once a month. Thanks Sarah!

    1. I know… I’m with you. Sometimes I’m fearful of looking up a recipe because my interior feed is honed in. Haha! It doesn’t make a ton of sense sometimes. I can definitely do these once a month :)

  7. workdottiwork says:

    What a great idea. Pinterest is like a firehose of ideas to me, too much. Thanks for breaking it down for me!

  8. Ha, can you tell I’m catching up on posts? ;-) I, too, would love for this to be a series and would LOVE to know how you curate your feed. I, like many others said, have been so disappointed with Pinterest lately, primarily because of what it’s showing me in my feed – so many ad’s and honestly, for some reason, so many pins that aren’t relevant/not interesting/poor quality/you name it. And, since I’m endeavoring to use it more for my little side design biz, I really want/need it to work for me. Sigh.

    Thank you, as always, Sarah!

    1. Haha, I love that!! :) I’ve got another one of these lined up for next week!! It’s definitely going to become a regular thing!