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Room for Tuesday Channels - roomfortuesday.comHappy hump day, friends… although it kind of feels like a Tuesday thanks to the holiday weekend. My college roomie and her fam are arriving tomorrow and I am SO excited! You know we love having house guests. Anyway- this week has been a doozy. I’ve been trying to meet deadlines and get our house ready for company. I figured it was time for one of these posts… I share these every so often (maybe every year or two?) and I hope it will be a helpful resource for new (and old) readers! Click through to see all the ways to follow along with our projects, renovation, get inspiration, and find my channels that best suit your viewing and inspiration style. Click through to see where I share- and my personal favorite social outlets. 

I log a LOT of hours when it comes to blog projects and the media that accompanies everything you see here on the blog. I think a big reason I spend so much time sharing on the Room for Tuesday channels is because I truly love my job and have a passion for design. If you’re not following along, check out the following outlets for different ways to view inspiration, renovation projects, and get every single resource…


Room for Tuesday Channels - roomfortuesday.comFirst up- I get the “where is that from?” question 20+ times each day. To make it easier on anyone wondering about a source, come to the blog! I have a special tab titled, “SHOP“, where you can shop both my current home and previous house. I link everything from paint colors to furniture and accessories. It’s the one and only place I keep all of the sources found throughout my home up-to-date. Basically the blog is like the RFT encyclopedia, so check here first. Hopefully it’s helpful!

→  see the sources  ←


Room for Tuesday Channels - roomfortuesday.comPinterest is my personal favorite social media platform. I know it gets a bad rep, but it is really an inspiring outlet for me. I pin anything and everything that sparks creativity, new ideas, and inspiration. I also love seeing familiar images pop into my feed and I’m all about pinning the gorgeous work my friends create. In addition to organized inspiration boards- you can also see projects in chronological order. For example, see our kitchen renovation from start to finish on this board! It’s pretty fun to scroll through.

→  find your favorite boards  ←


Room for Tuesday Channels - roomfortuesday.comNext up, Instagram. I keep it real and love sharing behind-the-scenes via IG stories. Whether you’re interested in a pretty curated feed filled with our renovation projects (from the past and present) or everyday life on stories, that’s all on Instagram. I also save highlights of our projects so you can go back and watch tutorials or renovations unfold. Oh! And of course there are plenty of dogs sprinkled throughout. Cash & Crosby frequent my IG channel.

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Room for Tuesday Channels - roomfortuesday.comI actually post on Facebook quite a bit.. twice a day to be exact. In the mornings, you’ll find the daily blog post- that will give you a snippet of what I’m sharing on the blog on any given day…. and the second post of the day is whatever I find inspiring- a previous post, a recipe, a gorgeous room, a project, a cool product I feel inclined to share, whatever! It’s certainly worth following along.

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Room for Tuesday Channels - roomfortuesday.comI’m pretty new to YouTube, but I’ve been sharing more and more video here on the blog! I currently have 30+ videos on my channel- from DIY tutorials to home tours and everything in between. If you’re not following along, I’ll let you in on a little secret / perk… you can view videos and the blog post that accompanies them 1-2 days in advance before they’re live on the blog. I always upload posts to YouTube first and my subscribers there are the first to see.

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Room for Tuesday Channels - roomfortuesday.comAmazon is my newest outlet and it’s something I’ve been having a LOT of fun with. It’s no secret I’m an avid Prime / Amazon shopper, and this feels like the perfect way to share my finds and list items I’ve recently purchased and love. You can shop my image, as well as curated lists… I have everything from furniture and lighting to camping gear and fashion & clothing.

→  take a look  ←


Room for Tuesday Channels - roomfortuesday.comIf you like your inspiration or news quick & convenient, you should follow along on Twitter! I share the daily blog post and other fun links.

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Room for Tuesday Channels - roomfortuesday.comLastly, if you prefer email… sign up to receive my blog posts delivered straight to your inbox! Although we live in a digital age, I love receiving my favorite blogger’s posts in my inbox each morning. It’s a great way to start the day!

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I think that’s it for now! I’d love to hear in the comments below: how, where, and why do you follow along? I have nothing but love and gratitude for you all- because of you showing up to my little corner of the internet and social media, I get to do what I love on a daily basis. I adore the friendships I’ve made thus far through Room for Tuesday. Although I’m a design fanatic, that’s really the best part of this job. Happy Wednesday, guys! PS… I’m planning a fun giveaway for you all. Stay tuned!

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  1. Wow. That’s a lot of channels to manage! I, for one, am glad you continue to post regularly here; I really do enjoy a longer, more detailed read. (And you’re awesome at responding to comments!) For cuteness and quick check-ins, Instagram can’t be beat. I also feel like the interaction there is swift and sparkly. Have a wonderful visit with your bestie!

    1. It is! I also favor the blog… this is the one outlet I completely pour my heart & soul into. Hope you’re having a great week :)

  2. i’m mainly a follower here on the blog! i still love and read blogs daily which seems to be going out of style, so i hear! but i do also watch your IG stories when i catch them! i’m here because i love the informative reno posts. i’ve never been one to care as much about craft-type projects/diy but i love a good reno and will soak up aaaaalll of the information! i also love that you guys do it mostly yourselves!

    1. I love that! And yes… sadly I feel like most people are finding inspiration on social outlets instead of blogs or websites these days- although I’m with you. Blog purist all the way! Thanks so much for following along, Jana :) So happy to have you here. xo

  3. Hi Sarah! I follow here on the Blog using Feedly so I never miss a post. I also follow on YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. Which I dont get to everyday. I wish there was a way to follow on Amazon. If there is I’m not aware of it.

    1. Thanks so much Liz! I also wish there was a way to follow along or receive amazon updates. I’m kind of a tech dummy, so I’m not 100% sure if there is- but I’ll look into it :) xo

  4. I love your blog because I admire your design style, and your posts are always relevant, honest, and insightful! I always look forward to a new blog post from RFT.

    1. Thank you, Laura! That is the nicest compliment. I so appreciate you showing up here to read :) xo

  5. I enjoy following you because I’ve learned a lot about decorating and love your style. I never miss a post or an IG but I might try following your other accounts too! I’m a sucker for a good make over and your’s are great!

    1. Aw thanks Linda!! I also love a good before & after makeover. I’m so happy to hear you like my style- thanks so much! xo

  6. I mostly check in here on your blog. I check yours and few others for new posts almost daily! I also follow you on Instagram and Pinterest. I like seeing behind the scenes of projects on Instagram stories, and I love perusing your boards on Pinterest for design inspiration.

    1. I love you for that, Megan! Thank you :) xox

  7. Jennifer Ziemer says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m enjoying your posts. I have a love of home renovations and like you have done several of my own kitchens. Our home now is kind of the big boy house that we hope to stay in for several years as it fits our family of 5 and all we could possibly need. I’m having a really tough time deciding on a layout for my kitchen and have spent months drawing it out, researching cabinetry, appliances, etc. One of my most recent dilemmas is the range/cooktop. I currently have a 30″ electric cooktop and double oven and enjoy the ease of use the oven height provides, and how easy it is to clean the flat cooktop. I thought I would go with a 36″ induction cooktop this time around but am drawn to the beauty of the pro gas ranges. I’m starting a kitchen from scratch, moving everything around so I don’t have any issues there. But I’m curious why you made the switch from your previous kitchen’s induction cooktop to your gas range. I’m paralyzed with constantly questioning what the right decision is for this kitchen. I think because I have the ability this time to make it a little more high-end and want to ensure it is not only beautiful, but very functional. Thank you for your time!

    1. Hi Jennifer! Great question and congrats on your upcoming kitchen remodel. That’s so exciting! I loved our induction cooktop, but for some reason I still prefer gas. It’s really just a personal preference. They both have pros and cons. Emmett still prefers induction. We also like to keep things interesting and mix it up, so I think I was just craving something different. I know that’s not a great answer, but it’s honest. Haha! xox