10 Ideas for Styling Small Pedestals

10 Ideas for Styling Small Pedestals - roomfortuesday.comI hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far… we’re halfway to the weekend! Many of you asked for more styling posts that include ideas or tips for layering decor in your home. Today, I wanted to share 10 ideas for styling small pedestals. Pedestals are such a versatile piece of decor because the key to curating a designerly vignette is all about layering. Pedestals allow us to add height, elevate, and layer to our heart’s content. There are multiple uses for smaller pedestals- click through for some ideas and to brainstorm with me! I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by how this simple, budget friendly object can really make a big difference in terms of design. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

1 // Enhance a Lamp Base

10 Ideas for Styling Small Pedestals - roomfortuesday.comPedestals and lamps go hand-in-hand. If you have a table lamp that could use a little height or added interest, a pedestal is a great way to create an enhanced look. The little corner lamp on my demilune in our formal living room has always looked a bit low to me. I never loved where the top of the shade intersected with the artwork behind it. A pedestal turned out to be an easy design fix that added the perfect amount of height!

2 // Corral Countertop Items

10 Ideas for Styling Small Pedestals - roomfortuesday.comI prefer to keep kitchen essentials out on my countertop, but don’t like the look of countertop clutter. An easy solution is to use a pedestal to corral and group items together- making them appear visually organized and contained. I used this marble ogee pedestal from our shop to keep my salt & pepper mills neatly gathered next to the range.

3 // Bedside or Vanity Catchall

10 Ideas for Styling Small Pedestals - roomfortuesday.comSimilarly to my kitchen counters, I enjoy having an organized bedside table. Pedestals are an easy way to add style while giving us a place to drop everyday essentials- like jewelry. You can also use this styling trick on your vanity table to keep perfumes or cosmetics clustered together. These pretty details make a big difference!

4 // Protect Surfaces When Burning Candles

10 Ideas for Styling Small Pedestals - roomfortuesday.comI always have a pedestal, trivet, or tray positioned beneath my candles. They look beautiful, add height, but most importantly- they protect the furniture, stone, or surface beneath the candle. I used this pedestal from our shop, and I love the way the black marble pairs with our black Tuesday Made candles.

5 // Add Height To Floral Arrangements & Plants

10 Ideas for Styling Small Pedestals - roomfortuesday.comSlide a pedestal under your fresh florals or plants. It adds a fun element to simple planters or vases, and it also protects your furniture from any water damage from drainage during watering.

6 // Elevate Everyday Objects

10 Ideas for Styling Small Pedestals - roomfortuesday.comI think there is something to be said about finding beauty in the ordinary. It’s easy to elevate everyday objects that are otherwise eyesores, by making them feel more intentional with a pedestal. I leave my laundry products out on an open shelf, and by gathering them on a pedestal- they have a better sense of belonging that seems to align with my aesthetic.

7 // Create a Base for a Bust

10 Ideas for Styling Small Pedestals - roomfortuesday.comIt’s no secret that I love three dimensional artwork… I think it gives areas in our home a gallery feel. My favorite trick is adding a more substantial base to my busts or sculptural pieces with the addition of a pedestal. I used a marble pedestal to add height and balance to my horse head bust, above. It gives it a sense of stability and better fits the furniture pedestal beneath it. If you need to take up more visual space, a pedestal is a great way to do that!

8 // Prop a Basic Container

10 Ideas for Styling Small Pedestals - roomfortuesday.comThis clawfoot pedestal is by far the best-selling decor item in our shop, and for good reason- it pairs well with everything. You’ve probably seen me style it beneath plenty of candles and all sorts of random things, but it’s currently living in our guest bathroom. Why? I wanted to add some special touches to the space that felt interesting. Over the holidays we had house guests and they all commented on how the simplest of things in that bath felt really cool. It’s amazing how a clawfoot pedestal make an ordinary glass jar filled with cotton swabs seem unique. Play around with pedestals and see how you can instantly make the most basic containers look elevated.

9 // Create a Focal Point When Styling Pottery & Urns

10 Ideas for Styling Small Pedestals - roomfortuesday.comSometimes a vignette feels lacking or falls short of our expectations. See if a pedestal can help create a more defined focal point. For example, my oversized white vase was blending with the book beneath it (in a bad way). It needed a little contrast and height to fill some of the negative space and combat the monochromatic look that was happening. I slid a pedestal under it and it immediately solved the problem. Doesn’t it give it a gallery feel? It’s not precious by any means, but the pedestal really makes it look more expensive.

10 // Catch Soap Drips

10 Ideas for Styling Small Pedestals - roomfortuesday.comThe last simple idea I wanted to share is the addition of a pedestal beneath hand soap. I’ve found it not only looks nice, but it catches drips and creates a cleaner vignette. The majority of the hand soaps in our home are accompanied by a pedestal. You know I love splurging on soaps that smell & look incredible, so this feels like an appropriate addition.

I hope these tips for styling small pedestals got your wheels turning. I’m such a fan of elevating everyday objects, and pedestals are such a great way to do that. Do you have any pedestals, trays, or trivets in your home? If so, where are they styled or what are they paired with? I’d love to hear some of your own ideas! Would you try any of the ones I shared in this post? I’m all about photographing and sharing these types of styling posts, so I was glad to hear you wanted more of them in the year ahead! Have an awesome day and I’ll see you back here on Friday. I’ve got a Facebook Marketplace post planned and I’m eager to dig up some cool finds!

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  1. Good morning, good morning! Someone had a little fun styling all over their house! (Also, I spy peeks of the office! The custom credenza?! Eek!) But let’s focus on pedestals! Since I’m not much of a stylist, I don’t currently own any. Your images definitely offer ideas where I could use a few though. I could easily see myself placing one under a candle, potted plant or vase. I like how they do double duty by protecting the surface and providing a stage to highlight the item. I would never have thought to put a pedestal under a lamp, but now I can absolutely imagine one under a sleek marble table lamp I thrifted! Leave it to you, Sarah. Now I’ll be walking around my house noticing all the spots wanting a pedestal.😜 I went bananas when I first saw the green marble example pop up in your shop; colored marble gets me every time. Then I saw the black marble with the dragons/lions?! I about fainted. Time to go check out the shop to see what other magic you’ve assembled! And, funny you should mention FBMP because I’m picking up a super unique find today! It’s a little offbeat (natch), so I can’t wait! Here’s to a stellar Wednesday! 💜
    PS I made the lava brownies for V Day, and they did NOT disappoint! Thanks for making our day sweeter!

    1. I definitely had some fun! The credenza looks SO good. The hardware that Emmett hand carved may be my favorite. I can’t wait to show you! I have way too many pedestals, trays, and trivets, but I found I use them all the time. They may be the most versatile when it comes to interior styling. That green marble pedestal saved the day for my corner lamp in the living room. It was always too short and bothered me. I was tempted to get rid of it and swap it for something taller, but that did the trick. I love, love, love your FBMP find and it looks incredible with your blue wall color… totally gallery worthy! I’m thrilled to hear the lava brownies were a success… and you were able to modify them?! Way to go!! xo

  2. Happy Wednesday! You have styled trivets in so many good ways! Like your little lamp in the living room, my lamp in the kitchen needs a little more height. I liked the brass round claw foot trivet but after seeing your marble one, I think I would prefer that one more. You are the one who has me loving trivets under candles. I learned the hard way how they can damage nice furniture. The black marble trivet is beautiful! Just saw the new candle in the shop with the horn on the lid..hubba hubba!
    Hope your day is going well. Look forward to Friday’s post. One last thing, I made the chocolate brownie cakes and they are delish!!! I’ll be making another batch this weekend when my son comes home. Can’t wait to try more things from the cookbook.

    1. Hi Danna! I hope you’re having a great day. I loved stying the pedestals- what a fun post that allowed me to get creative for a bit. I love those! I also learned the hard way to keep a trivet or tray under my candles. Those horn lid candles smell amazing- I can’t wait to snag one for myself! It’s one of those fragrances that I would burn year round and the jar is just so beautiful. I’m ecstatic to hear the brownie lava cakes were a hit :) They really are so delicious! I hope your son enjoys them. That cookbook is one of my favorites- especially during the winter months. Happy Thursday! I’ll talk to you tmrw. xox

  3. Good morning! These tips for pedestals will come in handy. I’ve always been a fan of pedestals under candles, but after ordering the lions foot marble pedestal from the shop I’m finding myself wanting to style it all the ways. The Wedgwood bud vase arrived just in time for V-Day flowers, and is currently in the kitchen window. While I adore everything about it, it could use some height. Time to elevate it! The marble trivet is currently holding a Tuesday Made candle in the kitchen. You’ve turned me into a lover of pedestals, and I’m not mad about it; I just want more. Lol. I’ll definitely be scouring the shop for all kinds of pedestals. Although I wish I could find some larger ones for 3dimensional art. So far no luck. Cheers to Wednesday. I didn’t get a chance to whip up that delectable dessert, but I plan to this weekend. I’ll let you know how it turns out. See you Friday!

    1. Hi Lauren! I hope you’re having a good week :) I love trays, trivets, pedestals, and all the fun layering decor items. I find those always see a lot of use. That little clawfoot pedestal has been everywhere in my house. Ha! It’s such a versatile piece. I love hearing that you have your Wedgewood vase in the window with V-day flowers- how special! I’ll put my feelers out and see if I can source some larger ones that would easily work for 3D art or larger sculptural pieces. Those are tough to come by! Happy Thursday, friend. xo

  4. Happy Wednesday Sarah!
    The pedestals are so very lovely, placing one under a lamp never would have occurred to me. You are definitely full of awesome ideas, and I bet it’s fun to receive new items at the shop to style and invent. I too love to corral items together for a more organized display, but I have more trays and trivets. I am very fortunate to have inherited some really unique silver trays from my grandma and mother. I use them all the daily and try to change things up from time to time. I also have a beautiful marble trivet that sits by my stove for oils, salt/pepper flowers etc. My mother-in-law had a number of wooden ones I inherited with our cottage, and they are fantastic too. So many ways to elevate everyday items and you’ve shown so many beautiful examples in this post. The sneak peaks of your office are building my excitement for the reveal. Yay! Can’t wait…….Hope your day is going wonderfully!

    1. Hi Colleen! It was a fun post to style and photograph :) I like these topics where I get to be creative and play around in my house. We’ve been getting so many amazing items for spring at the shop! It has felt like a treat this week, unboxing all of the pretty new things. Your inherited silver trays sound so gorgeous and very special. I love that you put them to good use! I’m just waiting on Emmett to bring my desk home (he painted it at his work), and then I’ll finally be ready to photograph the office. We’re headed to see family this weekend, but hopefully next week or the last week of February, I’ll have everything edited and ready for the blog. Eek! Can’t wait to show you. Hope you’re having a beautiful Thursday, friend! xo

  5. I need to have them all!! Your styling was on point👌🏼 Going to your shop to find them now!

    1. Thanks so much, Michele! It’s so hard to choose a favorite. I’ve been loving the larger green marble one lately :)