Trend Alert : Sculptural Side Tables

Sculptural and Pedestal Side Tables Roundup - roomfortuesday.comIt’s been a bit since I’ve drafted a ‘Trend Alert‘ post and this is one of my favorites to date! I’ve been seeing sculptural side tables pop up everywhere and I’m loving it. Side tables are an easy, inexpensive way to refresh a living room, bedroom, office, or kids room. These little pieces make all the difference! This sculptural trend is a great way to use a smaller piece of furniture to make a statement, without splurging on a giant item (like a dining table, sofa, or bed). Not only is it a less expensive statement than the aforementioned furniture items, but it’s also a non committal way to hop on a trend. Click through for my favorites and some application examples!

I’ll start by defining what I mean by “sculptural” side tables… basically I’ve been seeing accent tables that look more like art. Most of these have an interesting geometric form or shapely figure. Another thing you’ll notice? Gone are the days of table legs! Pedestals and hefty bases are taking over (in the best way).

You can check out my best finds (of varying styles and prices) below by clicking the image directly, or using the links below the collage.

01: white marble side table // 02: savannah side table // 03: white hammered side table // 04: annie side table // 05: vassan side table // 06: architect side table // 07: marble side table // 08: tower side table // 09: inlay side table // 10: drum inlay side table

If you like a bright, chic interior… a light or stone option might be a good fit! I have #6 from the above roundup, and I’ve wanted to splurge on #2 since it was first released at High Point Market. Someday it will happen!!

Sculptural and Pedestal Side Tables Roundup - roomfortuesday.comYou might remember my living room reveal? I have two sculptural / pedestal tables on each side of my sofa. One is stone (shown above) and one is wood (shown in the intro).

01: industrial wrap side table // 02: porto side table // 03: athen end table // 04: chestle side table // 05: trou side table // 06: acid wash side table // 07: concrete side table // 08: cement side table // 09: yale side table // 10: iggy side table

Neutral options can really blend or transition into any style. I love the simplicity of #6, while the fun shape of #8 is also appealing to me. If you have a tight area, #9 would be perfect! I love that it’s wrapped in shagreen.

01: gavin side table // 02: black round side table // 03: luca side table // 04: elle side table // 05: felix side table // 06: goya end table // 07: fernando accent table // 08: nero side table // 09: ballam side table

Lately, I’ve found myself most attracted to dark and moody pieces. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m over seeing everything painted in bright white or if it’s the change of season- regardless, these darker tables are calling to me. #1, #3, and #5 have been on my secret Pinterest board wishlist for awhile now.

Sculptural and Pedestal Side Tables Roundup - roomfortuesday.comLastly, I have to talk about wood sculptural tables. They instantly add warmth to a space, and what’s not to love about that? The above image was shot in our old living room, and it’s certainly making me wish I still owned that bohemian side table.

01: plus side table // 02: darby side table // 03: geo burl side table // 04: hourglass side table // 05: thorntree side table // 06: acacia end table // 07: august side table // 08: grounded side table

From this roundup, you’ve probably already guessed my favorites. I’m predictable and allllll about the burl. #3 and #8 are so gorgeous! What do you guys think? Have you noticed this upcoming trend as well? It’s nice to see a piece of furniture with a little substance and weight to it. I feel like hairpin legs are a thing of the past, and I can’t say I’m sad about it- they were never my favorite.

If you’d like to browse these tables by price, hover over the scrolling feed below!

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