Tips for Shopping At Discount Decor Stores

Tips for Shopping At Discount Decor Stores - roomfortuesday.comWe all love a good deal (myself included). I’m one to splurge on high end decor, but I also like mixing in finds that look more expensive than they actually are. Finding the fine line when mixing high and low can be tricky, but before you can style “the steal” into your home… you have to find it. I get asked a lot, “how do you find great things at discount decor stores”? It’s often a tricky place to navigate- especially when there is so much bad mixed in with the good. I’m sharing my tips and tricks in the post below! Click through for my shopping secrets at places like HomeGoods, and see if you can spy the discount items in my home… *in the above image, the steal was the wooden hex shaped box.

Every single image in this post contains an item I scored at HomeGoods or a similar store. I’ll let you know exactly what item it is, captioned at the bottom of each photograph! Sounds like a fun guessing game, right? While you’re trying to figure out, catch my shopping tips in between.

Tips for Shopping At Discount Decor Stores -
*the outdoor gloster coffee table

I have five main tips / rules / criteria / whatever you want to call it, I keep in mind before even entering the doors. Nothing can persuade me to go against my guidelines… you have to have willpower, friends!

M Y    T O P    5    S H O P P I N G    T I P S
  1. Look for name brands / designers….. that’s a sure way to know you’re getting a deal on something of quality. I list some of my favorites later in the post!
  2. Check the quality….. speaking of quality, make sure the piece is substantial (heavy, well constructed, non-damaged, made of good material, etc).
  3. Consider the material….. I always look for natural materials and avoid synthetics. I gravitate toward cotton, linen, wool, marble, natural stone, solid wood, etc. Replicas or knock offs usually look cheap at these types of places.
  4. Avoid trends & go for the classics….. stay away from anything “too trendy”, these types of stores are notorious for having last season’s pieces or the latest trends. That’s not always a good thing- odds are, they’re already on their way out. Instead, look for timeless and classic pieces that have been around for awhile (think chinoiserie, timeless prints / patterns, basics, fringe details, classic woven items, etc).
  5. Google it….. when in doubt research the item you’re considering. See if you can track it down online. What does it cost? What is it made of? Where can it be purchased?
Tips for Shopping At Discount Decor Stores -
*calvin klein down filled pillows (2)

You can also ask an associate what day is their delivery day. I asked my local HomeGoods when the delivery comes in and what day the items are unloaded / stocked on the shelves. Therefore, I usually try to hit up my local store on Tuesday (coincidence? ha!) if I’m in need of something. Otherwise, things become really picked over, unorganized, and I’m not as likely to find something good- especially on a Sunday or Monday. All of the nice stuff is gone and out the door!

Tips for Shopping At Discount Decor Stores -
*ralph lauren table lamp

The above table lamps might be my best score of all time. Seriously, I swiped those babies up, put them in my cart, and made a run for the checkout. I still have a little seller’s remorse for getting rid of them before our move.

Tips for Shopping At Discount Decor Stores -
*geometric planter

Right now, my local HomeGoods actually has a TON of amazing outdoor and patio products. There’s a bunch of stuff in our outdoor living space that came from there.

Tips for Shopping At Discount Decor Stores -
*small planter

If you’re wondering what items I tend to shop for at HomeGoods, I’ll share the sections of the store I gravitate toward first- as well as the items I consider “safe bets”.

Tips for Shopping At Discount Decor Stores -
*lidded box
5    S A F E    B E T S
  1. TEXTILES // throws, pillows, bath linens, etc.
  2. KITCHEN ITEMS // cutting boards, glassware, tea towels, etc.
  3. OBJECTS // trays, vases, decorative objects, etc.
  4. STORAGE // decorative lidded boxes, baskets, hampers, planters, etc.
  5. BRAND NAME ITEMS // ralph lauren, calvin klein, loloi, nido natte italia, gloster, etc.

I’m not saying you can’t find items outside of the ones listed above, these are just the ones I end up purchasing most frequently.

Tips for Shopping At Discount Decor Stores -
*wood bowl

It all boils down to this… shop for classic and timeless pieces and you’re good to go. Does it have a classic shape? Is it made of a classic material? Is it a classic color? Does the overall item feel classic or timeless? If you answered yes to these, congrats! You found a steal.

Tips for Shopping At Discount Decor Stores -
*outdoor curtains

How’d you do in “the game”? Did you guess which items were my HomeGoods scores? I have one last image for you!

Tips for Shopping At Discount Decor Stores -
*bud vase

Do you guys have any other shopping tips? I’d love to hear them! I know a lot of people, like myself, shop at places like HomeGoods frequently and I think it’s a great place for fillers (like objects for shelf styling) and budget items. Obviously, I’m a fan. Share your thoughts and weigh in below in the comment section! Would you like to see a haul on Insta stories or something? I actually did one last week, but I can go in and be more serious about it / share more, if you’re interested?

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  1. Codrut Turcanu says:

    hey Sarah, I love shopping for home decor @IKEA

    Warm regards from Bucharest, Romania! :)

    1. Ikea is another favorite for budget finds! I haven’t been in awhile, maybe I need to make a shopping trip.

  2. Great tips! Do you by chance still have those Calvin Klein pillows? If you’re looking to part with them… ;)

    1. I wish I did! I parted with them as well, before moving. They were definitely a good find. xo

  3. I vote for seeing a haul on Insta stories! :)

    1. You got it! I’ll try to do one this week :) … an excuse to go shopping- I’ll take it! haha

  4. This post encourages me to spruce up. A little goes a long way. Your decorating is GOALS!!

    1. Yay!! A little really does go a long way. I like swapping things out seasonally… just to freshen things. xo

  5. Tammy Thiele says:

    This is an incredible post! Thank you for sharing your tips!

    1. So happy you liked it, Tammy! xo